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Description of Samurai Flash

You want to know what it feels like to be a Super Hero ?

Join us and become a Samurai Flash !

-Dodge and slice your enemies to reach the next level

-Defeat bosses and show your skills

-Make the most of your speed and appreciate the slow motion of your enemies

New features are to come ( character upgrade , skins and accessories )

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More Information Of Samurai Flash

lable: Action - Games Current Version:2.0.55 Publish Date:2021-11-06 Developer:Supersonic Studios LTD

User Reviews


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Shilpa Kedar 2020-10-29

A very good game but I cancelled 1 star because while playing if you ( or the playing person ) do not move then anything will also not move (as given in the description of the game ), it makes the game little boring. I wanted to cut 2 stars but it\'s a nice game and I liked this game . And it\'s also a time passing game . The new update also allows us to build our own village and attack on others Villages also. So it\'s a nice game after all . But it also has negative impact on us. Do not at much .
-Sean Montallana- 2020-12-20

Great Game, ads aren\'t as frequent as opposed to other games. I do have a question though, what is the point of attacking other bases? It seems that you don\'t get benefit out of it and the \"people\" you attack dont seem to be real because if they were then you should\'ve already been attacked once right? Great Game, but I wish there was a point to attacking other \"people\'s\" bases.
lolling rock 2020-09-28

I see that you have gone for a mix of push em all and superhot . I would also like to see a better mode of cutting than just using the ezy slice addon as it can get very laggy when more pieces of a cube are there so I would recommend that you put a limit on how many chunks you can cut out of a given shape. Nice game though. I also found a glitch which is a side effect of ezy slice as when you can\'t something that has two connected cylinders it makes a sort of bridge between them.
Colin Rowe 2020-08-16

I enjoy this game as what it is, a quick time waster that doesn\'t need internet. Not many flaws, biggest one being a bug where every couple of levels, it will present you an ad and then crash the game. It will either boot me out or completely freeze the game. Not insanely bad, but still obnoxious. Overall, it\'s fine. Nothing more, nothing less.
sourabh gupta 2020-11-13

It is a good game, but i suggest to make one change. First of all, their are a LOT of glitches. When i move forward it somehow takes me backwards and i fall. Another one is that when i do \" the big jump\" it again somehow takes me SIDEWAYS. And i fall. I suggest to fix that. Becuase that really bothers me. That is the reason i give 3 stars. And i forgot to tell, that this is an 8 year old righting.
Kevin Ogwu 2020-11-24

i wil be real, this might be one of the BEST games ive played by play store, the machanic is like super hot, time only moves when you move, nice cut stile, skin references, and stage making, my problem is that once you complete all the stages of the game(witch is very easy to do) the stages loop, no congrats, no warning, just repeats, its too lagy when you cut too many things and the enemies that try to punch you dont even hurt, i have to play offline so no adds or lag bu i loved this game
Superplayboi Supernevergiveruper 2020-11-26

It\'s good but... there aren\'t any moves like Super Slash or anything. But I LOVE this game! And why do you just hold side by side I\'d like up, down and everything else. AND THE OTHERS NEED MORE HEALTH SO EDIT THAT. And I wish there was a special move you could do like Upgrade Sword. Or aura sword. But Thank You for making this game!
Memes 4 Life 2020-09-09

First off, I like this game and it is a great way to kill a couple minutes of free time! However, the reason it only recieves four stars is because of how easy it is. The enemies who have melee weapons physcially can\'t kill you. And a huge portion of the enemies are melee attackers. Maybe they can hurt you and I\'ve never seen it yet. But as of when I write this review, I\'d appreciate it if they could actually make the melee attackers able to hit you to give the game a higher sense of difficulty!
Nathan Peterson Dasan 2020-09-27

Well, Its a good game. The thing is its EXTREMELY laggy. If i try to move on a level, there is a chance that, it will controll itself and throw me to the abbyss pls fix it. and, make it harder im in 250 level, and its still to easy. make them actually approach you. and, suggestions are 1.Make it multiplayer. 2.Have an option to make a character. and lastly, Is, as I said, to make it harder. thank u and bye
Blade Parsons 2020-08-21

The game loops after so many levels. There is a bug. If you play offline you can\'t buy outfits. I played the game and unlocked alot of outfits which I can\'t buy. I found reinstalling the game fixed, but I lost my save. I bought one outfit, and went offline again, and same thing happens. You unlock an outfit and it doesn\'t appear in the store. Cool mobile game. Just needs sorting out.