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Description of Rune reading

- The most accurate predictions of the future

- Tarot love and relationship

- Deep analysis of the situation

- Tips for solutions to complex issues

Runes are an ancient magic system that represents the basic forces of nature. For centuries runes were used for divination and making important decisions. As divination by playing cards or Tarot divination, runes are always very accurately predict the future and help to choose the right line of conduct.

In our online divination uses the 24 runes in the direct and inverted position, and , optionally, one blank rune (rune of Odin).

In the Appendix you will find more than thirty of the most interesting hands that our practices have picked up specially to answer any of your questions:

✔ How will the upcoming month?

✔ What are the true intentions of the person?

✔ What will be the decision of the court?

✔ Loyal to my partner?

✔ What wish will be granted?

✔ Revealed other equally important topics.

Each rune can be interpreted both individually and in combinations. All descriptions are drawn up professionally and in detail reveal all the details very accurately predict the future and give advice which way is better to choose.

Answers to all basic questions available in the free divination, and those who want to know more can easily purchase the paid version and to expand their opportunities.

In order to effect the divination, it is recommended a number of actions that are required for divination:

- It is necessary to clearly formulate a question the answer to which you want to

- To stop the internal dialogue

It is also very important to be ready to accept the result of divination and to take responsibility for their destiny and for their actions.

Make decisions wisely - Runes will help you!

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User Reviews


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sandra romig 2019-10-30

So far this is the best app I have found for Runes. I wasxamazed at the detailed interpretation of the readings especially how they would transition fro. One to the next by revealing the combined influence of the prior to the next. The writers are knowledgeable and experienced. I have several Rune apps and this surpasses them all. My only criticism is the language (translation) is awkward and at times difficult to understand. The text is still easily understood, accurate and detailed.
Bill Niece 2020-01-24

I\'ve been trying to find understanding in the Runes for many years. I\'ve tried several different things and several different apps. This app is by far one of the best tools I\'ve found. It\'s easy to use, and easy to understand. Easily one of the best out there...
Miu Adrian 2020-04-20

It\'s a nice app. With a lot of reading spreads and coherent writing. Could uns some background noises or some notifications. Like a daily rune or something to pull you back, I keep forgetting ai have it installed, but always enjoy using it. :P
Eeshita Behl 2019-12-08

I already paid for the full version but it has not upgraded to the full version and is not showing any answers at all. It feels like the money disappeared.
Christine Mitchell 2020-07-19

This app is closest to drawing actual runestones of any app i\'ve used. I am extremely satisfied w/all interpre- tations of the readings I have performed. Thank you.
Tricia Dishman 2020-06-21

I have learned a great deal and enjoyed along the way. This is a fabulous app if one has a sincere interest in learning about Runes. I most highly recommend ! It\'s your journey...my advice go slow take your time . Love and light & blessed be.
Jeff Garrison 2020-08-17

Very interesting, informative, helpful and dare I say, fun. I appreciate the dark mode, well done, thank you. Mostly free, but to unlock entirely is only $3.99. Not bad, although I\'ve only used the free aspects. Multiple languages available. Developers did a good/great job overall. Highly recommended.
Primaris Gains 2020-03-04

Pretty decent app. English translation could be a little more coherent. But you get the understanding.
Laura Clark 2019-11-11

Have only done one 3-stone reading so far. The runes were 100% spot on! An accurate reading that felt like i was using my own stones. I am very impressed!
Scott Chalson 2020-10-31

Many of the interpretations are so poor in english as to render the interpretations virtually unintelligible. This really needs to be translated much more accurately.