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Description of Run Cow Run

Run Cow Run - The game the meat industry doesn't want you to know!

♥ Help the cow to escape from the farmer ♥

One day, the little cow realizes what happens to all of the farm animals and makes an escape for her life!

While being chased by the vicious farmer, she rescues other farm animals from their cages and tries not to end up as a steak in the farm’s slaughterhouse.

Jump over obstacles, slide under windmills, set the farm animals free and collect coins to purchase unique power-ups that will help the cow make it to freedom!

DODGE the angry farmer!

New Flappy Cow Mini-game:

Flap the little wings of the Cow and avoid getting hit by the obstacles!


• Free Game

• Amazing 2D Graphics

• Smooth Gameplay

• Unique Power Ups

• "Google Play Games" Achievements and Leaderboards

• Android TV support - Control with remote control D-pad, no need for external joystick

• Save Farm Animals: pig, chicken, duck, sheep and Noogra (the squirrel from Noogra Nuts)

• Free Run Cow Run clock widget included

• New Flappy Cow Mini-game!

Go vegan, save the cow!

(This game is also suitable for vegetarians and carnivores)

Award winning game - Best Running Game (GameIS)

Inspired by the true stories of the cows: Maxine and Yvonne.

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More Information Of Run Cow Run

lable: Action - Games Current Version:2.1.6 Publish Date:2022-05-29 Developer:Bengigi

User Reviews


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A Google user 2017-06-17

100% addicting! I used to have this game on a tablet that I accidently broke.😑 I got it again and it is so fun! However I find it frustrating when the farmer is pulling his pitchfork back and you land on it that you die. I also find it frustrating how the app tries to force you to be vegan. I don\'t want to be vegan so please stop bugging me with that! Aside from begging you to be vegan, which won\'t happen, it\'s a very fun game!
A Google user 2019-01-28

I absolutely love this game! It spreads the vegan messsage in such a fun, positive way. It\'s a really fun game, and I love playing the mini-games and saving the other animals. I have a suggestion though. I think we should be able to customize the cow. Like, we should be able to switch between a \"beef\" cow or a \"dairy\" cow. And there should be different colors. I think that would be neat. Overall, the game is awesome and I love it. Great work! ❤️
DIVYA S 2020-10-13

I love to play this..... I installed it in my TV and it is so much fun to play and ofcource mini games....its awesome....
Alisha 2019-12-29

Lovely little game. Fast paced and no ads whatsoever.(I play offline) Raising awareness whilst having fun. What an awesome combo. Animals are beautiful! All lives matter! Ps Love the Bull tossing that farmer high in the air 😹👍🏻my favourite minigame.
Bridget Forsyth 2015-06-21

Amazing This a game I will never stop playing it is totally worth downloading and it doesn\'t glitch, it has no ads and I definitely recommend! It is kind of like on of those obstacle games! Save the animals and done the farmer and jump over the obstacles! Have fun!
Faraz Siddiqui 2016-08-16

Extremely difficult It has spark to atterect, but the level of disappointment is always there.
Savita Dive 2019-04-28

I have downloaded this game but when I going to open this game it is said that,\"Unfortunately Run Cow Run has stopped\" very bad performance I never like this game please fix this problem.THANK YOU
Hope Marie 2016-08-17

Awesome Amazing,fun game !! ..very time consuming but its worth it !! ..keep in mind you need Patience
DIYS with Eshaal 2021-01-05

I love this game!!😙😙😙😙😚and I like to play this all the time. But i give it 4 stars because of that there is no features to change the cows skins,designs,eyes, and more. But on the bright side I love this game.❤❤❤💖💖💖
Maggie Bottomley 2020-04-11

Coming from a cow lover and expert I think for one thing that cows cannot unlock pigs and other farm animals but, that this game has way to many adds and you die to suddenly it doesn\'t give you enough time to even try to not die. It also is a vit to chunky I think that the game could be better if it flowed smoother and didn\'t have you die suddenly every five minutes. As a suggestion I would add outfits for your cows for an even better looking character. I think my expirience could havebeenbetter