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Description of SC Mobile Malaysia

Quick and easy access to your bank accounts and manage your finances on the go!

Designed with enhanced functions to help you stay on top of your finances, Standard Chartered Mobile proves that banking can be done in 60 seconds!

Some of the exciting things you can do with Standard Chartered Mobile:

* Introducing ‘Welcome screen features‘ - Access Balances and Transactions without logging in

* Secure and fast access with Fingerprint (for selected phone models)

* Experience the unique and time-sensitive background design

* Ease of navigation with revamped side menu

* New "Customer Investment Profile" enables you to review your investment profile on the move

* View and keep track of your bank accounts in one place

* Transfer funds to and beyond Standard Chartered accounts

* Make online payments

* Chat with us (Priority & Premium Customers)

* SC Mobile Key - soft token solution which provides a more secure two-factor authentication with improved customer experience and without dependency with telco networks on SMS One-Time-Password (OTP) delivery. This will be required for transaction with amount above RM10,000 at current stage and subsequently implemented to the remaining functionalities which require a SMS OTP.

* DuitNow ID Registration and DuitNow Transfers.

* DuitNow QR for making transfer/payment by scanning a DuitNow QR code

Download now, and experience 60 second banking in the palm of your hand.

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More Information Of SC Mobile Malaysia

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:11.4 Publish Date:2022-05-27 Developer:Standard Chartered Bank PLC

User Reviews


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Chun Jan Bong 2019-08-07

First, it requires me to login to create security phase and image. Once I logged in to my online banking, it requires me to approve the authentication via mobile app. I have waited for minutes but there is no sign for the authentication/notification. I have been stuck in the loop over and over again. Even the CS couldn\'t solve my issue. Worst banking app ever.
Yogesh Tiwari 2019-02-10

My phone was updated to Android 9 on 14-Jan-19. After that I am unable to use SC mobile app. I have checked in Play Store and there is no new update for SC app. I also tried to uninstall and reinstall the app, but after that also it doesn\'t works. I posted the review immediately next day (15-Jan-19) regarding this issue. I have also submitted app crash feedback logs multiple times. Its going to be 1 month now, but there is no response from any one from SC MY team. Please check and support.
Norsyafikah Kamarauzaman 2020-06-17

30/5/2020 From two days ago, this app seem to have crash issue everytime I tried to open it. I have cleared the cache, uninstall and reinstall the app back. But the same issue still occur. This troublesome since I only can view my online banking using browser if only I get approval from this app. 16/6/2020 Same things happen again. Call centre number and KL HQ number both no answer. What is the source of this problem actually? The apps or my smart phone? Hope pic can answer this. Thanks.
Arshad Hushim 2020-03-25

This is by far, the worse banking app I\'ve used. Unstable, cluttered and sluggish. What is with you people and Duitnow? Do you need to persistently have that on my face every damn time I log in?. It\'s unbelievable. 2.4 rating at the time of writing by other users are rather generous. You don\'t deserve that much. I would make it 0 star if I could.
Jean Chan 2020-08-31

Before the updates, it was working fine but after the updates, I couldn\'t log in to the app or website anymore as there was no push notification to my phone to login. Either session timed out or no network error message through the app. I have called your Customer Service whom reset the token and asked me to re-install the app but the same issue persisted in the app. Fortunately, I am now able to login via website without the so-called security token.
Murugasu G 2020-07-30

I\'ve contacted bank to perform balance refund and the officer ask me to check if mine is latest version as I couldn\'t perform the activities. She claimed the latest version is on 29th July but here it\'s on backdated. She keep insist for errors screenshot when the screenshot options being disabled for data protection. How SC guide their staff I also don\'t know and end up she claims that if didn\'t provide screenshot she can\'t assist further... something wrong with SC management.
Leslie Wong 2020-04-06

Used to be good but now considered Worst app ever! Asking for stupid authorisation push notifations by logging into the mobile app which cannot even access or login. Good job developer! Good job for hiring such a great developer to design this wonderful app that does not work at all. Besides, the stupid screenshot privacy thing is just a lame excuse. If hacker want to hack, they will still be able to hack if they really want. Stupid nonsense
Eddie Teo 2020-07-23

The Standard Chartered Mobile Key is supposed to replace SMS as 2-factor authentification, but it is failing way too often. Many times the app simply logged itself out and I was forced to re-enter the credentials all over again. Sometime it simply refused my login quoting incorrect password while I\'m very sure I entered password correctly! The old SMS method was so much better so why forced this faulty technology on us when it\'s still so unreliable? With it being so badly implemented, I really cannot agree that this is a more secure method.
Jei Han 2018-12-24

The latest update has rendered the app useless. Forcing users to register for a mobile phone token and then not allowing those who don\'t to sign in and do their business is how you lose customers! I only use Standard Chartered for old ongoing transfers, but after this, I see no point in transferring everything to my main bank and salary account. Combined with the fact that this app never allowed screenshots which made getting receipts extremely difficult. There\'s no customer-centric design here.
Ken CTM 2019-11-26

Frequent automatically logout due to \"timed out\"! Very annoying and piss off! please improve the app stability! Recently update is suck, totally cannot login, keep stoping. Without the app, i cant login via computer since i need to approve from app. Shame on u SC! lousy and annoying.