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Roll, Swim, Stick and Fly with the ultimate 'All-Terrain' vehicle!

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.980 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:VOODOO

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Allan Mendell 2020-11-04

Great concept, and loads of fun when you actually get to play. The ads have made this game unbearable, however. Two ads play after every single level completion, which you can only skip after about 5 seconds. Considering that each level is approximately 30 seconds long, 33.3% of your time playing this game is spent waiting to skip ads. The game then has the nerve to ask for a review after only the third level, so about 2 minutes into the game. I\'m just giving it what it asked for.
A Vibing Cat 2020-10-07

This game is really fun, and I enjoy the concept. The only issues I have is that there really is no challenge, and after you find the right tire shape, you easily beat your opponent. It would be nice if there would be more obstacles, or how some levels would only allow you to use specific shapes, for example, one level would only allow circular wheels, even if there is a stream of water that could easily be crossed by turning your wheels into \"paddles\". Also, after every level you get an AD.
wishmakr 2020-12-24

It\'s a fun game sandwiched between many ads. You race against one opponent. You have to look at the terrain, and draw the appropriate wheel for your bike. After 40 races, and hundreds of ads, it never changes. Races are all the same length. You get one special ability, but, you have to watch an ad as soon as you use it. The Race stops, to play an ad, then it continues. You can pay to remove ads, but, since it never gets harder, you will get tired of it quickly.
doug lockwood 2020-11-06

1 star for having an ad after \"every race\" this is a fun game. But nobody wants to be forced to watch that many ads. And to put them in after each \"short\" race makes it seem as if your trying to force people to pay fir the game. Yet you make money from the ads also.... Double dipping much? Let people play 3 or 4 levels then make them watch an ad. Give them a chance to like the game and want to pay for it.
Donnie Her 2020-11-08

Was unique and fun But then the game wouldn\'t let me pass a certain level. It kept freezing. I paid for the advertisement free version. After I kept getting Frozen after the same level, I reinstalled the game because I thought maybe it would help. Now the game no longer recognizes that I paid for the advertisement free version.
Matt Hiemstra 2021-02-06

There needs to be a LOT more content. Within a few days of light casual playing, I already had everything you can buy from the store. I\'ve played roughly 1,200 matches and have over 19,000 coins and there has been nothing new since the very first few stages. The addition of the dice was a nice touch, but a) you only get more coins; and b) the highest number on the di is 3. So, even though it was a nice touch, it didn\'t enhance the gaming experience at all.
Matyas Erbacher 2020-11-16

It\'s a really great concept but here\'s a couple problems. 1. The games main principle is that the terrain will force you to create different wheel shapes on the fly to beat the race, I have managed to make it to stage 10 with only ever using one wheel. 2. While only using a single wheel design I haven\'t lost a single race except for 3. In one race (perhaps a glitch) I was by myself on a very short stretch and despite retrying it several times with different wheel designs and failed regardles
OhThatChick 2021-02-15

Too many ads. The levels are too short and the ads are too long. You play for 10 seconds and then have to watch a 30 second ad. Of course you can pay to remove them, but the game isn\'t that exciting to do so. I could deal with an ad maybe every 5 minutes, or if you lose a race, but after every single one, too much. I\'ll be deleting the app.
Jim L. 2020-11-02

I saw this at first thought it would be fun. Nope, the ad bar at the top doesnt have an X to close it out and if you wait for it to close its almost 45 sec. Plus each advertisment between play is 30 seconds way too long should be 15-20 sec. I can understand to get 3x of items that one should be 30 sec. This game has way too many ads to properly play.
Kynaru Helio 2020-12-24

It\'s a shame, i genuinely liked the game but has such badly implemented ad system. It\'s painfully obvious they bought their rating from a click/review farm because every written review has 2 or less stars and complain about the poor ad implementation. Shame I\'m uninstalling the game, it seemed fun, oh well. The skippible ads were bad enough and way too frequent, like every 5-15 seconds upon level complete, then BAM unskippible ad! Had to force close the game.