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Description of Shadow Fighter

Shadow Fighter is an excelent action games, an excellent fighting games. This is also one of the best offline Role-playing game (RPG)

Shadow Fighter will bring you through series levels with amazing experiences.

There are series of zombie battle and monster battle in levels. In each level, you will experience a fierce battle. In this, you will be hero to fight the dark forces: zombies, monsters. Your skill will be upgraded after each level

In this fighting games, you can use a variety of weapons, equipments to attack enemies.

There are five different heroes characters for your choosing.

After every 5 levels there is a powerfull monster boss, to destroy this enemy, requires you to be clever, skillful... This battle will give you the fun feeling and wonderful feeling.

* Features of Shadow Fighter

- Characters: 5 heroes characters

- Levels: 50+

- Mode: normal, hard, extremely hard

- Amazing graphics, effects and sounds

- More weapons, equipments to attack zombies, monsters

- Daily quest

- Shop...

* How to play in shadow fight:

- Tap running button to run

- Tap jumping button to jump

- Tap slashing button to slash

- More special attack skills

Coming soon:

- More maps continue to be updated

Let's download and experience this fighting games share your with friends right now! This fighting game will bring you to the most awesome adventures and I believe that it will give you more good time and amazing experiences. You will be addicting this action games.


- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tohgamesonline

Give me some feedbacks for Shadow Fighter to help us to improve this!

Email: game@tohsoft.com

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More Information Of Shadow Fighter

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.38.1 Publish Date:2021-08-10 Developer:TOH Games

User Reviews


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Noorazam Zain 2020-12-19

Beautiful, glitchless game with smooth animation. Difficulty could be hisher though, the first boss fight, even though I got 2 stars first attempt, the MC health was a lot, so dying was not a problem. It will be more intense and rewarding if the damage given by first boss and minions are higher. Other than that, happy to give 5 stars, great programming, man!! 😁
Midnight Hobbyt 2020-08-15

Before playing the actual game, I had tried all the various \'heroes\' and upon hearing the old mage, he seems familiar. Upon casting all of his other skill. I figured that he was Zeus. Other heroes also came from DotA. Finally, into the game, CDs is Longer than usual that it kinda bores me and forces me to hack and slash longer. I really like the dash coupled with a few attacks but the aerial attacks are the most horrible one. I seem like to hit \'em and yet I didn\'t? Combo of other heroes are bad
Enal Playnimations 2021-01-15

It\'s a great game, however I have a few of my opinions I think you should add: 1. A storyline, makes the game more interesting, 2. Make the bosses have more lives than just that, I think then it will be harder 3.add more levels and characters, usually when I finish a game, i delete it,
_shadowclaw_ 2020-10-10

I love the game it is a fun experiance and really easy to play! I love how the levels have new monsters to face against. I also love the fact that each character has 3 different versions in which get stronger the better the version. I love the game and you should download it.
Madison Lune De Blaire 2021-01-09

The game is very enjoyable! I love it. However, may I ask of you devs to add something? I wish that we could have more options in settings like maybe make the screen rotatable? Overall the game is amazing and keep up the cool work Devs! (I am human I promise)
Jordain Chambers 2020-12-13

This is is very much a cool, hard, challenging, fun and perfect game so far i very much admire the sound effects the graphics and the setting up of the game itself also i love the character design. But just one problem tho there are too many ads but otherwise this is a spectacular game to kill time.
Monica Fernandez 2020-08-30

I really like this game because his weapons or swords are good, they are very cool and not only that, they are also good because you can use offline games anywhere you go, you don\'t need wifi to make it difficult for you to play it, so download it very good game to promise I hope duck is famous to further entice the people who play it that\'s all and thank you very much for reading
Haruka Tenou 2020-10-17

I like everything about this game. The graphics, the controls, the ease of going around the app... I like how the equipment aren\'t restricted to a certain category only and you can equip any combination you want. Everything in this game is worth the 5-star rating.
harsh gajjar 2019-06-29

hello developers nice and i think excellent work especially the daily rewards in which at the end we get everything things. i love the graphics and it\'s mystic touch every characters have specific power. i like this game because it does not need to buy external things like gems but you can if you want .i recommend everybody to try this game and i am sure you will love this.
Faayz Junaid 2020-12-07

It is a great game and i totally recommend it but there is something that really bugs me. The special move which comes on the upper left corner of your screen is supposed to really be a special move I mean it should do more damage than the other moves do but it does the same damage as the other moves do and sometimes even less. So please fix this make the special move do more damage than the others but otherwise it\'s a great game.