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Description of SD Currency Converter

Exchange rates and currency converter for 450 currencies and cryptocurrencies

The most useful features in a single program: instant currency converter for most of world currencies, historic rate charts, commission calculation, an offline mode.

You can add several currencies to the main screen of the application. Specify the price in any currency and the application will automatically convert it to all other selected currencies. Use drag and drop to sort the list and swipe to remove items.

Supports fiat money and crypto-coins (bitcoin, ethereum, etc), as well as metal prices (gold, silver). Exchange rates are updated automatically.

Currency conversion in an offline mode. The Internet is only needed for updating exchange rates.


•  Several currencies at once on the main screen for simultaneous conversion

•  Historic rate charts

•  Rate minicharts for all selected currencies on the main screen

•  Convenient currency list management

•  Calculation of the exchange commission

•  Automatic exchange rate updates every morning

•  Currency conversion in an offline mode

•  Cross-conversion via a base currency. For example, BTC/RUB conversion via USD.

•  150 currencies and metals

•  300 crypto-currencies

•  Several exchange rate sources:

  •  European Central Bank

  •  Bank of Israel

  •  Central Bank of the Russian Federation

  •  National Bank of Ukraine

  •  National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

  •  CurrencyLayer

  •  CryptoCompare

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.2.05 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:SDev Team

User Reviews


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Ralf Faust 2019-12-30

Very good and easy to use. Great GUI. Used it during travel and it works great even offline. Updates curencies as soon as it gets internet connection. Very accurate conversion and it converts multiple currencies perfectly at the same time. No more guessing in the shops what the price of an item is in a other country.
John Shilling 2019-05-19

Traveled from USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazi, St. Lucia, Morocco and ended in Portugal. app was great.
Alex Dklouis 2019-04-08

is not good for me is not giving me correct rate
William Owens 2019-04-14

Very easy to select the currencies that you want and to put them in whatever order you want. Also has the calculator on the screen to assist with currency conversions.
Jennifer Kerr 2020-03-04

I love that i can see several currencies on the screen at once and can enter an amount into any one of them and get immediate conversions into all of the other currencies. I can choose which currencies are showing. Extremely useful for travel!
Andrew Kailou 2019-05-10

Nothing Special Basic Info
Lyn Pedro 2020-07-05

You can comparison check fees and you get up to daily updates on rates. You can select currencies you will be using during your travel convenient. Downside you can\'t add up the amounts, you have to enter each separate. Otherwise, it\'s able to get what you want and very simple to use.
Esmond Kwa 2020-01-29

There are a few things I like, can have more than 10 currencies, I can go to any currency and key in the amount and I can know the equivalent of the other curriencies. Not like other apps that I need to go into the particular currency. To improves, maybe you can add some widgets for fast reference.
Joe Larch 2020-04-14

I love it you typing which currency you want to use first and then it\'ll give you the exchange rate say from American dollars to British pounds. So far I\'ve been using it for 3 years and never had a problem with it. I also take it when I go overseas to make sure I\'m not getting ripped off on the exchange rate.
Rebecca Rosie 2019-06-15

This app worked perfectly on a recent trip to Malaysia and was very accurate for the rate that we received at cash exchangers.