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Scanner App to PDF -TapScanner

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Description of Scanner App to PDF -TapScanner

The new home of all your paper documents.

Scan, Print & Share any document to PDF.

Now you can simply scan, import and share right inside the best portable scanner app. Access everything you’ve previously scanned with the TapScanner app.

Why TapScanner?

Join over 80 Million satisfied users all over the world who trust TapScanner to be their tiny portable scanner. Download for Free and start scanning now with the top scanner choice!

Low on memory? No problem - this camera scanner has a tiny binary footprint of 20MB

Scan to PDF

• Scan any document and convert to PDF with your mobile device.

• TapScanner has got you covered with our pdf maker. Receipts, documents, business cards, whiteboards, ID’s, books and photos - From image to pdf immediately

We do the work for you with Auto Border detection

• Scanning made easy

• Get your documents auto cropped and sorted in the way you need them

• Save time cropping each document

Finish your paperwork from anywhere

• Use the best document scanner to attach an E-signature using pdf sign tools.

• Mark and edit fields to add everything you need.

Get the perfect scan - Enhance with Filters

• Powerful filters that will make your scanned documents look professional

• Remove shadows and artifacts to enhance your scans

• Port to black and white or adjust contrast and brightness

Backup to Cloud

• Just like that, scans on your phone are backed up to your favourite cloud.

• TapScanner’s PDF converter ensures you store a high-quality PDF output from our mobile scanner

Edit text from your scans

• Convert image to text - Edit your scans with OCR

• Export accurate text straight from your docs

• Unlock content and extract text from images through OCR with automated text recognition enhanced by machine learning algorithms

• Read QR codes with the built in QR scanner which supports links, text ISBN and emails - simply access the Qr code reader in the cam scan module

PDF Editor

• Pdf splitter - simply import a pdf file and TapScanner will manage everything you need

• It’s never been easier to split pdf into a number of pdf files


• Using this PDF scanner, you can print directly from our scanner app.

Get everyone in on the loop

• Share documents easily and quickly

• Seamlessly share to email, social media and instant messaging apps


• Create folders and tag documents to organize all your scans

• Find the important docs you need inside TapScanner’s mobile pdf scanner

• Find documents in your scanned library easily by name, tag or folder


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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-12-02 Developer:Tap-Mobile

User Reviews


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Dhiran Thakur 2020-09-30

I have given it because after making two pdf free it demanding money to continue . which is very irritating at an emergency time . I suggest you to Do not download this app . this is the worst app in the world it also have so many irritating ads . And at an emergency time it was devil 😈. You should have to in this if you want to waste your money. Go and check other reviews before downloading this app. Anyway it\'s your choice.👿👿👿
M S 2020-10-07

For a techno dummy like me, this program is so easy to use. I have only used it to send one document so far, but it was fun, easy and quick for me. I have a new pc and printer, and was unsure how to scan with the new printer and get it onto my pc or phone via Bluetooth and wasn\'t in the mood to figure it out and pressed for time... so glad I found this app... big time saver for me... I work from peoples home, so its nice to know I have this app on my phone and use it on the go.
Ryan Menard 2021-02-08

$50 a year is down right robbery. Don\'t waste your time on this app. There is NO REASON you should charge that much. I accidentally forgot to cancel after the trial and asked for my money back. I was a day late canceling the trial and BAM! $50 gone for a \"service\" app. I tried to get my money back but of course I got no response. This is a despicable app and I will never download any of their software again. Absolutely disgusting business practice, stay far away from these thieves!
babi\'s bottle world 2020-10-30

Best pdf app ever . I came here searching for another scanning app which is in my other phone but unfortunately I was not able to find it . I tried many other scanning apps but some make light or even disappear . But when I tried this , it makes the correct crop you want and the filters are awesome . It outo choose the suitable filter. If you don\'t like the filter that it choosed you can even change it . The best app ever.
Jocelyn C. D. 2020-09-29

They falsely advertised a 30 day free trial to me after my 3 day free trial was up. The tasks I was completing in the app didn\'t even call for either trial, as I was only uploading one document. Anyway, quickly needing to use the app, I accepted the trial. The 30 day trial charged my account right away for the whole year. I contacted the developer two times and only received automated replies and no follow up. Highly unprofessional.
Kishori Patra 2020-11-23

It\'s really good! Perfect for all scanning work. You can actually control the brightness of your pics and turn gallery pics into pdfs easily, without filters that make pencil handwriting invisible. The pages of the pdf include the photos as they were clicked (and you can manually put filters). Exactly what I needed. Only the pro subscription window shouldn\'t have been showed every time a document is scanned. Otherwise, fantastic app.
Alvaro Tovar 2020-10-14

The free trial ia very good and totally worth it. I tried the premium trial, and it is very good, however the cost is not justified. I\'d happily pay £25 as a one time payment, but not a £45 annual fee. For that matter, I\'d go to amazon and purchase a £40 scanner, it\'ll sort my needs. If they ever adjust the cost for the premium version to a one time payment, I\'d happily purchase it and change my rating to 5 stars.
Kartikey Sharma 2020-12-06

It was a good app. But \'was\' not \'is\'. A lot of ads are coming after each and every minute. This all have disturbed my mind a lot. Please improve this thing if you can...I should give it only 1 star. But it\'s good app for PDFs. It\'s functioning is great. Only and only the problem is plenty of ads. Please improve this....🙏
Luis Sotelo Leon 2020-10-22

If you do not own or have access to a printer with a document scanner, this app will be a life saver. It will ask you at first to sign up for a free trial then charge you afterwards, YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS. Just tap on the X at the top corner of your screen to skip the payment screens. The free version is more than capable for your scanning needs. The documents also look great once you scan them with this app. Recommend 10/10
pradeep havali 2020-10-28

I used first this app in my exams. I tried so many scanner apps, but they were not good, they were like what I scanned, one was whitish, dim etc... And I had to scan it again. I tried this scanner app it was awesome! It had many features. In case, anything is dim or whitish you can adjust your page at once by setting brightines and contrast. It had many features like sign, qr scan etc... It was nice.👌👌👌