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Salesforce Authenticator

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Description of Salesforce Authenticator

Salesforce Authenticator adds an extra layer of security for your online accounts with two-factor authentication. With Salesforce Authenticator, you use your mobile device in addition to your password to verify your logins and other account activity. The app sends you a push notification, and you respond with just a tap. For even more convenience, Salesforce Authenticator can use your mobile device's location services to verify you automatically from trusted locations, like your office or home. You can also get a one-time verification code that can be used when you're offline. Salesforce Authenticator works with the entire Salesforce Platform—Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget), App Cloud, and Analytics Cloud.

Salesforce Authenticator can also be used to secure your other online accounts that support time-based one-time passwords (TOTP). Any service that allows two-factor authentication using an “Authenticator app” can be used with Salesforce Authenticator.

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More Information Of Salesforce Authenticator

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-11-20 Developer:Salesforce.com, inc.

User Reviews


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Kevin Krumwiede 2020-11-06

Location based auth doesn\'t work if the device is sleeping. That\'s good, because if it actually worked, it would defeat the whole purpose of two factor auth! Like Salesforce\'s bizarre misuse of OAuth, this entire app is just security theater. Lots of long delays noticable on slower devices, obviously not doing background work correctly. Overall a very bad look for a supposedly premier software company.
Sabine Estimé 2020-10-21

Having to log in multiple times to complete a half/day-long task is a pain. I also got a new phone, but I\'m never directed to the page where I have to enter the two-word psw. I keep having to go back to my old phone and recharge it just to access Salesforce platforms. I get wanting to keep the clients info private, but there has to be a better way. It\'s just a frustrating UX.
Dan Maher 2020-02-28

This is absolutely the worst authenticator app I\'ve ever used. It claims to do push notifications, but those only work while the app is opened. FYI-.SalesForce, that\'s not how notifications are supposed to work. I\'d be fine with just using a code, but if that\'s all I\'m doing, why can\'t I just use someone else\'s authenticator to save the secret key? This is just poorly implemented and just a horrible experience. Also, I have concerns about the \"allow automatically by location\" feature...
Natasha Nicole 2020-03-26

I STILL can\'t login to PartnerNet. I\'ve been trying to add an account on this app for 47 minutes and I\'m starting to get frustrated. The app refuses to allow me to connect to the PartnerNet app and I can\'t open an account connection and I don\'t get any notifications to approve an account. I\'ve uninstalled and reinstalled both apps 5 or 6 times now and am still struggling. Why is this so difficult?! Someone please help!
Shant Kumar 2019-10-10

Hi Team, Recently I have changed my mobile device, so earlier added accounts in this app not got synchronized. I am having issues with adding an Salesforce account. Earlier I used to add the account manually but in this version I am not able to add it. It is asking for the QR code which I don\'t have. Please provide an update for this app, to add accounts manually. When I am having QR code it is not getting scanned and verified. Please fix this QR code reader.
Cal Balogun 2019-01-14

Why do I need my mobile to open the app on desktop.
Andrew Bailey 2020-11-04

With Salesforce Authenticator, you can transform your 15 second login experience into a 15 minute exercise of frustration! The SFCC business manager wants to know my TOTP, so I enter it the 3 times it allows before it kicks me out to try again. Wash, rinse, and repeat the whole charade about 5 more times. Is this even accurate? No other TOTP login I use is this fickle. Edit: ask your administrator to enable authenticator apps in your organization. Those TOTPs work the first time, every time.
M Brown 2020-11-25

IS THERE A MORE BUGGY AND FRUSTRATING AUTHENTICATION APP PLEASE? When it works, it works fine, but about 70% of the time it cannot figure out if you\'re in an allowed area or if you\'ve manually approved the login! I\'ve had to allow extra time each morning to login because I KNOW this app is going to need 3 to 6 tries to authorize my login. Not a huge deal? I don\'t get paid for that wasted time every morning to start my workday with frustration.
John Talbott 2020-07-01

There\'s not a lot of differentiation in the authenticator products. I like the way this one works for Salesforce logins. For other logins, you have to use the time based code and it does that just fine.
Andrew Davis 2020-07-15

Authentication is very delayed compared to Microsoft authenticator. It can take up to a minute to authorize a connection. The cumulative delay across all Salesforce customers must be tens of thousands of hours per year.