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Description of Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery


Seekers Notes is a fascinating mystery game that will charm you with picturesque locations, charismatic characters, and an enthralling story! It's an adventure game where you must find hidden objects and can also try your hand at free puzzles presented as minigame-style brain teasers: the Treasure Box puzzle for match-3 lovers, the dynamic Haunted Lights puzzle, a logic game for those who seek new challenges, an engrossing brain game in the form of Ancient Cards, as well as the Mosaic jigsaw puzzle. Adventure is calling your name, Seeker!

What awaits you in Seekers Notes:

- A free hidden object game with gorgeous graphics, striking characters, and picturesque locations

- Free updates: new quests, amazing locations, and unique prizes every month

-Breathtaking story: thrilling adventures, a hidden mystery, and unpredictable plot twists

- An adventure game with engrossing puzzles and brain teasers, including jigsaw puzzles and magic puzzles

- More than 10000 exciting quests

- More than 1180 amazing collections

- Enchanting music that will plunge you into the mysterious atmosphere of the game

- Craft unique items with the Fortune Teller, Blacksmith, and Inventor

- Trade useful items with the residents of Darkwood

- Banish dangerous monsters and placate magical creatures

- Join guilds and play with your friends!

We're already 5 years old! Thank you for being with us!

Seekers Notes is a free game, but some game elements can be purchased with real money. If you don't want to use in-app purchases, please disable them in your device's settings.

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By a quirk of fate, you find yourself in the cursed hidden city of Darkwood surrounded by the Ghostly Mist, all alone, with no memory, but with an extraordinary gift for finding hidden objects. Now you are the Seeker! Use your gift for good: find hidden treasures scattered all over the city, solve puzzles, complete exciting game quests to unlock hidden secrets, help the townspeople fight monsters, investigate a secret society, and save Darkwood from the Curse! Join the battle against evil in this free hidden object game right now!

This interesting hidden object game will keep you entertained for hours! Search for objects in a variety of colorful locations where mysteries and adventure await you. Your goal is to solve magic puzzles and find hidden objects, but beware of the tricks of the Curse! Prove your wits and find hidden objects that shapeshift or hide in pitch darkness. Put together jigsaw pieces to reveal hidden city locations. It's a real brain game!

Insidious anomalies await you at every step in this free puzzle game. Try finding a hidden object with a gargoyle standing in your way! But gather your courage—with an arsenal of useful tools, finding hidden objects won't be hard. And you can always take a well-earned break from searching with one of the many free puzzles.

There are many charming locations in Darkwood: from the headquarters of a secret society to blooming gardens. Find hidden treasures in a gremlin's lair or a hall of mirrors! Solve jigsaw puzzles to view a range of enthralling locations!

Mystery game quests will keep you on your toes! Can you find Zeus's lightning bolt or forge a hammer of titans? Pick any quest and challenge yourself!

Fighting against the Curse is a true test of logic. Each quest in this free puzzle game means a new plot twist, new riddles, and more hidden secrets. Where did the Curse come from? How can you get rid of it? Complete quests, search for hidden objects, and find out if Darkwood's hidden mystery will be revealed to you!

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More Information Of Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

lable: Adventure - Games Current Version:2.17.3 Publish Date:2021-11-23 Developer:MYTONA

User Reviews


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N. Rodriguez 2021-01-04

New location is so bad on the eyes and can barely see anything. This game is so repetitive and no fun anymore. All we have is time limit events every month and no time to relax and play. Need a better game because I am finally done with this money grab game.
sandra Freeland 2021-01-24

You have changed the game . Did not give us, the players anyway to get ahead. made it much harder to play unless you are rich.have made my last purchase of rubies you really need to fix this. I have been playing for a long time and spent a lot of money..I really love this game.give back the fun. I cannot afford you..Sandy and GIGI. Your answer to me is insulting. I know how to play this game,been playing for years. Helped me through my depression..Now you are taking away all the joy and fun.
Sadie Meyers 2021-02-24

I love the actual gameplay and story/stories , but the constant pop-ups for special offers makes me crazy. I\'m not talking about regular ads. These are for in game purchases. It is constant. I will have to close between 4 to 6 in a row. I\'ll be in the middle of clicking something and multiple \"offers\" will come up. Often this will happen every 5 minutes (some times less). It\'s like a joke. I don\'t want your \"limited time offer\" that pops up and then keeps asking me if I\'m sureI don\'t want it. 😤
Just Dani 2020-09-19

Love this game first of all. The levels are beautiful, the music is so relaxing and the powerups and stuff are actually extremely useful. My only real complaint is the newest update. The way you change the appearance of everything, it doesn\'t feel like the actual seekers note we started with. Its gorgeous, I won\'t lie, but its too different for one update, and changing the alley way so drastically, I went from knowing exactly where everything was at all times, to losing a level a few times.
A Google user 2020-11-09

The addition of guilds and 2 Happy Hours has prompted me to bump them back up to 2 stars. On the flip side, every guild competetion has had multiple glitches, which are very frustrating. The game crashes. One friend who played over 500 levels lost his entire game history, and quit playing. In my view they are in too big of a hurry to get new versions and features pushed out, hence all the \"bugs\". 11/8 There was no need to contact Customer Support. They were already working on this issue.
Shelley Kimmel 2020-12-28

Way too expensive!!! This game starts out hard, so if you like it, expect to bleed money keep playing! I had to stop. Shame on the developers for creating so many challenges all at once to where you can never really get a solid feel for the area you get sent to. This game may have beautiful graphics but it\'s NOT WORTH THE COST!!!! Run away!!!!
Christy Buster 2021-02-24

Used to be an awesome game! Like most, they got too greedy: took away a tool that was very helpful, you could buy a group at a reasonable cost - replaced it with one that is super expensive (now can only be purchased one at a time). Made changes to talismans that reduce their usefulness. Too many other bad changes to list. Sad that they seem intent on ruining this game.
Rachel Thomas 2020-12-11

The hidden objects gameplay is solid, art and sound is nice, and I enjoy the monthly events and guild events. Edit: At one point, due to trying to connect to Google play, my account was reset, but the game\'s support got it resolved within the day. I did try out a couple of other hidden pictures games, but this one still appealed to me the best. It has more charm to it, even if it seems simple at a glance.
Michelle Fusco 2021-03-03

Been playing SN 4+ yrs. and love it!! True there are in-app purchases, but I never feel pressured. I\'ve tried other games, and have always come back to Seeker\'s Notes, because it is the most charming & artistic...and just challenging enough to hold my interest. I see some complaints up here about cost-- but believe me, it is not that bad, most games out there are much more expensive and lack the personal touch of SN. Customer support is top-notch too. Thanks guys for such a great experience!!
Gerylann Arden 2021-01-01

This is a fun, addicting game with beautiful graphics (it used to have amazingly wonderful graphics but they are now resorting to making things small instead of cleverly hiding things.) Although the quality continues to decrease this is still a great game to play. There are many mini events to keep it interesting. Joining a guild allows you to communicate with other players. Even though there are many many many glitches, it is still a great game.