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Serve is a financial Account with no credit check, no minimum balance, and no hidden fees. With a suite of options to choose from, Serve allows you to handle your money with ease. Our Accounts give you tools to help you budget, flexibility to spend online or in stores, and many conveniences including easy access.

Visit us at serve.com for more information


• Easily manage your Serve Account on the go, wherever you are!

• Log into easily access your Available Balance and view the details of all your active and completed transactions


• View your Direct Deposit information

• Easily add money directly on your mobile device using Mobile Check Capture

• Request money from other Serve Cardholders


• Send money to other Serve Cardholders

• Use your Serve card to make purchases online or in-store


• Our partners American Express® and Visa® bring the reliability you need and the value you deserve

• We work hard to keep your information and money safe and secure

• Our 24/7 Customer Service representatives are there for you, day or night

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-15 Developer:Interactive Communications International, Inc.

User Reviews


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A Google user 2018-11-16

Well, I can\'t even open the app now. It acts like it wants to open and then it goes off. Then it opens itself up a second time, and then goes off again. So, I can\'t check my account or anything. I can\'t see if I get or got paid and I cannot even open it at all. If it continues like this then I will have to do away with this account and get a new one with someone else. Ridiculous 😤😤😤😡😡😡
Gee Iannone 2019-12-21

This app used to be so perfect and easy to to use, however they do maintenance on it way too much I have been trying to use my card since 5 a.m. it is now 13 hours later and I still cannot use my app! I called the phone number was on hold for 22 minutes, someone answered and said \"due to high volume of calls, call back in 2-4 hours\" & hung up! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! AM EX I NEED TO USE MY CARD it\'s Christmas, I need access to MY MONEY!
Jones Beck 2020-05-07

Do not get this card this card. It will not let you spend the money on it I can\'t make online purchases it\'s a rip-off do not get this card they\'re just trying to hold your money as long as they possibly can to collect the interest on it. I put one hundred dollars on it and can\'t spend it. They try to make you sign up for their service. I hate that I put money on this card.
Breeki Gopnik 2020-11-13

Photo check deposits only work about 60% of the time. App will initially accept the images, then cease and say the images suddenly aren\'t good enough. App will also randomly close, and disable fingerprint login at its own choosing. This is an incredibly poorly designed app, with even poorer customer support staff. The fact that you pay for this service, and these are the results. Mediocre at best.
A Google user 2019-03-21

Can no longer add money via check. Every time you try, an error message always pops up, refusing to let you proceed with mobile check deposit. Option to redeem cash back no longer exists on mobile app. You have to go to the desktop site to do that now. Used to be able to do it in app. The option is no longer there.
Xinovir Prince 2020-02-21

I\'ve been using Amex Serve for a little over 2 years now and I can say this: this app is very famous for having the most technical difficulties among every bank account that I have which can be frustrating. I\'ve been patient enough to allow Amex to solve this issue but I have the assumption that this is going to be an ongoing problem with them. I\'m switching over to another banking service that earns interest this time and with less technical difficulties. two years is more than enough to allow a company to resolve matters as the one I\'ve been experiencing. My login detail is saved on Samsung Password vault (whatever they call it) so it autofills without a problem, now Amex says that my login credentials are incorrect (which I know it isn\'t as I have mentioned that I don\'t even type in my login details to log in). I used the forgot password option and it asks me to log in to continue (huh, doesn\'t make any sense). I tried the secret question option and it tells me that there has been a problem or an error occurred (smh). I can\'t access my funds so I feel so insecured about this. I will contact customer service tomorrow so they can resolve this issue so that I may be able to withdraw my funds and close the account because at this point, I don\'t know what else to do.
Hope Bedford 2020-10-16

My only issue is, when one is being refunded any money from a transaction; one has to wait (with no exceptions) \"8 days\" to be completely refunded. Serve needs to do something about it. Im telling everyone. Everyone else would receive refunds in 3-5 days at the most.
Will, Weideman 2020-01-09

On the 21st of Dec I purchased a serve card, because my normal card would load. At the time there was maintenance going on so that was the reason it wouldn\'t load. When I tried to register new card, it wouldn\'t allow me. Got hung up on several times and always a run around with there circus monkeys. It is now the 8th of Jan and have gotten no response nor my $200. DO NOT BUY THIS CARD! They\'re customer service and response time to issues is piss poor!! I salute you serve 🖕
Lina Noel 2020-04-12

This has been a great card and app until Covid-19. My card is locked and I\'ve been trying to get a agent on phone for the past 2 days do I can regain access to my money. My taxes, directly deposit from work...I can\'t access my money and no one is answering the phone to help me unlock my account. I\'m locked out of the app and online. SOMEONE PLEASE PICK UP THE PHONE! PLEASE!
rmoney_617 2019-01-25

Great all around app. I love American Express Serve I\'ve been using it for over a year get paid 2 days in advance I haven\'t had no issue with my account.