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Description of S.A.M.M.I.

S.A.M.M.I. is an application for sound experiments and sonic formations, featuring a sequencer, drone machine and theremin.


Sequencer - including key, note range, 5 waveforms, delay, filters, release, bpm, number of beats and loading/saving patches.

Drone machine - four oscillators with 5 waveforms, frequency/note, detune, filters, LFO (controlling volume/pitch/filter), delay effect and loading/saving patches.

Theremin - including tilt/touch control, starting note/frequency, note range, interpolation/step frequency change and delay effect.

Just experiment and see what happens!

Real time audio processing is demanding so may run slowly on older devices.

S.A.M.M.I. is supported by ads on the menu screen. These can be removed with an In-App Purchase (under Support). This does not affect any functionality - everything is available without having to pay,

If you have any questions or find any bugs please contact sammi@futronica.com.

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More Information Of S.A.M.M.I.

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:1.2.1 Publish Date:2021-07-10 Developer:Futronica

User Reviews


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Bruno Fuentes 2017-05-04

Im trying to download my loop but when I hit ok it never appears in my audio files. Not use what I\'m doing wrong.
Bel Fable 2016-09-18

Best Sequencer Okay so the sequencer on this is amazing. The rest is mediocre for only a few reasons. The theremin is slow as heck. There is at least a half second delay on my phone (1+ One), which makes it really not that useful. The LFO is way too sensitive, with the lowest setting being honestly what I would use as the highest setting, causing frequency to double every oscillation, and the oscillation rate goes way too high. It\'s a low frequency oscillator, it should go over 1000hz. Besides those this app is amazing.
zero 0 2016-03-26

Great app Please add a feature with which u can edit freaquency with accuracy the slider is bit buggy.it would be better if u could type in the frequency u desired.But overall a great app.i ve tried many before but after a long search this is the best...
freshprinceofbelapur 2017-11-22

There\'s no audio output from the app, none of the squares hold any sound I tried everything even on different phones earlier on a Moto g5 and currently on a OnePlus 5. What the hell is wrong? Coz the UI looks sick!
titaniumshell 2020-11-07

The new update makes this 5 star, it\'s a brilliant tool for making quick chiptunes.
John Paul Monge 2015-10-26

Cool. A little clicky on the sequencer, but all around very cool multi-purpose app. Lovely to look at. Please make other music apps!
Epic Gamer Sauce 2017-05-28

Would rate 5 stars, its great, however i wish i could have the drone and the sequencer, maybe even the theramin all at the same time!!!
Macaroni and Cheese 2018-01-22

Pretty good! I had this on my old phone before it died and never left a review. My only complaints are that the keys you can use somewhat limit the available notes (in exchange for greater octave range, granted) and that you can\'t use multiple sounds on the same track, so if you make a melody and a base on the same grid you have to use the same waveform. Other than that it just exports at low volume but honestly i love this thing and it\'s really intuitive and visual and just give it a shot ok
Ben Hergert 2020-02-12

This is awesome for a free app. The only thing I would change is the recording. I wish you could specify the number of loops to record instead of just one. You can record the loop as it is continuously playing but the recording starts and ends at a random time instead of the start and end of the sequence. Also, when you opt to record a single loop, the recording clips for a split second right at the begining of the recording.
HimDim gaggillTRON 2019-12-29

Ah wown ever dev is thanks so much. It\'s crazy some Twenty years ago a sampler sequencer run u gobs . This is very user friendly and has a lot of ability if user can or bends the spoon. I just want to thank u truly it\'s going to be used to generate slot of samples and loops just maid my first and loving it. Have 3 saved sequences also so been maybe 30 minutes. Great app. I will definitely be giving dev the .99 cents for it plus one more for my buddy . PLEASE SUPPORT UR APP DEVELOPMENT teams.