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Description of Scattergories Blitz - Ready, Set, List!

THINK FAST! Quickly list the Wonders of the World before your best friend! Will they beat you to the punch? Be the life of the party, challenge your friends & family, or dare anyone to test your wits!




- Speedy playing rounds: 45 seconds

- Power-ups & Prizes


- Topic Strength Feedback

Twitter: twitter.com/ScattergoriesM

Facebook: facebook.com/ScattergoriesMobile

SCATTERGORIES is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. ©2018 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

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lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:1.1.19 Publish Date:2022-02-11 Developer:Magmic Inc

User Reviews


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Nick J 2020-09-02

At first this game was super enjoyable and addictive. There were almost no video ads which made gameplay smooth and enjoyable. Now you get an ad that you must watch for 5 to 30 seconds between EVERY ROUND you play. This woumd be fine if there were an option to pay to go ad free (a single payment, none of this monthly subscription stuff), but there isn\'t. I can only play the game for a few minutes now before I get too frustrated with all the advertising.
Amy Huff 2020-08-14

Game is fun...when it works. After a game there\'s an ad, which is fine...if it\'s just an ad, but sometimes it\'s just a black screen or the ad tries to boot-up, can\'t and freezes the app to the point that I have to back out. Also, I am not able to \"Claim\" some of the rewards from my games.
K Reid 2020-09-10

I didn\'t have glitches like others report but I found no one is ever online/playing. You wait days for your opponent and then they never play against you. I think to combat this the developers have made \"fake\" (bot) players e.g. Matt B is always online, always playing and definitely isn\'t human (you can tell by his responses). It\'s fun for about a day but very dull when no one\'s versing you
Miranda Alexandria 2020-12-26

I love the game but it has some major bugs that need to be worked out to make it more playable. It has closed on me at least twice while in the middle of a game. When I go back in I have to redo the previous game, the next game\'s topic is changed plus then the syncing of games with my opponent are all screwed up. Very frustrating. Please fix ASAP!!
Rebecca Mallon 2021-02-06

For starters I would like to point out the fact that you don\'t start out playing the game like the classic Scattergories, where you have a specific letter to use for different topics. That\'s not even the bad part. This game has a RIDICULOUS amount of ads. The first day I played it wasn\'t bad. But now it is awful. Even when I click the continue without ad and miss out on extra points it still plays an ad. Shoving an ad down our throat every 2 seconds ruins the experience.
Sarah Salem 2020-08-23

I have a whole lineup of people that I\'ve started playing with but haven\'t responded back. At first I thought they just stopped playing, but my mom started playing with me and we realized that it doesn\'t always refresh. It will tell both of us that it\'s waiting on the other person... That needs to be fixed. Also, some of the categories are awesome, and some are just stupid. Needs to change up the questions a bit more, and get rid of a few categories that are just ridiculous.
Noelle-Christine Stewart 2020-09-09

I enjoy this game but I am going nuts with the home page. The finished games are a mile long and no way to clear them out. I have one finished game with a claim next to it but I can\'t claim anything. Ease fix it so we can clear out finished games. Otherwise it\'s an absolute blast to play and I am enjoying all the categories.
Shonna Hill 2020-12-07

I like this game a lot; it\'s fun and gets my brain working. However, some of the categories are very Ameri-centric. I\'m Canadian so I don\'t know \"America\'s founding fathers\", \"major American airlines\", \"major US gas stations\", etc. -- would be nice to have an option for non-Americans so we didn\'t get these categories, or to have a diversity of nations represented so it was more fair.
Teniqua Cooper 2020-09-26

1.It was fun at first, but now it\'s freezing up. Reinstalled and it\'s still frozen. 2. Can\'t claim coins for winning. 3. Too many ads that run long. 4. Unlike Word Blitz, you can\'t nudge your opponent if they\'re taking too long to play, and if you end the game you forfeit. 5. I\'ve been playing less than a week and already had categories repeated.
Mary Pottenger 2020-10-08

Fun but there are too many ads. It\'s not worth playing if after every round (takes about 60 seconds), there is a 15 second ad. The categories are also getting repetitive would like to see something new. It also does not always count your answer when you\'re close but it seems to accept others. Like in one round asking for kinds of engineers I typed \"industrial\" and that was counted as wrong. But when I typed \"manufacturing\" it counted that as \"industrial engineering\" and gave me a point?