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Description of SCP Reader

Read about anomalous items, beings, and locations from the SCP Wiki with this immersive reader app. Supports SCP Series 7!


• Keep track of which articles you've read

• Unlimited offline download

• Beautiful user interface inspired by material Design

• Customize the theme, font, and text size

• Go to the next SCP with a single tap (perfect for binging!)

• Save articles to your favorites

This app has only one in-app purchase for ad removal.

All content is licensed by the SCP Foundation under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Fonts are obtained from https://fontlibrary.org/ and used under the SIL Open Font Licence

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lable: Entertainment - Apps Current Version:1.39 Publish Date:2022-06-04 Developer:VSong

User Reviews


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Robotfrappe 2018-12-21

Great app, very useful. I only problem I find is that I can\'t download the entire Joke SCPs, tales, and other lists, I have to download them one by one (Yes, I find that a problem. Don\'t judge me.). May have a few problems, but still, it is great app.
Matej Medakovic 2019-01-23

to everyone that is scared to read scp-001: that warning is there only to bring up more interest. nothing will happen, there is also other secrets to 001, npbody actually knows whoch is the real one... (because every 001 can be canon)
chuck wood 2019-05-19

cannot download more than 50 articles. keeps getting stuck on the 50th one and refuses to progress
Chris Young 2019-05-05

when loading the screen goes black. the web site loads so much better.
icecreep109 2019-01-20

So far this app is amazing. Previously I had been using SCP Reader EN (or something like that), which only let you download articles if you paid for a subscription (which I\'m pretty sure violates the terms of SCP fair use or something along those lines). The only thing I wish this had was the ability to download to SD card in order to save space (and fit all the files). If that was added it would be absolutely perfect.
Derek Ludtke 2019-07-07

Great app with one issue. Marking favorites and read entries is nice. Runs fast and smooth, and the various view options such as font and background color are more than sufficient. My single complaint: there doesn\'t seem to be any way to see which articles have been downloaded for offline viewing, or a way to delete individual offline articles. An icon next to the listing or a list of downloaded articles would be helpful. Otherwise, this app works great, and I recommend it for any SCP fan!
Nikola Markovic 2020-12-20

Had this app a while ago, and wanted to install it again. It\'s great for moments when you\'re trying to pass the time by reading a bunch of articles, or trying to stay awake in the middle of the night (and also if you\'re too lazy to google the SCP Wiki and read from there). Overall, recommend it.
Xeo 2019-04-11

Very good app for reading about SCPs. I would like if there was a tab to see which SCPs I marked as read.
Viva Pre 2020-06-13

Awsome app. I learned SCPs that I didn\'t even heard before. This app even has audio that makes you imagine what the situation looks like if it was real! But the only criticism I have is the offline problem. It doesn\'t work properly, and I think it\'s not that hard to make this app run offline, since it\'s not a game and just an app filled with SCP Articles. Awsome app!
anonymous name 2019-05-31

One of the better SCP apps I\'ve found. I\'m only deducting one star since it\'s a little disappointing that I wasn\'t able to sort the favorites by SCP number, even after paying for the app.