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Description of s Identity

s Identity – the new signing and login method for George and Telebanking Pro

Secure, fast and comfortable even without SMS.

Download s Identity App and then start the change of the login & signing method in George via PC/MAC (settings). At the end of this process you generate the activation code for the App. Or start the activation in the George App at the product info screen. Available even with fingerprint or face recognition for login and signing.

Get your activation code for Telebanking Pro from your administrator or your account manager.

Login to George & co with your s Identity the smart way: Start signing in or log into internet banking and confirm this action in your s Identity app. Everything else is done automatically. Get started now.

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More Information Of s Identity

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:2.0.3 Publish Date:2021-09-05 Developer:Erste Bank und Sparkassen

User Reviews


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Sandra Molina 2018-10-17

If you are one of those who still receive TAC-SMS, please stay there !!! S identity App is terrible, not user-friendly. When you make purchases, it does not redirect you or notify you when the transaction has finished and you have to jump several times in one application and another looking for what is still to be approved. If the app is uninstalled, you have to ask for a code personally to your bank, or ask for it by post to the hotline, something very annoying if you are out of town and have urgent transactions to do! And worst of all, there is no going back, after you choose this method to log in, you have to stay there whether you like it or not.
Ilya Lazarev 2019-08-19

The idea to deliver the confirmation code via an app is a good one - removes delay in sms forwarding if you are abroad. The idea to use the app for login is a terrible one. 2 factor authentication is proving that you know something (the password) and that you have something (your phone). By fusing together those 2 factors you have made it incredibly inconvenient to use and provided no real functional benefit. Now losing your phone is a catastrophic event netbanking-wise, whereas before it was a mere inconvenience that was easy to fix. Allow login with a password and require the sidentity app to sign payment orders - that would have been the right way to do this.
Bogdan Codescu 2019-09-02

Every other update of the app or of Android something gets broken and the app stops working with an \"Internal error\" message whenever I try to confirm a transaction. The only solution seems to be to reinstall the app, but that requires a new activation and the previous code doesn\'t work, so I need to visit the branch again. It\'s a bit ridiculous.
Power Kris 2019-03-01

There is usually a trade off between security and usability. This app is doing neither. The communication with the server is horribly slow. After logging in, I regularily have to wait for one minute for the confirmation code. After confirming the action, e.g. transaction, you have to wait again for a minute. As the app returns to the login screen after every background/screen lock this also means, that I have to keep my phone active for that duration. No phone on the market keeps the screen active for such a long duration by default. Finally, switching back to TAN is not an option. Neither is there an option to enable any proven 2nd factor authentication method, like YubiKey or Authenticator.
Madhan Mirwani 2019-08-08

not ready for launch , the IT team is lacking in competency and its not user friendly. , would recommend a change in bank ,After so many hitches glitches on their system m am deciding to change the bank . Definately a wise decision on my side after discovering many swinndler in the bank sysytem
Walter Binder 2019-09-25

Garbage, produces nothing but internal errors on my Android 10 device, effectively locking me out of my bank account, because the bank has disabled other login methods. This app is broken and forcing the bank clients to rely on it is an unforgivable mistake. Obviously, this app hasn\'t been sufficiently tested on Pixel devices. The problem is further aggravated by the lack of any reply from the customer service. I\'m utterly disappointed by Erste Bank, and will likely close my account there.
Muammer Üçal 2019-06-08

Very stupid app.Tac SMS was much better.I had to give several Freigeben and finally the Auftrag was left open,without me noticing it.Then I realized that I had to do one more freigeben at the open Auftrag in George, which had to be freigegeben again in s ID. But was too late. The other party reported that I haven\'t sent the money. But in my account it seems that I have sent.so I paid 880 euros and bought nothing.It might be very safe now, but far away from being usable. I am sorry, but it sucks..
Mary Valley 2020-10-03

It\'s a pity I can\'t give it a zero stars or even -10 of them!!! George app used to work perfectly well before this damn thing appeared! I literally can\'t take a look at my account for the second day in a row! I keep receiving a message that \"Something went wrong\" and neither closing the app, nor restarting the phone helps!!! TERRIBLE.
Kimberley Sommer 2019-05-07

worst app ever. half the time it doesn\'t connect with the transactions and logins that I\'m trying to make. worst idea ever. bring back the TAC
Nikola Krlovic 2020-09-15

George worked flawlessly before s Identity - now I get to see my account once every 3rd time I start the app, because \"something went wrong\". Deleting the cache/restarting helps, but when it comes to handling money and e-transfers (rent, salaries, purchases) an app like this needs better functionality, not a workaround.