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Description of SEMS Portal

GoodWe SEMS Portal - Professional solar system monitoring, management and presentation mobile access to the online portal is available for smartphones with the SEMS Portal app.

Solar system owners, oprators, installers and service personnel can access the most important data they require from anywhere which can save money and time.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.3.4 Publish Date:2022-06-05 Developer:GoodWe Technologies Co., Ltd.

User Reviews


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Giulio Campobassi 2019-06-12

WHY SO MANY PERMISSIONS ? Although i have managed to configure the app and get it to work with much frustration, the new update in June 2019 requires many permissions that does not seem necessary to report energy production from my solar panels. Subsequently, I have had to remove this app due to the security risks that it now presents based on these permissions. Please release a version that doesn\'t require so much access to my phone and personal data.
A Google user 2019-03-13

**** since the update on the 12/3/2019 the app still fails to display AC voltage, AC current and the AC frequency, weather still doesnt work. Also the timezone is still incorrect and appears that the end user wont be able to change this - only the installer, is this correct? ****
Charlie Cawood 2019-09-24

Used to be great until the last upgrade and it\'s now lost the flow chart functionality grid - this was extremely useful as it illustrates the utilisation of the electricity in a flow chart at a glance - please restore
Brodie Dalton 2020-10-27

Lack of detailed info, It should be able to display usage of multiple strings and more advanced settings. Data is not realtime on the inverter or HomeKit, seems to be updated at 2.30min intervals. Needs options to configure the inverter via app with installer password. App needs to add new features not just bug fixes. App needs manuals for newer Inverters No means to output to PVoutput gen and consumption It\'s a good start but much more is needed, will update the review as issues are fixed
Geoff Roberts 2020-10-10

Pretty poor. It\'s not showing how much power from ghecsystem is going back to the grid, only how much it generates, so pretty much useless for watching costs etc. Other apps I\'ve seen are very comprehensive - AND it\'s \'Income\' is in US dollars, not that it matters as it\'s just telling you the supposed value of power produced, not how much goes to the grid. Near useless. Not happy.
Muhammad Tufail 2020-03-09

Since today\'s update, the graphics between KPI and Operation Data has disappeared. please review and update again with graphics. this is observed on multiple mobile phones. no reply since a week. no further update to sort issue. It seems they don\'t care for customers. latest update has errors. the units for daily and total generation is wrong. they are C instead of kWh.
Hilton Swart 2020-09-02

Does what it needs to, but could be polished up and made to work incredibly well. Setup via WiFi requires you to disconnect for the Local network and connect to the Inverters hotspot, very illogical approach seeing both devices are already connected to the same Local network. WiFi hotspot is very unstable and often disconnects while doing the setting updates.
Corina Ciancus-Petre 2020-06-27

The app in itself does what is expected (basic, but I do not need for more). But... After the bug with the plant adding mentioned by another user was solved, now the phone says this app is infected with malware.
Steven Longo 2019-02-23

after the new up date it all working grate so please no more up dates leave it alone.
Shawn Lewis 2020-02-12

There is no button to close this app. It looks like it closes when you minimise it but is still running in the background. The problem with this is when you open it again, it either doesn\'t connect, or doesn\'t refresh. The only workaround that I\'ve found is to do a \"Force Stop\" in the apps manager so, when you open it again, it restarts and updates.