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Description of Runes Reading–Runic Divination

Get FREE daily divining and fortune telling based on Ancient Runes for love, money, and life. Study the Runes, which is based on the Norse mythology & Nordic gods. We provide the description for each rune, including the meaning of the inverted runes. Take notes of the your daily readings and we will also help you organize your notes. If you want to start runic divination either for casual or serious divining, this is your go to place. You don’t have to go to psychic reading love & fortune in your life with our app. Download now!

Ancient Runes are alphabets that was used by the Druids and priests of former Germanic or Nordic tribes based on Celtic astrology & Norse mythology. Tarot and Celtic astrology are more well-known methods but Ancient runes, is also a very powerful method for divining and fortune telling. This app focuses on Ancient Runes and it’s a great place to start if you are not yet familiar with ancient runes. You can do psychic reading love, wealth, and other aspects of life and compare it to other methods you use, either palm reading, Tarot, Celtic astrology, or numerology.


💠 Draw a rune every day for your daily readings.

💠 Get insight & wisdom from your daily rune.

💠 Daily divining and fortune telling for free.

💠 Beautifully designed app and interface.

💠 Full information on the meaning of each rune.

💠 Interpretation of the rune you get.

💠 Helps you organize your rune reading notes.

There are many secrets in the Ancient Runes, since it’s been used by Druids and Nordic priests for years. The alphabets have very strong spiritual essence, as they were derived from the Celtic astrology & Norse mythology, including the wisdom of the Nordic Gods. No one can go to a psychic reading love and life every day. However, you can still get a daily reading of the Ancient Rune with our app.

Download Runes Reading – Runic Divination Daily Reading for FREE now!

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A Google user 2019-03-19

Amazing! Right on Point! Very Helpful!
Olga Patty 2019-02-17

Обожаю эту апликацию! много полезной информации, а также руна дня или приятно удивляет или даёт хороший совет на день грядущий. Спасибо!
Mykola Ryabchych 2019-06-25

Very interesting app. Thank you!
Amos Parris 2021-01-24

What i seen with these runes cards. If is was say they are inappropriate i would just be simply lying. 👍
Rusty 2020-02-12

nuty block sh
jesse leeman 2021-02-23

By far the most accurate and authentic rune app I have ever used.
Anya LOVE 2019-03-27

Love it!
Alisa Fodorov 2019-02-20

🈯🈸🈴🈹 Руна даёт полезный совет на день + категории ♥💸📝. Спасибо ребята 😃 !!! Всё очень просто и понятно, обажаю 💜💛💚
Locq Fortune 2021-02-12

A good app to train the novice or refresh the memory of the Amateur.
Suzie Cole 2021-03-02

Interesting app....A must to be seen !!