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Description of Samsung Smart Home

Thank you for using the [Samsung Smart Home] application.

[Samsung Smart Home] has long been the app to manage and monitor Samsung home appliances.

Now, we would like to introduce you to the all-new [SmartThings] platform which will replace [Samsung Smart Home] and provide enhanced features, functionality and benefits.

[SmartThings] will now be able to connect and control not only Samsung home appliances, but many other devices and appliances like lamps, switches etc.

[SmartThings] is the platform to unify your smart devices and realize the dream of a having a truly smart home.

Download now and enjoy a better home IoT environment by connecting all of your home devices to the all-new [SmartThings] Platform.

The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.

[Required Access Permission]

- Location: Required to search for nearby appliances

- Phone: Required to call the service center

- Contacts: Registered Samsung Account information will be used to provide services that require account linking

- Storage: Required to save Whiteboard contents

[Optional Access Permission]

- Camera: Needed to use the Smart Care feature

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More Information Of Samsung Smart Home

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.1072.19.220 Publish Date:2021-10-15 Developer:Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

User Reviews


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Anthony Smith 2018-11-23

The app works perfectly with my robot vacuum. The only issue I had was getting the wifi initially setup on the vacuum but once I turned off mobile data on my phone everything just worked. I am running the latest Android 9 version on my pixel 2 and the app does everything is supposed to do. I don\'t understand why people are saying that it only works with older versions of Android. Good job Samsung
Gregg Kasten 2020-10-28

This app won\'t even let you launch it if you don\'t give it access to your contacts. It\'s simply shuts down with a permissions error after launch. Why on Earth does Samsung need to access my contacts? Your appliances\' smart features are useless if you can\'t launch this app, and I\'m not giving Samsung access to my contacts.
Mark Walker 2020-12-24

Won\'t work correctly on my new Samsung tablet. The original app was great, the update was so-so but still worked. This version?...Fail. Please stop \'improving\' it, you only screw it up worse each time. After giving permission to basically everything on my tablet, it discovered ZERO Smartthings devices I had installed, and which all were fine on the older apps. Wish I could give it zero stars.
Matthew Schramm 2021-01-05

Brand new phone. Updated the firmware, downloaded this app. It doesn\'t work. It literally will not launch on a phone that just came out of the box. Website tells me to clear caches, reinstall, etc. IT\'S A BRAND NEW PHONE. There is no cache. Literally nothing to interfere with this app. It simply doesn\'t work. It\'s a joke.
Bob P Wilson 2020-04-12

I already have devices discovered and connected via smartthings app, but this app can\'t connect to them. Example, Samsung refrigerator, this app wants me to reconnect but it doesn\'t work. Developer, why is this app not asking me if I use Smartthings app and pull my already connected devices? When the app can\'t connect to my already connected smartthings devices, it serves no purpose.
James Moye 2020-10-30

Forced to switch over to an app that I cant run on my phone or tablet at all! Now everything Ive bought and have been using for years for my home security is usless until this app decides to start working! The only thing I have access to now is my ring cameras. This is unacceptable, especially since both my phone and tablet are both Samsung products!
Harri Lehtimäki 2020-12-29

This application requires an access to the connections, photos, phone, location, .... It does not even start without the rights. I had decided to buy an Samsung freezer, but now I have to find another brand. I have been very happy Samsung user until now. Really sad.
Google is Evil 2020-10-19

Not compatible with my device even though google play stated it was. Now I have to buy a new phone to control a 50 dollar device that worked with this phone for two years just fine. Guess what gets bought new? Hint: it won\'t be a Samsung product ever again.
Aida-Maria Boiesan 2020-07-07

Keeps crashing, this app is a waste of time and Samsung further confuses things by having several apps for home devices. Why won\'t they just stick with one and actually make it work instead of 5 that all crash constantly?
Al Pat 2020-08-14

what horrible app. takes you in circles, logged in 4 times in a row. used two step verification, then when you go to add a device, you get sent back to log in screen, ad naseum. never could get it to do ANYTHING EXCEPT ASK FOR PERMISSIONS THAT IT SHOULD NOT NEED. Why would it need access to my contacts? I think Samsung has convinced me to get a different hub.