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Description of Screen Light Table Lamp

"This Screen Light Table Lamp app enables your smartphone's screen's/display's 85% part to a multi-color light, flashlight, reading light. It also has hand-picked nature sounds that give a great experience of relaxation. It is one of the best screen light table lamps in 2022!

⭐Alternative Flash Light⭐

You can use this app as an alternative to Flash Light.

Super LED flashlight with very easy controls.

⭐Relaxing Nature Sounds⭐

The app can be used not only for light but also for relaxation. High-quality soothing sounds of nature can help you relax and sleep better. It has night & forest sounds, waves, rain & thunder, brook, chimes, and birds singing sounds.

⭐Screen Light for sleeping⭐

If you don't like your night to be completely dark, you can use this screen light table lamp before sleeping. This light will make your night more comfortable.

⭐Book Reading Light⭐

Using this reading light app you can read books in the dark. This app can be a very good table lamp for study. You can adjust the brightness intensity and color. It also has a sleep timer option so you can use it and fall asleep while reading, without worrying about your phone's battery draining out.

⭐Book Reading Bookmark⭐

While reading books with this book reading light app you can keep track of your reading progress of multiple books. So much easy to enter a book’s page number and update pages.

⭐Personalized Profile⭐

From now on, you can save your favorite color, brightness, and music as a profile so that you can go to your desired app environment with just 1 click. You don't need to remember your favorite brightness level, color, music, just save your profile and use it.

⭐Personal Moment⭐

Spend your personal moment in a cool dramatic environment by using Screen Light Table Lamp. You can easily set your desired color to make your personal moment more beautiful.

⭐Meditation Time⭐

Soft light meditation helps to improve your mental stability and inner peace. The Screen Light Table Lamp app will help to make a nice environment with diminished light. You can easily use brightness dimmer or change color.

⭐Color Preset⭐

There is some cool and gentle color presets in the app regarding the color wheel. You can easily change the color by swiping left and right. By default following preset color lights are given.

Color screen lights available: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Magenta.

⭐Light's color customization⭐

In this screen light high-quality app, you can create your desired color light by choosing the custom color from a palette. Multiple custom colors can be used.

This screen light brightness app has the easiest way to control brightness, set timer/sleep timer, change colors, and so much more.

❓For what you can use this app❓

✔️ Reading Light

✔️ Perfect Timer

✔️ Ultra Brightness

✔️ Night Lamp

✔️ Dim Light

✔️ Dim Light for Sleeping

✔️ Screen Light Display

✔️ Screen Flash Light

✔️ Relaxing Nature Sounds

✔️ Screen Light with Music

✔️ Screen Torch Light

✔️ Display Light

➡️➡️➡️ Download our app with various color screen lights available and personalize your profile by your preferences. Use brightness dimmer, listen to relaxing nature sounds, or even use it as a sleep timer - Setup a perfect night screen light!"

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More Information Of Screen Light Table Lamp

lable: Personalization - Apps Current Version:4.0.4 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Apps Wave

User Reviews


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Liz White 2020-03-17

I like this app, it does all the simple things I want it to. I wish that it were a little less finicky in adjusting the brightness. Either the scale on the finger-swipe needs to be larger (so it takes more swipe to get bright) or just let me type in the percentage I want. I\'d also love to be able to sort of lock the screen; I keep accidentally touching it and making it hella bright all of a sudden. Overall, though, I would definitely recommend it as a simple but very customizable light.
Theia Vos 2020-06-09

Examplerllry performance. Keep in mind that the light this app emits is not that strong. It\'s mainly good for a light source for maybe reading. This app has multiple features, brightness level and different soothing noises. It\'s nice and customizable to the preferences of different individuals. The app is well rounded and even has a place to keep bookmarks, to keep track of the page you are on in your books! I just wish the app emitted a little bit more light and had more sound availabilities.
Helen Kuczer 2020-08-18

Love it! You can adjust brightness of the light and change the colours. You also can add a relaxing sound to send you to sleep! Wish there was a function that can automatically change colours every 2 seconds that would be ace!
Victor Hugo 2020-04-03

I don\'t write to much reviews, but this app just surprised-me! Normally i use split screen to put on YouTube, nature sounds to help-me on my daily reading. Today i discovered the relaxing sounds on this application. I was so happy with this, I don\'t no why kkkkkkk. Please, could you guys improve the time of the sound of make a better loop to make me happier? Kskdkksks
Andre Karlsson 2019-08-27

This turd of an app burned up half my screen within 6 minutes of use. Don Not use this app!! The developer has no idea what they are doing. Frankly the app should be taken down before it kills more phonescreens.
Brett Ault 2020-11-10

Quite like the app. Is useful to read with or just to relax with. Can have bright white light or choose a range of colours and accompany with in-app relaxing sounds. However, brightness is adjusted by sliding a finger up or down the screen which can be a bit finicky and can have you spending ages scrolling up and down trying to get the right level. Would be improved if you could also type in the preferred percentage of brightness
Nicoleta Prodan 2021-01-04

I started reading not a while ago and having this app motivated me a bit. What I like the most about it is that I can control the luminosity so that my eyes are comfortable when reading. Of course the timer, relaxing sounds and the fact that you can change the color are also important settings of the app which I like.
ZombifiedKilla 2020-10-31

Perfect app for reading at night and to help go to sleep. You can add sound effects to potentially match the mood of the book as well. I did thunderstorm while reading Harry Potter. Really sets the mood.
abandoned account 2020-10-09

I like how easy it is to use and what the app offers. I would highly recommend it, mostly for the relaxation sounds the app come with by I like using the colors as a prop on my other devices.
Ryleigh Humphrey 2019-04-20

I have been using this app for like ever. I absolutely love it helps me so much! I do hope they bring back the nature sounds. I was unable to remove ads as something went wrong on the app\'s side. This app is the best night light I\'ve ever used!