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Exciting things are happening in Scouting and on the app!

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:2.5.5 Publish Date:2022-05-20 Developer:Boy Scouts of America Official

User Reviews


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Scott Crouch 2019-04-10

i am unable to do anything with my own adult account. As a leader this app is useless to me. the data is incorrect, but it isnt the apps fault, it is pulling straight from scoutbook which is where the data is incorrect. So far switching to Scoutbook from Troopmaster has been a huge disappointment and loss of basic functionallity.
Lamont Clark 2019-09-11

As a Scout Leader this is a TERRIBLE switch from the old Scoutbook app to this new Scouting app. As a Troop ASM and a Cube Den Leader I can no longer access any Scouts but my own children. It is totally useless to me as a leader. I gave it 2 stars because as a Parent I can still find use for it
Robb Feldhege 2019-10-25

It is a pretty good app if your troop uses the BSA scoutbook platform. It is getting better with each update. Would like to have more ability to edit things in the app instead of via the website. Like administer the setting for my non parent roll scouts. Edit event attendees. Search parent contact info for our troop scouts for a scoutmaster this could be vital at times.
Kevin Hawks 2020-03-18

I am a SM and I installed the app on my tablet thinking it would be better way to use access Scoutbook, than signing in via the internet. It turns out the app is for scouts and their parents, and you can only update your info or your child\'s advancement. The app cannot be used for toop administration, like group email, editing the troop calendar and updating my scout\'s advertisement after activities. These functions must be done by logging in to Scoutbook via the internet.
Will Sandoval 2019-10-21

This is all jacked up. I want the old Handbook Plus version. My units don\'t appear any more and my son\'s unit is wrong and awards are messed up. He has \"completed \" awards that he hasn\'t completed or started.
Carrie Siefer 2020-06-20

I used to be able to login. Now I can\'t log in anymore! It says for me to make sure I have everything correct, which I do!! This is so frustrating as a parent!! Please make this easier to use!! I\'m trying to reset my password and when I use the temp password it still says I don\'t have the right credentials. This needs fixed if you want people to use this! I wish the group would just use Google And track things that way and keep the calendar there.
Alan Doan 2019-06-17

As a leader this app is useless. I miss the old Scoutbook app. This is decent (not good or great) for parents and scouts, but not useful as a leader. Very disappointed.
Adam Mallard 2019-09-11

A little buggy at times but overall a great app for helping keep track of your childs scouting activities and badge options
Frances Ocasio 2019-05-29

This app is easy to manage, you can submit completed requirements easily. I like that its in color and every category its divided: advancement, profile, events etc..
Tim Hawn 2019-02-23

getting better! good companion to scoutbook for a scout or family. it is not to manage your group. it is still missing some useful features, but the app has improved alot recently. looking forward to more content.