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SBI Quick (Samadhaan, Finder and Holiday Calendar)



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Description of SBI Quick (Samadhaan, Finder and Holiday Calendar)

SBI Quick – MISSED CALL BANKING is an app from SBI which provides Banking services by giving a Missed Call or sending an SMS with pre-defined keywords to pre-defined mobile numbers.

This service can only be activated for the mobile number that is registered for a particular account with the Bank.

SBI Quick Services include:

Account Services:

1. Balance Enquiry

2. Mini Statement

3. Cheque book request

4. 6 month's e-Statement of A/c

5. Education Loan Interest e-Certificate

6. Home Loan Interest e-Certificate

ATM Card Management

1. Blocking of ATM Card

2. ATM Card Usage (International / Domestic) ON/OFF

3. ATM Card Channel (ATM/POS/eCommerce) ON/OFF

4. Generate Green PIN for ATM -cum-Debit card

Mobile Top-up / Recharge

- Mobile topup/recharge can be done for your mobile number registered with Bank (MOBRC )

- Send the activation code received on mobile handset immediately to successfully complete the process

Prime Minister Social Security Schemes

- Subscription to PM’s Social Security Schemes (PMJJBY & PMSBY)

SBI Holiday Calendar

ATM-Branch Locator (SBI Finder - Now find address and location of SBI Branches, ATMs, Cash Deposit Machines and CSP (Customer service point))

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What If I have two account numbers with the Bank with the same mobile number mentioned on both?

You can register 1 mobile number for any one of the accounts. If you want to change the mapped account number, you first need to de-register SBI Quick from the first account and then register for the second one.

Is it mandatory that the mobile number to be used for SBI Quick has to be registered with the Bank for that particular account?

Yes. If not done, visit Home Branch and update mobile number.

Is it available for all types of Accounts?

SBI Quick is currently available for SB/CA/OD/CC accounts.

How is this facility different from Yono Lite or Yono?

There are 2 distinct differences:

1. You don’t need a Login ID, Password to use this facility. Just one time registration from the mobile number recorded with Bank for that particular Account.

2. SBI Quick only provides Enquiry and ATM Block services. Unlike State Bank Anywhere or State Bank Freedom there are no transaction services available.

Is there any limit of the number of enquiries that can be made in a day/month?

As of now there is no such restriction. Unlimited.

What are the Charges for this service?

1. The service is currently free of charge from the Bank.

2. A call for balance inquiry or mini statement will include an IVR message of 4 seconds which will be heard after 3-4 rings.

a. If you disconnect the call while ringing, no charge will be recovered from you by the service provider.

b. If you keep the call active till the IVR is played, you will be charged for these 3-4 seconds as per their mobile tariff plan.

3. Any SMS sent to 567676 e.g. for Blocking ATM Card will be charged at premium rates by your service provider.

4. Similarly, for availing the benefits of this functionality by sending an SMS (as BAL, MSTMT, REG, DREG, CAR, HOME, HELP), you will be charged for SMS as per their mobile tariff plan.

FAQs of ATM-Branch Locator (SBI Finder)

Now find address and location of SBI Branches, ATMs, Cash Deposit Machines and CSP (Customer service point) through SBI Quick.

User can navigate based on the set location, selected Category and radius.

A user can set either his/her current location as captured through GPS or He/She can set location manually.

User can also find the directions to reach SBI Branches, ATM, Cash Deposit Machine and CSP (Customer service point) through this app.


1. ATM

2. CDM (Cash Deposit Machine)

3. Recyclers (Both Cash Deposit and dispensing point)

4. Branch

5. Cash@CSP

Result of any search is available in two views:

1. Map View

2. List View

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More Information Of SBI Quick (Samadhaan, Finder and Holiday Calendar)

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:6.5.1 Publish Date:2022-05-23 Developer:State Bank of India

User Reviews


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Pratikshya Basu 2019-02-23

It was working smoothly but after updating it I cannot check my balance or mini statement with the help of \"missed call facility\" of this app. Whenever I try to call on this number it says \"the service to this number has temporarily disconnected\" and it is happening from last month. Kindly solve this issue as soon as possible.
Vinay Vibhute 2019-02-01

Experience is quite good. Sometimes takes time to reply. I think, it should also have a small PIN, in case phone gets misplaced, one shouldn\'t have direct access to account information. Wonderfull app.
Vaibhav Walia 2019-09-02

I tried so many times by giving miss calls and messages but there is no response. Totally disappointed with the service. 0 out of 10
Mithun C 2019-09-15

Now it\'s working fine. Best application for sms and missed call banking. Thank you SBI.
saurabh verma 2020-07-02

I have installed 6.3.0 version recently. I am strugling in the process of registering account number. Tried 3 to 4 times but after sending sms there is no action/responce from other side. However for same a/c i am using internet banking and its absolutely flawless, and my mobile number is also well updated against my a/c.
jayanta Sarkar 2018-10-18

Few months before it was okay. But now it\'s not working at all. SMS is coming, while trying to check balance or mini statement, that your number is not registered. When trying to register it by sending account number to given number from my same phone number, SMS is coming \' your number is already registered\'. Called toll free number and as per her suggestion Deregistered the number and again registered. Same problem. Uninstalled the app and again installed and followed your procedure to get SMS. Same problem is coming. So , it\'s wastage of time to use the app.
DipZie 2019-01-12

Even after registering mobile number and receiving affirmation , i did not receive concerned query related text message nor call. Tried three times, utterly disappointed.
Adrita sen 2019-02-01

Customer can know the balance, mini statement, switch on /off debit card but the app cant display your debit card even it cant show you whether your card is Switch off or on. I am also using \"mserve\"of Canara Bank, Uco Secure these apps are far userfriendly. Very slow sometimes you can\'t switch off or switch on it takes lot of times.
Amol Ghatol 2019-02-05

This app was working perfectly fine but from last couple of days it\'s not working. Not able to ON the card to withdraw cash. please look into it urgently as many customers like me might have been struggling.
Rati Namdeo 2019-02-06

actually this is a good app ...if you don\'t have mobile banking still you can check your statement without going anywhere....but from last 4-5 days it\'s missed call service is not working.. I don\'t know why.... please do something SBI ..if number is changed then please provide any other number.