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Description of Runic Divination - Runes Tarot

Need help? Or advice on how to come out from a difficult situation? Try to ask Runic Oracle using Elder Futhark runes! Our rune spreads designed to answer for most hard questions easily. And our freestyle rune layout will make your readings better even before.

Ancestors left to us the greatest and powerful gift - Runes. The elder alphabet, what have a mystical power to predict the future or, how old peoples will say, your Wyrd. This not mean, that you need or must run to the runes every time something happens, but it means, you can always ask for advice and receive it. Just like tarot cards, but with the power of elder gods. It's much easier to find the right way with Oracle in your pocket 😉

Runic Divinations main features:

- Quickly yes or no answer

- Fortune teller

- Future in love

- Relationship rune readings

- Seven popular layouts with the description of the alignment of the runes

- Rune meanings

- Save and load divination

- Freestyle rune spread

- Edit description of runes

- History of rune readings

- Everything absolutely free

Runic divination and predictions have come to us from the ancient world, but rather from the time of the Vikings. Each rune gems, as in the case of divination by Tarot, is responsible for his element, has its own emotion and meaning.

Know a better description for the rune or have some experience how rune works for you? Not a problem anymore! Just edit the standard description and add your own text to it. It's truly your own pocket!

Acquainted with runic gems, you'll learn how to guess the future, thus knowing what to expect and how to protect themselves from it, or know the past and the reasons which have led to a situation. Charming runes can help you escape a bad situation or find a way out of it.

Nordic and Celtic runes are great for fortune reading format yes - no, they clearly respond to the question, leaving a sense of understatement. The reason for such a response can be deciphered to learn the value dropped runes.

Also, rune gems are well suited for divination for love or a relationship, helping to understand what will be waiting for the couple to determine the compatibility of partners.

Most rune layouts are universal, but the most effective in their field, we have compiled a description for each of them to help those who are just learning.

Viking runes is an ancient power hidden in symbols. Elder Futhark can answer any question and find a way from any situation. The app contains runes spread for almost any situation in life. But if you don't find right for you, just use freestyle guessing and create your unique runes spread

Elder Futhark Runes will give you advice and show the way from bad to good situations. Just try to use this charming runes!

If you have experience in tarot cards, then the runic oracle will help you reveal your gift even better, and to some question, the runes give even more open and balanced answers. Try it and you will never forget this amazing experience.

App uses Elder Futhark runes description from amazing website whisperingworlds.com / CC BY-SA 4.0

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lable: Entertainment - Apps Current Version:4.1 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Evansir

User Reviews


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Mihaela Jokinen 2018-09-28

The English texts have many typos and errors and l find that annoying and unprofessional.
DarkLordZim 2021-01-29

As a practitioner of chaos magic, getting into runes. While I can\'t say these work \"the same\" as my own personally crafted runes, one thing I love the most about the app is the descriptions, and honestly the fact I can use this \"on the go\" without needing to bring my runes with me. I\'ve never had an inaccurate reading while using the app. This trend to make it easier to do readings for friends, as they often want \"more information\" about the runes they drew. Overall, very happy with the app.
Walter McCall 2020-10-16

The app really speaks for itself. Descriptions are accurate. As a practicing Odinist and still growing, I have and still use it as a quick reference (I carry my runes in my pocket) and good if you don\'t have any runes on you. 😁
Patrick Shepherd 2020-07-31

I was very suspicious of an electronic rune divination system but I also very well learned in the various aspects of metaphysical/magockal practice and know the power of belief and the mind. This is a wonderful app for todays modern tines when you don\'t always have the time to lay out a your cloth and do a casting. Having stidied the Elder Futhark extensively, I am impressed with the knowledge presented and it\'s accuracy I have had no issues with the app crashing or anything like that.
Puiee Hor 2020-07-14

Great so far, I enjoy the variety of spreads available, I do wish that one is able to save each spread apart from just the free draw. Other than that, thank you for a minimal, informative and enjoyable app. Blessings
Lei 23 2018-12-27

it\'s so difficult to understand the meaning, but I like it so much because of the accuracy. I wish I could learn it more seriously so I can be a professional reader with certification.
Christine Matheson 2019-03-21

I quite like this app! It serves exactly the purpose I need it to. I haven\'t had a crash or bug experience so far. And its very easy to use. I especially like the rune draw options. Well done. Thank you :)
Caitlyn 2019-07-30

Easy to use and the readings are clear. I appreciate the ease of access. It\'s much easier than taking my set out and about with me. I\'d recommend it. 🙂
Daniel McNamee 2018-12-12

This has been consistent, accurate, and surprisingly in depth. Love it
Aeonmancer 2020-11-29

Not too bad. Doesn\'t beat the real thing -- nothing can, really! -- but that\'s just the limitation of an app versus having actual runes in your hand, and certainly not the app\'s fault. There are some typos and inconsistent use of rune names in some descriptions (e.g. sometimes multiple names for the same rune appear), which might confuse new users, and the descriptions themselves don\'t go into a lot of depth, but that\'s fine. Regardless, it\'s still nice to have a quick reference when I need it.