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Description of RxLocal

RxLocal is an easy-to-use app that allows pharmacy customers to manage their entire family’s prescriptions, communicate with the pharmacy via secure messages, order refills, set medication reminders, and find pharmacy location information.

Creating an account is easy. Just enter your last name and date of birth, along with any existing prescription number. Then, simply add all of your family members to your account for quick and easy access to all of their prescriptions.

RxLocal is a free app for Android users. There is no charge to download or use the app.

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More Information Of RxLocal

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:5.2.125 Publish Date:2021-07-22 Developer:PioneerRx, LLC

User Reviews


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Nelson Phillips 2019-06-02

Was excited about this app at first, until I installed it. It doesn\'t remember any of your login credentials, and asks for them each time you log in. It even asks if you want fingerprint login each time you open it, but doesn\'t remember it. It asks you to set your PIN each time you login. What good does PIN or fingerprint access do if the app can\'t remember your information? Also there\'s no way to exit the app... Needs work, guys.
Timothy Kellenaers 2020-08-06

A mediocre attempt at a high level app. Leaves a lot to be desired. Not very user friendly, not very adjustable from the user point of view. Only a very small improvement over the last app, which was a big disappointment. This isnonly a little less of a dissapointment. Sadly, Walgreen\'s is a better app, just not a better pharmacy. UPDATE: It\'s been over s year since rating. Have to donate it. Not responsive half the time. Don\'t get notifications and have seen any level of real improvements.
gail harris 2019-11-09

Just basic app. Needs to tell medication ready by name or if delayed. Making trips to pick up after email it is ready, only to find out had to be ordered and not ready.
Lauren Durbin 2020-12-14

Got it to work a couple of times. Now it just crashes all the time. Tried the usual resolutions - clearing cache and data. No dice. Seems like this started after the last update. Registering for the first time is a seemingly never ending process with so many screens to click through. On a more superficial side, the graphics are goofy. Wish you could just submit a RX without logging in (but I guess the app would have to stay open for that to be a possibility). Needs work.
Michael Mitcham 2020-04-28

It keeps clearing my login info and after the first attempt to login I get a response that my account is locked for to many login attempts. Even though I\'ve uninstalled and reinstalled it\'s the same every time. After clearing the cashe uninstalled and reinstalled several times it still will not allow me to reset my password and is stuck on the same email account that\'s used to register with the first time isn\'t a valid email? Basically I\'m locked out of my account, pharmacy did a password reset
Richard Houy 2019-06-01

Since the update I have to put in my password, my pin twice, then my fingerprint. too much work since I can just call the number and and get their same results.
Michelle Stewart 2020-08-09

This app locks me out every time there\'s an update. Latest update now ask for security verification of name, dob, email and phone. I have tried for 3 days and tells me its not correct. It IS correct. \"Just keep trying, it may be a glitch\". Its infuriating to say the least. How much security do you need?
ken florence 2020-08-06

This was a good app. Now they want to use your phone number for security purposes. That\'s ok, but it says they will share your number with 3rd party partners so they can send offers to you. Should be able to opt out of 3rd party offers. I don\'t need more spam on my phone. Going to tell my pharmacy they need to look for another app provider. So this app is now useless to me.
Nellie Hudson 2020-12-02

Worked great to start with. Loved being able to refill scripts. But now it does not work at all. Can not login in at all. Says info not correct and then after retry get locked out for an hour before retry. Very aggrevating
deb du fafa 2020-03-09

truly horrible. can\'t log in for wks now. opens EVERY SINGLE TIME with, \"Error - An error occurred. Unauthorized. Status code: 401\" then tells me my login is incorrect, no matter what I do, THEN locks me out for \"trying too many times.\" I even tried to make a new account, but the app crashes after the first step. it\'s never shown me what meds have been filled (when it DID let me use it), which is super-helpful. people have been reporting these issues for QUITE a while and you\'ve done NOTHING.