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Description of Salesforce

The new Salesforce mobile app is here!

Run your business from your phone -- faster, easier, and with AI as your sidekick. The Salesforce mobile app unlocks a whole new level of productivity, personalization, and speed.

Build mobile experiences faster

With Lightning now available on mobile, building custom mobile apps is faster and easier—with clicks, not code. Mobile-optimized lightning components? Check. Dynamic and rich mobile record pages? Check. Now anyone can build amazing mobile apps fast.

Access your entire business

The full power of Salesforce is now available from your device. The Salesforce mobile app now includes all your favorite Lightning Apps. And the new navigation bar makes it easier than ever to get to the apps you use most.

Whether you're in the office, on an airplane, or checking in from a coffee shop, the new Salesforce mobile app is your key to productivity.

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More Information Of Salesforce

lable: Business - Apps Current Version:234.030.0 Publish Date:2021-12-17 Developer:Salesforce.com, inc.

User Reviews


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Brad Banyas 2019-04-20

Have used Saleaforce for 18 years. Could not run our business without it. The mobile app is great when on the road and staying in touch with clients. Love the integration with appexchange products like Rocket Notes for personal gifting. I can send a personal card and gift to customers right after a meeting directly from the salesforce mobile app from phone.
Patti Nunez 2020-07-09

Salesforce can be a great app to use in the proper workplace. Unfortunately, there are far too many negatives with this program to list. It is not user friendly for a Marketing Field Representative doing 30 visits per day, and only having a tablet to process all visits. Also to find that the same accounts (leads etc) already visited, are still showing up as not-processed! Doesn\'t route itself correctly and takes you everywhere! Wasting time and money for the company.
Meg 2019-06-13

Not functional - the app worked for a while but then kept freezing on account/contact/opportunity pages. Then it wouldn\'t even load those after selecting them. I reported the issue through the app and received no response (aside from an auto \"thanks for the feedback\" email). The help section only addresses how to use the app, not technical troubleshooting. This is preventing me from doing my remote work, so a complete failure of the service.
Michael Hadden 2020-07-18

Very usual app for when you need to do work on the go. I would give 5 star if only one thing was fixed; There has been several instances where the screen for the WSM tab and list will not let me scroll down, but it will let me have limited scrolling upward. Fix this and I\'ll give the 5th star as I really do enjoy and rely on this app when I\'m not in the workplace.
Zan Smith 2019-03-08

Utterly abismal useless scheduling app. The only schedule app I have ever used that doesn\'t sync with your phones calender, not even to ensure your looking at the right day, nevermind to copy your schedule into your personal calender app. Avoid.
Kelly Madison 2020-11-13

Nope, still useless trash! I did open a ticket and they REFUSED TO FIX THE PROBLEM! Still can\'t view lists, can\'t click on any of the buttons, you can\'t see, click, zoom, or scroll on ANYTHING else. Not Reports, Leads, Customers, Addresses, Sales, even the Dashboards don\'t work. Who developed this trash? Chatter tab works though! Can click the tabs but can\'t see anything in the list or any contact. TRASH APP TRASH SERVICE! p.s. RENAME Lightning to SLOTH! Salesforce is the SLOWEST CRM ON EARTH!
Jeff Balik 2020-09-09

This App and Salesforce lightning app are absolute garbage, I don\'t know what my company was thinking switching from security trax to this junk! You have to use two different apps to do the same stuff that one app did and security Trax, the mapping doesn\'t work, you have to go into 27 different pages to do one thing just absolute garbage it\'s all I can say! Please do your employees a favor and not switch to this there\'s a reason it\'s got the reviews it\'s got!
G Rao 2020-07-21

Decent. Not sure though that its a tool to substantially increase sales as the time consumed in maintaining it --- seeks superflous data in all probability involves an opportunity cost that goes unnoticed. At best its a glorified MIS tool. I would consider this a missing the woods for trees! A well maintained excel sheet on a common protected sever is as effective, if not, better but at almost zero cost compared to what one pays for glorified MIS tool.
Jeff Harris 2020-12-02

Soooo slow. I tried this app a couple months ago and it was absolute garbage. I thought I would try it again and there has been some improvements, but it\'s still extremely slow. Its like waiting for a web page to load on dial up internet back in 1999. This app is great in theory, but in reality nobody has time to wait for this to load. Hopefully Salesforce will soon stop messing around and get this straightened out. Until then I will keep using Zoho.
Ethan Anglea 2019-03-12

This app is awful it locks up half the time and needs to be closed and opened again and then usually does the same thing. It\'s unreliable and really just doesn\'t work well at all