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Description of Sabr: Meditation & Sleep

Sabr is the #1 app for your mental and spiritual health. Reduce anxiety, increase confidence, sleep better, and improve your relationship with Allah. Welcome to Sabr.

**Introducing Sabr – A Guided Meditation App For Muslims**

Life can get tough at times. With the hustle and bustle of work, the variety of distractions, informational overload, and yes… the pandemic, finding time to reflect and slowdown seems almost impossible.

While there are many guided meditation and mental health apps in the market, the need for an Islamic one is more important now than ever before.

**Inside The App**

1. Guided Meditation

Researched backed guided meditation sessions through an Islamic Lens. We’ve worked with prominent Muslim therapists and professionals across the globe to curate this material, Alhamdulillah!

(Examples include: “7 days of Anxiety)

2. Spiritually Uplifting Courses

Motivational and uplifting courses. We’ve worked with reputable Scholars and Professionals across the globe for this content.

(Example: 1-hour courses on ‘Hope’ broken down into several audio snippets.)

3. Vocals (nasheeds)

Hours of peaceful, vocal-only background and ASMR tracks. We’ve worked with some of the world’s well-known and renowned Nasheed artists for this section, Alhamdulillah!

Study, relax, and sleep better with the vocals section!

We hope you enjoy your experience on the Sabr App. You are now officially apart of the #SabrFamily

Please share any feedback, bugs, concerns, or wishlist items to info@Sabrapp.com

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More Information Of Sabr: Meditation & Sleep

lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:1.12.0 Publish Date:2022-05-11 Developer:Deen Academy LLC

User Reviews


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Upon Sunnah 2020-11-15

It could be a great app. I don\'t know since I have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $8. I think you should give a first month free trial or give a couple of courses for free. I was only able to listen to 2 clips. I had to pay for the rest. I think for a new app....the price is set too high. Start low and once you get a good number of users you can increase the price. I got more anxiety and stressed from downloading, leaving a comment and uninstalling. Lol. May Allah put barakah in ur app.
Asim Gaffar 2020-11-12

So happy to have an app that is addressing mental health in a real way and halal! Highly recommend especially in the time we live in
Samiah Alam 2021-01-30

This app is filling a void and is well designed. However, I feel people who will most need it probably cannot pay for it. I received the Calm app and another therapy app for free through university. Amex also offered Calm to its members. Are there any such options for this app so it is more accessible?
Hadek Hadek 2021-03-01

Dear Developer, i really appreciate this app. Help me for positive mind and i can start my day better. A little suggestion for this system, not all of us have money more. So, it would be better if we can play the premium content by watching some ads. Thanks.
shahnaj khanom 2020-12-18

There\'s so much to explore in this app its brilliant. Amazing. And also the customer service is brilliant as I had a few technical issues I contacted them and they dealt with all my queries very efficiently. So happy I came across this
ooerim 2021-01-21

It is indeed a very good idea but the execution is poor. The app is far from being ready. I would have wished that they did further testing and improvements before publishing.
Alaa Nagah 2020-11-18

The concept is much needed in the Muslim world, so I\'m happy it\'s created and assembled. Technically the app doesn\'t work though. I just paid to premium because I kept seeing 0 sessions whenever I opened a tile. Even after paying, I see 0 sessions. Then when there is a session it doesn\'t play. Edit: After uninstalling and installing the app again it worked!
Hani Abdul Hamid 2020-11-15

The app seems pretty good but limited sources. You have to pay to listen to the talk. The free talk is very short and could easily find on YouTube with better result. And I thought it would include some dhikr or tasbih. No difference than non Muslim app except it founded by Muslims. Still a lot to improve, hopefully they would increase the amount of free resources as well. All the best!! I\'d come back and download again when the app has improved :)
Halima Shah 2020-11-18

I really like the app but am struggling with functionality- I have tried to upgrade to premium so that I would actually be able to do a full 7 day course but every time I go to do so the page doesn\'t work and I\'m stuck as a basic user - would really like to change this! UPDATE - I tried again soon after writing this review and alhumdulillah I was able to upgrade. I\'m really enjoying the 7 say calming anxiety course and it has been wonderful to listen to before sleeping.
Subhaan Ashrafi 2020-11-18

Use this every night before sleeping! Alhamdullilah, my wife and I use the Sabr App before sleeping! We listen to the bedtime gratitude meditation daily. It helps us relax, reflect, and fall asleep! There are many other meditations, courses, and soothing vocals that really help on the app! 🙏