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Description of Seeking


Where beautiful, successful people fuel relationships on their terms.

Seeking is the leading luxury millionaire dating app for finding a relationship, soulmate, or a significant other “outside of your league”. With over 20+ million Successful and Attractive members, Seeking is the largest millionaire dating app for those in the luxury lifestyle. Featuring beautiful, wealthy, elite, and established singles from all walks of life. From CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, investors, financiers, doctors, lawyers, and billionaires to celebrities, pro athletes, models, actors and actresses, seeking love, romance and relationships on their terms.


Seeking has been featured extensively in the media on CNN, 20/20, ABC, The View, Huffington Post, Business Insider and The New York Times, just to name a few.

The Seeking app is dating for the “cream of the crop”. Whether you belong to the league of the successful or the league of the attractive, the Seeking app is aimed at helping you find the best possible boyfriend, girlfriend or soulmate. Unlike other dating apps that focus on the luxury lifestyle niche, the new Seeking app features an improved verification process, as well as background verified profiles.

Seeking also organizes events, such as singles parties, and relationship summits for our community of millionaires, successful and attractive members, singles worldwide. Locations we regularly hold events in include New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco and London.

With Seeking, users are put in the best position to match and to find real love with like-minded individuals who are also the “cream of the crop”. Seeking members are honest, empowered, ambitious, driven, attractive, successful, established and wealthy individuals from all over the world who enjoy the luxury lifestyle, but most of all, they are looking for genuine relationships, friendships and true love.

The Seeking app gives you access to a number of simple to use features:

- Discover Successful or Attractive people near you

- Find exactly who you want to meet with Advanced search filters

- Add other members as a Favorite or Message anyone you like

- Easily purchase one of our Subscription packages to upgrade to a premium membership

Other Important Notes:

• View our Privacy Policy at https://www.seekingapp.com/privacy

• View our Terms of Service Agreement at https://www.seekingapp.com/terms

• You must be at least 18 years old to download and use this app

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More Information Of Seeking

lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:4.55 Publish Date:2021-11-19 Developer:W8 Tech Limited

User Reviews


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Dan 2020-12-31

The app and site work pretty well. Somewhat clunky, but sufficient. The premise is a good one, though I am convinced that SB\'s are told this app is for getting fast money, while SD\'s are told it is for making arrangements with special people for fun, romance, spoiling or more. Most messages I get sound like an employee that hasn\'t been paid for their work. \"Where\'s my money\" \"how do I get paid\" \"how much will you spend on me\" \"I need this, I need that\" EXHAUSTING.
Robin James 2019-10-28

the app itself is great. it\'s user interface makes navigation easy. and all of my messages come through no problem. only issue I have is that there is no way to filter out the scammers. I\'ve been using this app for a couple of weeks and have yet to find anyone who is real and well meaning. would give five stars if not for that.
Jill Jay 2020-09-28

Edit2: fixed Edit: I suggest YOU reach out to google YOU fix this. YOU fix what is broken and stop saying \"not our fault, lol sorry!\" Have some god damm accountability. This app is incredibly frustrating and I have the premium version. It\'s basically useless because forces you to use its online website. You are unable to view people\'s bios that they post, it directs you to go to the website to read. What\'s the point of the app if it doesn\'t have all the same functionalities as the website? 1/10
Michel Tremblay 2020-05-08

It started as an interesting site but nothing works anymore as you don\'t see a single information without browser login. Why would I use an app if I need to use a browser? The cost of 80 a month\'s sounds like the company is missing money and will go bankrupt soon as there isn\'t enough paying users. They should see how to organize their business model than making this a ridiculous price. It is now a junk app.
Kristen House 2020-12-22

I\'ve had this app for well over 2 years. Aside from the fact that overall the app is annoying to work with and prone to constant bugs, I am now unable to update my email with the account because my email is \"invalid\". I\'ve tried 2 different email addresses to no avail. Really hate to see the app not being used as much due to the issues.
Brianna Zimmerle 2020-01-23

I used to like this app, then it went down hill. After a week of having my account it sensored my messages saying I have to upgrade to premium to even talk to people. That\'s not what premium is supposed to be. So if I can\'t talk to people I don\'t see the point in having an account, because I am not made of money your $89.99 request for premium is enough to pay my car payment. Fix this, it\'s just stupid.
Bethany Sell 2019-11-15

All I did was install the app, fill out my profile information, and then wait to be approved.. Then the system approved me and immediately suspended my account saying I was using it for commercial use, when I literally hadn\'t even used the app yet!! Like I said the wrong things in my profile description or something??? I read the terms and conditions, I did not solicit any product or service whatsoever, so WTH?
Tori Tori 2019-03-15

I love this site, I\'ve used it for years and reccommended to many of my girlfriends. There are a lot of good quality men on the site, the challenge is finding them amongst the crazies but it is possible. New girls, Don\'t stress! You\'ll learn whats right for you as you get more comfortable having arrangements.
Finesse Elizabeth 2020-07-11

Website is great in helping find what your looking for, not like all the others where you have to pay for every single thing you want to do like messaging, checking your likes, people who have viewed your page, ect. That\'s the main reason why I like Seeking. Only downside with the app is that it crashes alot in the middle of messaging. The actual website through your browser doesn\'t. Hopefully that gets fixed soon but other than that the app is good and user friendly.
Ryan S 2020-06-27

Once you create a profile, this app is only good for: 1) Checking messages, and 2) Hiding / blocking profiles that are either outside your area or whom you\'re uninterested in. I don\'t get why \"About Me\" and \"Seeking\" sections are hidden and require an internet browser to view. Also, the search function is so unwieldy compared to its browser version. So until MAJOR changes are made, this app will only be a fraction of what it could be. It\'s almost useless as an app.