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Scanner APP - Free Document Scanner & Scan PDF



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Description of Scanner APP - Free Document Scanner & Scan PDF

Scanner App - Free Document Scanner & Scan PDF, If you need to scan multiple documents then open your smartphone and scan documents free in your device within just one touch by using the cs scanner to scan PDF which is a popular app to scan PDF file and PDF documents. Scan your documents anytime, anywhere. Document scanner HD lets you quickly scan any kind of documents in your office, universities, and anything that needs to be there. Camera scanner app scans your document, Files, ID, books, and scan pictures in high quality and also convert it into PDF or JPEG format by using the Free document scanner app.

Doc scanner app for android detects the corner of the file that you want to scan for better quality along with you can also crop the part of the document that you want to scan. Use your android device's camera to photoscan and digitize all kinds of paper documents, receipts, notes, invoices, business cards, certificates, and scan to PDF. Fast scanner app PDF document scan free also has a long tap on an item at the home page to enable selection mode to create multi-page PDF by using mobile scanner free.

We have:

📃 Scan Docx:

The PDF scan photo scanner is so easy and powerful to use, you’ll say, This is the best free PDF scanner for documents. By having this document scanner PDF scanning app on your phone, you can save your time and efforts by quickly scanning at any time by using the free document scanner HD 2020. Scans are saved to your device in image or PDF format by using a free pdf scanner and a camera scanner HD PDF scan.

💳 Scan ID Card:

An ID scanner scans ID cards, passports, driving licenses, visas, and other identity documents in just a few seconds and saves them into the device by using an ID scanner & Doc scanner.

📚 Scan Book:

Free scanner app for documents that can be used to scan books, novels, magazines, and scan to PDF by using a page scanner, saved to your device in image or PDF format by using a Doc scanner app for android.

🖼️ Scan ID Photo:

Photo scan that lets you scan and save your favorite photos by using a photo scanner app and PDF scanner document scan OCR. Digitize your photos with picture scanner & OCR scanner and save the photo to PDF by using a photo scan and PDF scanning app.

Feature of Scanner App - Free Document Scanner & Scan PDF:

• Automatically document edge recognition and perspective correction.

• Photoscan enhance the scan quality automatically and manually.

• Arrange your docs in folders and subfolders with the CS scanning app.

• Scanner app free for documents and photos scanning.

• PDF creator can create PDF in different sizes from A1 to A-6 and like postcards, letters, notes, etc.

• Extract texts from Image OCR, transfer image to text so you can search, edit or share.

• Multi-page PDF and scan to PDF by using the PDF document scanner app.

• Scan & print documents with a free scanner app.

• Fast scanner and digital scanner manages your files, to organize your documents better.

• Using the picture to PDF converter you can select some image from an Image Gallery and convert it into a PDF file as a document.

• Free document scanner app for android free download share Docx in PDF or JPEG format with your contacts.

• 3rd Party Cloud Storage Services Supported: Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox,

How to scan:

1. Choose the Camera as an OCR scanner or pick photos from the gallery.

2. Crop it by using 8 points multi selection tool.

3. Enhance the quality of an image by applying filters.

4. Export to PDF or JPEG if required.

Scanner App - Free Document Scanner & Scan PDF Scanner 2021 is recommended for you and the best scanning app that saves your time and money by using a fast scan. Suggested for you to give us feedback and tell us what you think about Scanner App - Free Document Scanner & Scan PDF app to develop a good next version!

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We’d love to hear your feedback: scanner.marslab@gmail.com

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:1.2.3 Publish Date:2022-06-13 Developer:Marslab Mobile !

User Reviews


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Lilymae Tenpenny 2020-11-27

I am so grateful to my colleague that recommended this app! And thank you to the developers of this app! It has saved me so much time. I don’t have to run down to the copy machine to email myself documents. I can easily digitize assignments for student access and to upload to Google Classroom. I find myself using this three to four times a week. A definite teaching essential.
Morton Lowle 2020-11-23

I never write reviews on apps but I thought this one deserved one. I was in a rush to scan some important documents and I downloaded a few different scanner apps. This was my favorite one. Easy to use, simple layout and I really appreciated the editer. I was able to save the scans to my pdfs with no problem. I love how they numbered the scans so I didn\'t save multiple copies. They have a watermark on the free version&; but upon purchase you can remove it. There was also no limit on how many scans you can do which I really really loved. Would highly recommend and I look forward to using this scanner in the future as well!
Den Bakhrushkin 2020-12-01

I have used a couple of apps, that are similar & this app is way better and user friendly! It has really become useful for many things & I love it! I just subscribed to one year subscription after paying the “one month” at a time while trying it out. I look forward to using this app more! I recommend this app over any & all other similar apps!
Ahmad 2021-01-19

Edit: Its been great so far, I love how intuitive it is and easy to use. The only downside is that there\'s no option to transfer the files directly from your phone to the pc via USB because the app doesn\'t store the files in your phones local storage. Some of the other apps do it and it makes a world of difference for people like me who don\'t like to pass their files through any sort of cloud (email/online storage etc.). If you guys help me with this, I will give you 5 stars
Janilah Dawidsohn 2020-12-05

This is the Only product that can fully read text in pictures, scan. A document and parse it directly as a PDF (great quality as well) and scan pictures clearly and without issues. I recommend anyone who needs to scan documents or pictures for presentations for school or work. Picture scanning is effortless and easy! Way to go Programmers! Keep up the good work!
Maroof Hussain Chishty 2020-11-09

Just installed the app, Seems its too to a good app... Going to use it for the very first time...! I\'ve used it and I am glad to see that its really a very useful application. Especially, its a big help to manage my official work. Image results are good nd scanning options are way more satisfying. I\'m feeling very happy. Thanks to the developer of this prestigious application, who has done a great job. Thank you so much bro.... Regards, Maroof Hussain, Reader to DSP SDPO Township Circle Lahore.
Bowyn Downgate 2020-11-17

As a college student who was to upload everything in PDF, this app saves so much time by just taking a picture with my phone and then sending it to my computer. No walking to the library at night through the cold weather or rain. Simply an amazing app.
Tirus Wadham 2020-11-05

I love it!! It is easy, with enough memory. The pictures are great and easy to share!
Statler Sclanders 2020-11-05

Very easy app to use. Was helpful to quickly upload, save, and send documents in different formats.
Raschad MacKibbon 2020-11-11

This app is very versatile. Capture receipts. Keep copies of pet records sync online. Awesome