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Description of Seesaw Class

Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that inspires your students to do their best work and saves you time.

∙ Any device, shared or one-to-one

∙ Always free for teachers

∙ Used in over 200,000 classrooms and 1 out of 2 schools in the US

Awards Include:

∙ 2018 Top Pick for Learning by Common Sense Education

∙ Best Website of 2016 by American Association of School Librarians

∙ Richard Byrne's Free Tech for Teachers

How Does Seesaw Help Teachers?

Seesaw’s creative tools encourage student engagement

∙ Students express themselves, reflect on their learning and create a portfolio they're proud to show others.

Get ideas and save prep time

∙ Browse thousands of great activities ready to use in your classroom today.

∙ Collect student responses digitally and lug home fewer papers.

Focus even more on your students

∙ Seesaw helps you see and hear what each student knows so you can better understand their progress

∙ Give more differentiated support through comments and feedback.

Other Seesaw Features

∙ Compatible with 100s of other apps, including Apple and Google apps.

∙ Translate notes, comments and captions into 50+ languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and more!

∙ Seesaw is COPPA, FERPA and GDPR compliant. Learn more at web.seesaw.me/privacy

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More Information Of Seesaw Class

lable: Education - Apps Current Version:7.8.8 Publish Date:2022-05-24 Developer:Seesaw Learning

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Aoife McDonnell 2020-07-15

The most recent update is AMAZING! Drafts now available and the new features are so useful. 👏🎉 Only slight issue is that the voice recorder in comments still comes out very echoey. This doesn\'t happen in Web browser version, so it\'s definitely an app issue rather than a device issue. But this is only minor.
Victoria Morenets 2020-07-23

Until recently the app was very useful especially when I had to homeschool and send completed assignments to school teachers. But in the current version on the Android tablet, the pictures taken on the camera turn out blurry, the focus stays frozen and doesn\'t sync when I move the camera around. Please fix those issues.
Raylene Abrahams 2020-07-16

This app has many problems that arise a day after having it. Firstly, the link sharing changes whereby you can no longer just add a link directly but now it adds it onto a page simply complicating things more. Secondly, there\'s an option allowing students to comment but they are unable to do so. Thirdly, no matter how good the wifi signal or data connectivity the app still freezes and closes on its own Fourthly, you lose progress as nothing saves before it closes and you have to start again.
Justin R 2020-03-14

Great app. As a teacher, I would like to see a keyword search function for previously assigned activities for both the app and browser version. I really love Seesaw, but I have to change my rating as the android version does not have a send back option. I have to go to my laptop. However, my wife\'s IOS Apple version has the sendback button. Can you please fix this?
Bobbi McNelly 2020-10-27

Truly love this app, it\'s made it much easier to stay on task for school using the app instead of the website. However, the app wont connect to my chromebooks webcam. So we still have to go to the website for that. I have looked for solutions but have only found how to fix that problem on the website, not in the app.
Justin Maresh 2020-04-14

This has every feature but the DRAFT button! My young children need to take breaks and save drafts so that they don\'t lose their work. I uninstalled this and instead they use this in a web browser on their tablets. The web version is identical but has the Draft feature. What\'s the point of developing an app if you are going to leave-out features? If you add this feature, I will actually use this, and raise my rating.
Joseph Felt 2020-10-14

I used seesaw (the free version) for several years at no cost, and it was the best all-encompassing online journal I had ever used. Now I use the paid version, and it is even better. The tools are easy to use, which makes assignments easier to grade. Love this platform, as a teacher using technology all day everyday it has been a lifesaver.
Hope Wins 2020-10-12

I\'ve used it for my first grade classroom this year. It has everything you need for online learning. Premade activities, the option to make your own activities using links and colorful illustrations with moving parts for kids to manipulate, the ability to preschedule through a calendar, a place to make comments to students on each activity and it gives students the option to take photos and videos to upload. You can also archive and sort your favorites.
Eimear Harris 2020-11-10

Great app but it would be very convenient to have the possibility to add more than one account. Having 2 kids who use the class app at home, I currently need to use two phones in order to have both accounts logged in at all times so not to miss any notifications, etc. Any plans on including this feature in the next release? Thanks
Iv X 2020-04-15

Terrible. I spent literally more than an hour working on an each time activity, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I was just about to upload, it glitched and I had to restart my activity. Tried to finish it 4 times before I gave up and decided not to do it. There is also no delete or edit button for anything you\'ve uploaded, so you can\'t delete or edit anything unless it\'s a draft. Worst app I\'ve ever downloaded. Very glitchy. Was like it was programmed by a 2-year-old.