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Description of Securus Mobile

The Securus Mobile app now requires Android 7.0 or higher. Please update to the latest version.

The app provides the following features to easily setup and manage our incarcerated connection services:

• Create a Securus Online account (required for app and website access)

• Change password and 4 digit PIN

• Setup security questions for easy password reset

Video Connect®

• Enroll in Video Connect, schedule a video session with an incarcerated individual remotely from anywhere in the world where you have Wi-Fi or cellular data service at all Securus sites that offer Video Connect.

• Enroll in Video Connect subscriptions (where available)

• Access and view your upcoming scheduled video sessions

• Sync details of upcoming video sessions with your calendar

• Receive notifications for upcoming video sessions

• Manage photos for identification, view transaction history and manage credit/debit cards

• Test Wi-Fi/cellular connection to determine quality of Video Connect

*For best results and to reduce echo, use a headset or ear buds with microphone for Video Connect

Prepaid Calling Account Management for You

AdvanceConnect – fund this account to receive calls to the phone numbers you choose from your contact. You can:

• Enroll and add funds to AdvanceConnect account to always be ready for a call

• Select a call subscription package (where available)

• See available funds

• Add or change phone numbers that can receive calls

• View call details and transaction summary

• View the last call attempt to a number

• Block or unblock calls

• Enroll in AutoPay or TextPay

• Update or change credit/debit card information

Securus Debit – deposit funds to this account for your contact to use for:

• Calling any number they choose

• Purchase music, games and movies for their tablet

• Schedule and pay for a Video Connect session

• Purchase stamps to send eMessages and eCards

Feature availability varies by facility

Messaging Services


• Sign up, purchase ‘stamps’

• Send and receive messages

• Send and receive eCards - digital greeting cards to encourage and uplift

• Attach photos to messages

• Snap n’ Send™ - Snap a selfie or choose from your gallery to send a photo to your contact

• Multiple attachments – attach up to 5 eCards and photos to your message

• Transfer stamps to your contact or prepay for them to reply

• Send a 30 second VideoGram

Feature availability varies by facility

Text Connect – send and receive short text messages. Limited availability

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More Information Of Securus Mobile

lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:3.4.0 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:Securus Technologies, LLC

User Reviews


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Michelle Duran 2020-05-26

I absolutely love the Securus app. It is an easy way to schedule visit in a way that I do not have to physically go to the jail. I can have my visits in the comfort of my own home. Plus I can have as many visits as I want (only downfall is you have to pay for then. PROMO prices-20:$5, 40:$10. Its usually double that. I can purchase stamps & send pictures, 30-second video clips, and e-messages which has replaced sending postcards. I can also add money to the account here as well as sch visits.
Gina Byars 2020-12-12

12/9/2020 updated review: If I had any other choice, I would NOT use this app. It is *still* very clunky and frustrating to use. Yes, permissions are needed to share pictures/videos. But if I\'m only sending text, I should be able to not allow video, etc permissions. But the app doesn\'t let anything go forward if it doesn\'t have those permissions. The normal keyboard and auto-correct doesn\'t work which makes \"typing\" even a short message via a little smartphone a huge pain.
Dave Meyer 2019-12-02

Should be ZERO STARS!! This company is worthless. After not being able to create an account I got on the chat line and was able to. Apparently the chat line is the only thing that works. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to add funds to my account I tried by the chat line but was told I couldn\'t. I\'ve tried by chat, by text, by app, by customer care, and online with a computer. I then emailed them and never received a response. FIX YOUR JUNK ASS SYSTEM!!
Joseph Jacobsen 2019-06-30

This App has been very good. I signed up on a Friday night or Saturday, and was approved by Monday or Tuesday. I have visited with my sister 9 times and only been interrupted by glitches once. I am grateful the county sheriff\'s office makes this service available. The video quality is acceptable. No complaints, and my brother can join the conversation.
Angel Nash 2020-07-18

I have downloaded and uninstalled yet once again and redownloaded, even updated it the first time, and IT STILL WILL NOT LET ME OPEN AND ADD MONEY FOR CALLS OR SET UP VIDEO VISITS!!! UGHHHH,SOOO FUSTRATING!!! Update-7-17-20- telling me new updated version, to update but will not update and open??!! This is the most aggrivating and most expensive jail phone system we have EVER used, and thats saying alot!!!
Gloria Lemke 2020-07-21

Unable to set up visit. Was supposed to have one set up for July 5th. It didn\'t go thru. Been trying diligently to set up a new one. Keeps saying I need to update app but it never finished updating! Called a number given to me by jailer. Got a recording. Couldn\'t understand name of person.that was unavailable. Left a message, twice, asking for him to return my call. NO CALL YET!!! I AM PISSED!!! THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING! This sucks! It worked fine for me 3 times then became messed up!
Megan Vulgamore 2020-02-29

This app has been great so far and I have been using it for 6 months so far and it\'s been great for being able to talk to my husband while he\'s in jail. We\'re never cut off, we\'re always givin a recorded 1 minute warning before the phone call ends. The only thing I can honestly think of that I don\'t like about this app is that it\'s extremely, extremely expensive!!!! Unless you have a out of state phone number to use. Well hopefully y\'all enjoy the app as much as I have!
Boy Monroy 2019-12-19

This app has made things a lot easier for me to be able to see my girl every night and keep on touch with her i havent had any problems with this app at all costumer customer service providers are always very helpful with everything I would recommend this application to any one with family in a hard situation and it\'s so affordable I love it ...thank you securus
S Lynn 2020-12-10

I cannot even tell you the number of issues that I\'ve had with this app. I went through an entire week of scheduled visitation with my inmate, and I was never able to see him. It was very important for him, to be able to see me, since there has been no in person visits for months due to covid, so I just went ahead and took the loss. I\'ve also been on video visits, where the sound was so muffled and distorted, that he had to use phone minutes to talk to me during visitation. Quality is horrible.
David LaMar 2020-12-29

I guess I am going to have to start writing letters again. Since the switch from JPay, all I get are error messages when I even try to add my sister. Before you respond to log into the website, I have tried that. I honestly can\'t believed you switched apps knowing this wasn\'t ready. This is horrible, and the inmate loses out on communication. Stop telling people to go to your website and log in because that doesn\'t work either. You should have stayed with JPay. TAKE YOUR APP DOWN!