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Description of Runnin'City, explore the world

Runnin’City allows to discover over 200 cities around the world while running (or walking).

How it works:

1) Lace up your running shoes and pop in your headphones.

2) Launch the Runnin'City route of your choice.

3) Start running! The audio GPS instructions will guide you.

4) Listen up: the audio guide will tell you everything you need to know about the city and its monuments, neighbourhoods, parks etc.

5) Take a shower and go impress your friends with your new-found cultural knowledge!

Oh and by the way, it's all totally free :)

What makes Runnin’City so good? It’s…

• CLEVER. There's no need for 4G, just download the route in advance when you're connected to the internet.

• EFFECTIVE. You don’t have to plan your route before you go.

• THOUGHTFUL. The app will guide you to the nearest point on the route, and guide you home again once you're done.

• SIMPLE. Runnin'City leads the way so there’s no need to read a map.

• THOROUGH. The app tracks your performance, giving you all the running stats you need. You can even share your data with the Apple Health app.

• CONSIDERATE. Not a fan of running? Feel free to walk! Runnin'City isn't one to judge.

• INFORMATIVE BUT NOT BORING. No complicated dates or names, that's a promise. It's an app, not a lecture!

What the media thinks:

"One of the 100 apps you need to have on your smartphone" - Challenges Magazine

"The must-have" - L'Équipe Magazine

"Gets your brain and your legs working" - Cosmopolitan

"Our app crush" - Running pour Elles

"You end up smarter and slimmer. What could be better?" - Do It In Paris

Runnin'City has been honoured with a prestigious Innovation Award at the 2019 CES in Las Vegas.

Addicted to Strava, Runkeeper or Runtastic? No problem! Run differently by using Runnin'City at the same time to guide you on new and entertaining routes. So what are you waiting for? Download it now!

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:5.0.4 Publish Date:2022-01-07 Developer:Mile Positioning Solutions

User Reviews


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François A. 2019-01-23

Interesting app. It\'s great to have a route with turn-by-turn directions, esp. if your running in a new city. The local info and guided tour weren\'t particularly useful, interesting or frequent enough but core functionality was promising. Looking forward to more routes.
Hannah Jones 2019-04-13

Awful. Don\'t bother. Gives completely contradictory directions, even when you\'re going the right way. Also took me through some neighbourhoods that didn\'t feel 100% safe. Have uninstalled.
Shaun Kennedy 2019-06-09

Professor Andy Miah 2019-05-27

Excellent experience!
Karl Bolderson 2020-03-09

What a great idea. Love using this on my travels
Justin Goney 2018-07-07

Pros: the part where they get your personal info works just fine. Cons: the running part (the reason for which I downloaded the app) didn\'t work for me at all.
Maartje van der Linden 2019-03-24

Tried this app for Belgium - Louvain on my phone. Unfortunatly is doesn\'t work right. I get the map, but no voice or audio guide. I must see the idea of the app is really nice when it works!
Cyril NB 2019-08-20

Good app ayoooo
Sandi Matta 2017-04-19

Great concept and app!
David Livingstone 2018-01-15

It\'s great!!!!