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Description of Scalar Field Generator

This is not a standalone application. This application is part of an experimental scalar field generator system/research. The application without the scalar emitters is not useful.

You can buy the compatible emitters on the webshop:


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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:1.4 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Fusion17 Software

User Reviews


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A Google user 2017-08-07

I own two of the emitters. My journey has been fruitful and positive. At times curious things happened that I could not explain. I am constantly surrounded in this field of beneficial frequencies. It is harder to get and stay mad. My way of looking at life has changed. I have an expanded Universal outlook. Try this new technology. Everything is in a constant state of vibration. Everything has a frequency. If two frequencies occupy the same space, the lower frequency will raise to match the higher one. It can not be any other way. Thats quantum physics. By immersing your being in healing frequencies, you can raise your vibration. Stress is less. Dreams are vivid and dream recall is greater. Put your water in field and drink to increase benefits. Use field to increase your energy. Its a fountain of energy you can use to heal and manifest. I have only had mine since December. It is August. In a short time so many things have happened. Your physical and emotional body will detox. Sensitive people can even feel energy field. Whether or not you can feel it, KNOW THAT IT IS WORKING for you in a BENEFICIAL way!!
itsjust me 2019-04-15

I just downloaded and I will try it and come back and put whatever point I think is deserved. I would like to know how we get the other part of this app. one person says Peter so who\'s Peter? where do we get the rest of this would be so much helpful if it was listed how or who or link
Nancy Fimbres 2017-03-05

The device that goes with this app is a work of art. Do yourself and the world a favor and get one. The maker (Peter) is such a genuine person and will answer any questions you may have. I LOVE MY DEVICE.!!
Lewis Crowell 2019-07-25

most noteable= communication with friends dead wife by both of us at same time during massage session...individually, separate communication to each. different messages...
Nolan Singroy 2020-07-19

Good UI/UX ... Little lag but that\'s due to unity not the code! The developer is a genius way to go Peter, keep up the good work! I feel like my vibration levels are boosted because the occurrences of synchronicities are too frequent nowadays! :) Overall the app and the board is ontological! 🔭🛸🌌 They live in the space between spaces!
Son of a Glitch 2020-09-10

I\'m not sure if this is a to con people (I\'m aware the apps free but there are other \"currency\" as you know). Or if you\'re conducting an (illegal) experiment via an existing company/institute/3rd party or indepently. Email me (or don\'t) & heed this: I know about 9-28 NATURAL vector/dimensions of the observer, + quantum, particle/wave, Pineal/astral+scalar & neuro-EM awareness Heed this : UNNATURAL (Nano/QuAi, Metamaterials, transhumanist, XR/MR/AR etc) are dangerous, don\'t play with matches.
A Google user 2019-02-03

Can anyone tell me how to get the Scalar emitter device? (I didn\'t see a link)...This is something I imagine myself using but without an actual tool, lol. I\'d love to experiment with it. 😊 anyway, thanks.
Nihilistie Dahmer- Machiavelli 2019-10-21

I don\'t have the gadget but I downloaded anyway just because I was so intrigued and, I wanted to ask where and how I get the gadget that goes with this app and how much it will cost and, any other info you could or would be willing to share about this product. What does it do and how? I have a million questions but I won\'t overwhelm you with too many lol any response would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you.
Angie Marais 2016-10-04

This is a phenomenal device. I use it as a second heart and it\'s healing my entire body. Thank You for creating such an awesome device and I shall keep you updated on my healing journey.
A Google user 2017-03-22

Every individual ought to have this amazing tool!