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Description of SASAI


Sasai is your simple all-in-one App that allows you to send and receive money, pay bills, chat with your family and friends, and explore a whole lot more!


Easy, safe, reliable mobile payments: Sasai Pay allows you to transfer funds, buy goods, pay accounts, split restaurant bills, track expenses and so much more, all without leaving the App.

Easy bill splitting: Sasai Pay helps with splitting restaurant bills between you and your friends and can also track how much each person should chip in for the tip, by allowing you to track your bill while you chill.

Easy to use chat facility: With Sasai Chat, you get unlimited messages, voice and video calls to friends and family around the world.

Added chat features: Sasai Chat also lets everyone know how you feel with tailored emojis, pictures and voice notes, and allows you to invite your inner circle to a new way of chatting.

Loans and overdraft facilities: Sasai Explore rewards you for being smart with your money. The Sasai savings and investment app encourages saving (deposit mobilisation) through gamification – goal-setting, targets, awards and more.

Gaming and Music streaming: Sasai Explore brings you the freshest live streaming music and selected games to help you entertain yourself whenever, wherever and however you want, right on the device in your hand.

Order services: If you need a ride, need to shop online, need an electrician or a plumber, it can all be done through the App. You can do all of these things in the comfort of your home, Sasai has you covered.

Make some extra Money: With Sasai you can also make some money through our paying Ads integration. We’ve partnered with an international technology company that gives subscribers a chance to earn $$ for watching Ads on Sasai. Yes, it's that simple. Just sit back, relax and make that passive paper with Sasai!

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More Information Of SASAI

lable: Social - Apps Current Version:2.9.30 Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:Sasai Fintech

User Reviews


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Stella Mutomba 2020-05-29

Absolutely❤️ this app. It\'s the next thing best thing for Zim&Africa. But could you please add a SasaiChat so we can directly talk to the developers incase we are facing problems. I was also wondering if you could add a feature for us to link are bank cards too so that we can immediately deposit our money when we\'ve received it (at par with the rate), I\'ve seen the option for visa cards bt seems it hasn\'t been activated yet. I think option to transfer money shouldnt be lmt to ecocsh users only!
Langton Mwanza 2019-11-23

Nothing to do with payments works, atleast if you are going to shove an application down people\'s throats make sure it works, trying to buy airtime it tells me that I will receive a prompt which I never get. I can\'t even switch from the airtime to the data tab. Cant make any payment at all because the prompt never comes, good concept nice looking app.....but if nothing works what\'s the point really?
Pedron Lucas 2019-09-27

You guys did a very wounderful job here. But one big thing is remaining ....TRANSLATOR just like wechat, wechat didnt get its porpularity buy just linking it to banks,, but by adding translator in it cos all language are not the same. If you want to have more people to know about this app add TRANSLATOR, Me personlay will tell everyone about your good jod. Translator in all languages of the world Tanx
innocent madziya 2019-09-01

Poor app, premature launch of the app. On voice calls you do not hear the receiver. Video calls you do not see the receiver or caller. It takes time to connect. Does not show receipts on messages nor read receipts. Produces a disturbing dialing tone. No guarantee whether data share on this app is secure
ronald sithole 2020-02-11

Great application however apart from compining other platforms there is still that thing Sasai has to offer which intrigues a mere layman... that scaning option can do the trick. Sasai has to give a general layman a use of that function.If you reason this way,Zimbabweans will come along What about adding a simple function like being able to share files using Sasai... Jus like share it etc.and lets say as a promotion being able to use the app to communicate for free within a radius of say 1km.
Rakel Mwix 2020-01-21

Its a good App.enjoying it every bit.growing together is key.Teething problems will show up ..yes...but we will overcome...Proud of this..#SASAI... This is the best App for Africa and the world!.music ,news,radio,name them all.wow..Enjoying everybit!
Timmad Machisa 2020-02-02

I do not recommend this app: Do u guys test the app before publishing it? Wallet functions stil do not work. Chat doesn\'t connect with other different service providers.
Bitres Natunga 2019-12-15

It has been a nice experience using SASAI.Since econet started sending messages for me to install the application,at first l was so reluctant but the moment l installed it l was really shocked,l did not know l was loosing a lot.Imagine with the blink of an eye having my all in one app,l don\'t have to go to for example facebook,l can just access it on my all in one app.You explore a lot of things on this application, health wise, shopping and a lot more.The application is user friendly as well.
Nigel Zenter 2019-08-03

its good, just few things needs to be updated, i would happy if you make it simple, make it a bit light in looking and also make it small in dialogue box
ivana jameson 2020-06-03

I have been waiting for my OTP for several years now but it hasn\'t arrived. Did it get stuck somewhere along the road?What kind of nonsense is this. Mxm I used to like this app but it\'s absolutely horrible.😢