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Description of Samsara Game

With over 1 million downloads across Google Play and the App Store, Samsara original gameplay is forever free to play!

In this beautiful, relaxing reflective puzzle game, use all your wits to maneuver blocks of different shapes and properties and help Zee escape from the mirrored and twisted dimensions of Samsara.

While playing in the park, Zee follows a squirrel through a portal to a world of echoes, inhabited by a shadow child. Surrounded by the unknown and trapped in mysterious realms both confusing and dangerous, the youngster must solve a labyrinth of perplexing puzzles to avoid slipping into the pool between dimensions, up and down staircases, through light and dark, across the upside-down and the right side-up world of Samsara to their eventual freedom.



"Samsara will go down as one of my Game of the Year contenders and I’ll be hard pressed to find a more unique, enchanting experience” The Geekiverse 9.75 /10

“Almost a flawless performance” Gamereality, 5/5

""Zee found a place in my heart” LifeisXbox, 8.6 /10

Samsara won the award “That Game like Clockwork” at Play By Play Awards 2018, as well as a further three nominations for excellence.

Samsara was also a finalist at MomoCon 2018 and Unite Melbourne 2017



• Explore the reflected dimensions of over 100 levels across 7 hand-detailed realms, each with hidden “Easter Eggs” to uncover

• Crafted with love by a team of experienced developers in New Zealand, featuring innovative puzzle design and a unique art and animation style


• Simple play mechanic – rotate and drop blocks while utilizing their reflections

• Designed to be easy for adults and kids to pick up and enjoy


• Blocks must be both balanced and will respond to gravity, falling towards the pool between the two dimensions, allowing asymmetric placements…

• …Although as you progress, new types of blocks may behave “unusually” under gravity

• Environmental interaction includes falling stones, and thorns which grow on contact with Zee’s echo but shrivel at Zee’s own touch, requiring timed block movements to be set up

• Simple mechanics conceal complex interactions involving gravity, balance, redirection and teleportation, with a twist: everything added in the upside down world below reflects in the world above

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More Information Of Samsara Game

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:2.1.562 Publish Date:2021-08-12 Developer:JaffaJam

User Reviews


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Explore Games 2020-07-20

I didn\'t find the game very engaging - no (comprehensible) story, and the puzzles are a bit repetitive and simple. I played for more than an hour to see if it did get more complex, but it doesn\'t really. I think it deserves 4 stars for its art style and lack of ads, so I would recommend checking this out as my objections may just be personal taste.
Diego 2020-08-02

Amazing game, really really good, I\'m really surprised this game has no ads and it\'s not paid, and it\'s compatible with Bluetooth Gamepads, although I have mixed feelings if I should really use a controller for this, since you don\'t control the character directly, it\'s not like Limbo, but it\'s as good as that, I\'d say it\'s on par with Limbo, really good games!
Mubashir Soomro 2020-07-26

A really beautiful and engaging puzzle game. The puzzles themselves are not really hard, but a few of them, did have me scratching my head. It was very generous of the developers to make a game completely free( which I would have definitely paid for), and in the current environment I am sure many of us really appreciate it. Nevertheless I have some minor issues with the game, the animations feel a bit clunky and laggy in the stages. Aside from that, it\'s a great game. Kudos to the developers.
steve garner 2020-08-22

Great graphics and gameplay with puzzles that make you think. The backgrounds and animation are beautifully drawn. The gameplay is simple to learn and master yet remains challenging. There is no repetitive training - you\'re shown how it works and then left to it. Some puzzles will be solved with ease and others may force you to hit the tip button; and when you see what you\'ve missed you will be frustrated at how simple it was all along. Fantastic free game that coyld eadily become addictive.
Alex Churchill 2020-09-07

Extremely clever puzzle game! Takes a little while to get going, but the later levels are excellently challenging. Totally free of ads is a pleasant surprise too. I just wish when I finish a level I could proceed straight to the next without popping in and out of the loading screen, level select, loading screen, but that\'s a super minor point. Highly recommended.
Poru 2020-07-01

It is a good game, but there are few UX issues making it mildly irritating. For example, initial animated splash screen is unskippable and quite long. After completing each level, I am taken back to level selection screen where I have to select the next level (and them there is this animation again before the level starts), instead I should be taken to next level immediately after completing one. Since levels are very small, this whole ordeal becomes irritating very quickly.
Praveen Thomas 2020-10-03

What really stands out are the beautiful graphics of the game and the emphasis on puzzle solving. It\'s quite simplistic in nature, in that it\'s just arranging blocks to reach the goal. The puzzles slowly increase in complexity and may look quite daunting at first, but with keen observation and elimination, we can finally arrive at the most viable solution. And when we do, the experience is quite gratifying. Will definitely buy this on Steam to support the Devs !!
Catherine Flores 2020-08-22

I wasn\'t sure what kind of game this was so I read the reviews. I\'m so glad I gave this game a chance because it\'s actually fun!! I love games like this that make you think, and to be honest it\'s not a game that gets you all frustrated because the puzzle doesn\'t make sense. Once you learn the concept, that the pieces can go above or below the water and rotated to fit, the game is very enjoyable! Thank you for a great, cute, free AND ad free game 🤗🤗
Michael Lawrence 2020-06-20

This is a wonderful game. It\'s great for casual players because there isn\'t any pressure or time limits (so far); you can keep trying to compete a level as many times as you want. I really enjoy playing Samsara... A lot. The fact that the developers have been generous enough to make it ad free, without any form of monetization is incredibly wonderful. This is a kindness and a generosity that means a lot to me, as does their wish for us to stay safe. Thank you so very much.
Lim Shao Ping 2020-09-27

One of the more pleasant game out there. Not only does it stimulates critical thinking, it also gives a sense of serenity and relaxation. The title \"Samsara\" which translate to the cycle/wheel of existence, perfectly fits the nature of the game. As we progress further in life, we come realize the amount of difficulties/obstacles will only get more and more. Your past will be following you forever, just like the shadow in the game, and you have to clear both outer and inner obstacles in life