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Samsung Sound Tower (Giga Party Audio) APK

Samsung Sound Tower (Giga Party Audio)



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Description of Samsung Sound Tower (Giga Party Audio)

Control quickly and easily DJ Effect, various lightings and many more in any places with our exclusive application

1. Your party’s ambience changing from the palm of your hand

: Via Samsung Sound Tower(Giga Party Audio) App, you can choose your songs, your sound mode as well as various lightings.

In your hand, you can upgrade easily and quickly your party’s mood

2. Optimized UI design for any parties

: With a simple and intuitive UI design, you will be able to control any functions very swiftly.


Depending on the audio model, some features may not be supported.

May not operate smoothly, not be supported, or screen display problems may occur depending on your phone or the policy of telecom operators.

Check the Bluetooth volume when using other Bluetooth devices after using the app and then use.

Please update to the latest version to use.

[Required Access Permission]

- Location : To find nearby device by using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

- Storage Access: To import the information of the sound source stored in the device

* Requires Android 6.0 or higher version

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More Information Of Samsung Sound Tower (Giga Party Audio)

lable: Music & Audio - Apps Current Version:0.0.52 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

User Reviews


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Jarid Shaw 2020-11-11

Anytime the phone does anything even when app is in split screen, it has to reconnect to my giga party. If my phone/tablets Bluetooth didn\'t disconnect why would the app? Doesn\'t make sense, love the speaker but this app is a total TURD. Fixing it soon would be my advice.
Kay Hansen 2019-12-26

Doesn\'t connect to speaker. Not much info in the description anyway. Disappointed to say the least.
David Bateman 2020-05-23

Paired easily and quickly to my MX-T70. How ever the features are limited in the app. All it is useful for is the remote part. The playlist options and such are only for songs downloaded your phone. Does not link to Google Music or any other music service.
David Childers 2020-12-27

I own a lot of Samsung products and apps. This is the first time truly disappointed by anything from Samsung. I went through the tips to make sure that I didn\'t miss anything. The app looks only in your local music folder and I can\'t find a way to navigate to other folders. I could not find a way to play the music in my cloud locations. Only way I could get it to detect the T70s was to already be connected to them in Bluetooth. More of a hinderence than a help. Uninstalling. Love the T70s!
Darvin M 2020-08-31

Needs more!!! We need dj effect like scratch and bombs etc . The functionality are little. Also we need bass/ subwoofer volume control!
Henry Trangia 2020-03-04

This App is only applicable on Samsung Giga Party only and not with every Bluetooth Speakers
M & M 2020-09-21

Doesn\'t work if location is disabled. Please stop using my location... come on. Its just a speaker
Abhishek Kumar 2020-05-22

so many connectivity issues. This thing will not connect with an iPhone. And with Android anytime you have Bluetooth setup and open the app the Bluetooth disconnects n the app needs to reconnect to the speaker
AL FONSO 2020-11-26

Slow and counterintuitive. Wont let you play streamed music only stuff IN your device. Bass settings don\'t work.
stephen matthews 2019-12-26

Cannot detect a bluetooth device. Does not work.