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Description of Saris

Use the Saris app to:

- Manage and maintain your Saris trainer with firmware updates

- Calibrate your trainer

- Run ERG Mode to manually set resistance levels on your trainer.

Visit https://www.saris.com/support/firmware/saris-utility-app to view videos of how to use the app.

About Saris

A family-owned manufacturer of bicycle accessories, we’ve has been making our products in Madison, Wisconsin, since 1974. Here at Saris, bikes are all we do. Through our products, we propel all types of bicyclsts forward be it in pursuit of personal enjoyment or peak performance. Through our advocacy, we promote healthier, happier, bike-smart communities both locally and nationally. Saris endorses three brands: Saris bike racks, CycleOps indoor bike trainers and Saris Infrastructure and public bike systems.

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More Information Of Saris

lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:4.0.43 Publish Date:2022-02-03 Developer:Saris Cycling Group, Inc.

User Reviews


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M B 2020-01-12

For everyone having issues detecting your trainer - Do Not connect pair the smart trainer to your phone by Bluetooth through android/ios settings. You just need to make sure that the smart trainer is on, and then run the saris app. The app will then detect the trainer. If not, the app won\'t detect the trainer.
Georgios Zavolas 2020-01-30

Ok this took me a long time to set up... Here\'s what to do, I unplugged and replugged the smart trainer. Then I restarted my phone. Went to my Bluetooth settings and saw that I could see the Hammer H3... Do not connect! Now open the saris app and connect to it. It will work now. Basically if your phone cant see the hammer when it searches for Bluetooth, then the app can\'t either. I just kept constantly turning things on and off until it worked. Pixel 2xl hammer h3
Jamie Dormaar 2020-12-16

Review updated! (Sorry to dev team I left that for so long!) WITH permission, the app is smooth & perfect. Five stars. App REQUIRES permissions to work, but didn\'t prompt me for it! I spent HOURS, reading manuals, blogs, forums, YT vids, & the MANY negative reviews without luck! Trainer was Bluetooth visible, but the app couldn\'t see it, so it wouldn\'t connect! Go to DEVICE settings, app permissions, & give it permission to storage/location, & try again, it\'ll finally work!
Peter Harris 2019-11-19

This would be awesome ... if it worked. When trying to update the firmware on my CycleOps Hammer, I\'ve made sure the trainer is paired with my phone, wifi is enabled, the Bluetooth light is lit on the trainer. When I try to update the firmware, the app searches for the trainer and says it can\'t find it. Huh?
Just Me 2020-02-29

Will not latch onto bluetooth. Only finds H3 if it\'s unplugged then plugged in during bluetooth search, then only latches on for 15s, or so, before dropping connection. Not long enough to update firmware, which is hopefully not screwed up now. App unusable. All premissions allowed on LG G5 Android.
Kenneth Frieberg 2020-05-04

Have an older model that I recently purchased for a good price. I have the cyclopes hammer. Watched videos that showed to calibrate on zwift or rouvy but did not work did not have that option finally found this app worked perfectly connected Bluetooth and calibrated no problem just wish I didn\'t have to waste a whole day trying to figure it out. I would think saris would include some kind of literature with the trainer even though it was an older model anyway figured it out and got it done!
Christopher Becker 2020-08-26

The app is well-below industry standards/averages as noted with these scores. The first mistake, however, is buying a Saris product. There are several good options to choose from (Wahoo, TacX, etc.). I wish I had done better research and looked at all other products - including the related web products - and their reviews. Saris reviews are the worst I\'ve seen for high-end direct-drive trainers. The same is true for their related software (Rouvy). Please check other products and I think you will see the same. I spent $1000+ on a Saris H3 assuming I\'d receive support. I called the support line, was on hold for 25 minutes with no answer, gave up and sent an email. I received the following email response to my email \"... To help expedite the process we\'ve closed our phone line to better serve our customers.\" Seriously. Saris believes they provide better customer service by NOT talking to their customers and not telling their customers when they call that they\'re not answering their phones. I\'ve also been waiting 8+ days with no response to my email. Amazingly poor. Unacceptable. The product may work, I\'m still trying to figure it out on my own, but per other reviews, there are better options. Look around before buying a Saris product.
Lóan Burger 2019-07-16

Rubish keeps crashing when selecting trainer for firmware update or calibration.
Carl Atkinson 2019-12-01

Works well. Great application. Simple and to the point.
Johnny Harrell 2020-01-06

What is it with Saris and software? You could have gotten a free intern to write something substantially better, like it could display speed during calibration, but apparently that was too complicated or required more than 30 seconds of gui design thought. If I had it to do over again I wouldn\'t buy another Hammer based on your \'d\' for effort software. Seriously, if you are going to be in the market of selling \"smart\" devices, hire the appropriate staff and do it right.