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Description of Scopa Dal Negro

Dal Negro presents the best 2020 Italian Scopa game free for Android, the only one with the original cards that since generations sign your family's happy moments.

The traditional Italian game of Scopa with the original Dal Negro cards, the playing cards that since 100 years ago are symbol of the Italian excellence in the world.

Among the many available Scopa games, be sure to choose for free the ONLY ORIGINAL, beware of imitations!

You can play alone against three different levels of difficulty, the Expert level is definitely challenging, only for really strong players!

If you prefer instead to have real opponents, PLAY ONLINE and make friends with the thousands of fans who every day play with the original Scopa Dal Negro.

Choose among all the 16 decks of original Italian regional cards Dal Negro with also a Poker and a Spanish decks:

+ Napoletane

+ Piacentine

+ Siciliane

+ Trevisane

+ Milanesi

+ Toscane

+ Bergamasche

+ Bolognesi

+ Bresciane

+ Genovesi

+ Piemontesi

+ Romagnole

+ Sarde

+ Trentine

+ Triestine

+ Salisburghesi

+ French

+ Spanish

You can customize the table with one of the many available backgrounds and choose your profile among many funny characters.

The game is automatically oriented both in portrait or landscape to give you the opportunity to use your Smartphone and your Tablet as you prefer.

You can create your own customized profile or you can simply choose to PLAY WITHOUT NEEDING ANY REGISTRATION.

The other Dal Negro games are: Briscola and Asso Piglia Tutto.

Many other games will be available very soon : Solitaire, Buraco, Tressette, Scopone Scientifico, Tombola, Bingo, Checkers and Four in a row.

For every information or suggestions write to info@digitalmoka.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/scopadalnegro

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:2.5.5 Publish Date:2021-07-28 Developer:Digitalmoka

User Reviews


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gian luca grassi 2019-01-13

HAHAHAHAHHAAHH dai che nome é? siamo seri ahahahha
Jack Walsh 2019-06-08

fun and simple gameplay. Good multiplayer, only issue is to remove adds it\'s either a monthly fee or you have to pay with in-game currency per match.
Sarah Barrow 2021-01-15

Excellent game play. Thus far no bugs and plays true to the game.
Stephen Iacono 2019-04-23

it\'s fun but when you want to quit, a new game is stsrted. No matter which option you choose, a new game will be started. The only way to exit the app is to manually shut it down. Poor coding
Maria MacDougall 2019-04-03

I used to love playing this as a child..... I had another version of this game, but it was always played with another player. I like that thus is an against the computer game, as i dont always have the opportunity to play through. All in all, an awesome game!!
M. Minx 2019-03-22

game is buggy since last update. cards get stuck, game quits without warning. please fix. was working great before update on 3/19
Jon Miller 2020-06-22

Good app. But the rules explanation is rather poor and turning the sound off in settings should mute the ads too.
Piero Rocca 2020-05-05

Freezes all the time. Developer is non responsive. Look elsewhere.
Chgo Trust 2020-06-20

If you learn this fast paced game , it makes learning other Italian games like Asso Piglia Tutto or Briscola or 15, easier.
Frabul14 2020-03-21

Shuffling is biased towards the app. It makes the game frustrating to play, cause cards are rearly favourable to you.