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Description of Seven Seas Solitaire

Swashbuckling adventure on the high seas!

The high seas are rife with the makings of legends: pirates, storms, lost treasure and terrifying monsters abound. After a glorious career in the King's navy, you were looking forward to a relaxing retirement, and marriage to the beautiful Elaine... until she went missing, and you were blamed. Now, your only hope to reclaim this happy life is to return to the sea once more, to find Elaine and bring her home.

Take command of The Falcon and explore over 300 levels, firing cannonballs and matching cards from your choice of beautiful decks as you plunge yourself into the adventure. Put together legendary combos to rack up as much gold as you can, then spend it on over 20 unique upgrades for your ship and your island hideaway. Along the way, you'll also encounter exciting mini-games to test your luck and skill, and earn awards for your derring-do.

There's never a dull moment when you're riding the waves; as you sail and swashbuckle your way across the oceans, you'll discover one surprise after another, recording them all in your captain's logbook. Between the addictive solitaire action and captivating twists in the plot, this is a game that's sure to keep you craving just one more level.

Addictive game play

Over 300 levels

13 awards to unlock

Over 20 power ups

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.0.1 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:Anawiki Games

User Reviews


What's new with you? Please tell everyone.

Dixie Rae 2016-04-25

You are aware that saying a game is free when indeed it is not is very illegal. If someone were to screen shoot this obvious switch and bait they would have a civil suit. Imagine if everyone did so and followed thru you would be forced to refund and remove your game from the free list. Also consider anyone under 18, not fun.
dani glasser 2016-12-12

Land lover I love this game..it keeps me I interested the levels up are great and added little spin is perfect to keep you involved. Fun and the sound is one of my favorite things. There is a glitch it won\'t let me out of the tutorial. Frustrating
Yuling Weil 2016-06-10

Fun to play but... Very fun to play with story setting, but it forces you to buy games at the 3rd level, so it\'s only free enough to get you love the game. Since the enforcement not letting me go further of the game, I just deleted it, sorry to do it but have to do it, due to the enforcement on purchase.
Michelle Edwards 2017-02-10

you say that it is free it is to a certin point then you have to purchase. Thats not right! if a game is free thats what it is free, If you want to purchase it some tim down the road to put in to your collection of games great. make some of the things in the game you have to purchase not the game because that ends up not FREE!
Betty Greene 2016-12-18

Great game! I have only played a few levels and love it! I love being able to earn coins to buy bonuses!! Frequency of ads is low which I really appreciate so I am actually looking at them! I SPOKE TOO SOON! After giving a five star review, I went back to play. CAN\'T GET BACK IN UNLESS I BUY IT FOR $4.99! Uninstall!!!! Sad part is I was glad to see I could buy the game but wanted to play it first. It\'s a good game but not $4.99 good. And I want it to be my choice.
Shawn Lee 2017-02-27

No where does this say you will have to buy it to progress in the game. Get to the 3rd level and we are forced to buy. It\'s a pay to play game. Unfair. False advertising also
judith dawson 2016-06-27

Seven seas solitaire Installed and loved game until it wanted paying to continue from level 3. Sneaky way of getting you interested and total misrepresentation. Should not be allowed to say it is free.DO NOT INSTALL. IT IS NOT FREE
M Kirkland 2017-02-07

This is a real cool game! Very addictive! To unlock the full game the price is $4.99, but it is well worth it! Has challenges, but pretty easy to beat. No timer and no ads.
Alison Luney 2016-01-29

Good game but.... Not a FREE game as described. Only get 3 free levels then you have to pay to continue play. Uninstalled!!!
Janet Polhill 2016-07-22

Waste of time It says its free to download but its not. I don\'t think it should be advertised free when its not. Sort it out