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Sausage Legend - Online multiplayer battles



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Online multiplayer battles have finally arrived!

"Who knew fighting with video game meat could be so addicting?"

Now This

"There's A Japanese App Where You Battle Sausages And It’s Horribly Addictive."

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"'Sausage Legend' is the Sausage Battling Game that We Deserve"

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Sausage chosen one.

Draw your sword!

It's a fighting game in which you'll wield a sausage.

With a physics engine, the sausages will react realistically.

How to play

Just hold the screen to charge up power and then release your finger to attack.

51 world sausages created with a physics engine are available.

Realistic and beautiful 3D graphics!

Obtain all the legendary sausages and bring peace to the world.

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lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:2.3.1 Publish Date:2022-05-29 Developer:Milk Co. Ltd.

User Reviews


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God 2017-12-14

This is by far the most superior in Google gaming. The gracefulness yet barbaric wobble of the sausage reminds me of the heroic efforts of man\'s plight to preserve life on Earth and live in harmony with each other. I do believe this game will be the key to obtaining world Peace and colonizing mars.
Matt S 2017-10-20

Honestly one of the worst, most pointless games I have ever played. This is not a \"fighting game\", it is a press, hold, release, repeat \"game\". There is 0 skill involved and the fighting is driven completely by chance from what i can see. The graphics are nice and the concept is funny/interesting but there is a LOT missing in between. Wanted to like the game but it\'s just not possible.
auds 2017-11-18

THIS GAME IS AWESOME. i mustve blown 10 hours on it by now. amazing stuff. seems like a shallow tap and hold game at first, but there really is a lot of depth to it, as you learn how each individual sausage moves due to its shape and floppy-ness, how to time your strike so that you can hit the other sausage, and not get hit at the same time. my only reservation is that sometimes the graphics or something screw up and the sausage becomes a gigantic tangled mess(?) dont know how to describe it, it looks like a glitch. but keep up the good work!!! :D
Magnus Steinbrû 2018-01-24

This game is the WURST! It\'s a total SAUSAGE FEST! I\'ve not seen this much sausage wagging since the presidential election. But, of course, I didn\'t like either of those weiners. One was a BRAT, and the other killed more people than Arnold Braunshweiger.
Roger Ford 2020-12-03

Shuba Shuba Shuba Great game, great graphics and simple competitive gameplay. It does take some time to get use to. Shuba Shuba Shuba
Charo 2020-12-19

Pretty basic but fun. There\'s more to the attacks than the game let\'s on. Great game to pick up for a minute or two. But there\'s a lot of ads. Shuba shuba shuba shuba
SvM Was The Sheet 2017-11-22

Well I was on the lookout for a sausage fighting game and here it is I just can\'t believe my luck. Wait a minute did I just say penis?
ShoKill ! 2016-06-13

Dafuq?😭 This game is pretty ridiculous, the combat makes barely any sense. Expect to lose a ton. The first levels have hot dogs with special abilities and unless you get lucky on \"new a sausage\" you\'re just gonna get screwed. Lol. Worth a laugh though.
Times Chu 2018-01-14

While amusing for its silliness, this one note game left me cold. Often whether or not you hit your opponent is entirely random. More importantly, many of the so called \"sausages\" are not sausages at all, but merely sausage shaped. A fried prawn is not and never will be a sausage.
Natan Nael 2021-02-21

I\'ve been trained by the Grandmaster Duck herself. Now i set to roam the lands in a quest to test my power, so maybe one day i can beat the Grandmaster myself and prove my worth. On a serious note, It\'s a good game to kill time, easy to play hard to master, there is ads in the game but it is to be expected.