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Description of Shadow's Edge - Resilience, Selfcare & Anti Stress

Do you want to live a life full of happiness, build resilience, support your mental health and get anxiety relief? Welcome to Shadow's Edge! Become a graffiti creator, express your thoughts in your personal self-care journal and play this game to find stress relief!

The city of Shadow’s Edge has been hit by a storm and it needs YOU to get back to healthy living & well being!


Find the missing pages of the self care JOURNAL and build resilience while you fill them. It is all about self-discovery, self care and self reflection. Your RESILIENCE will bring the world of Shadow’s Edge back to life.


Tag the walls with GRAFFITI and feel empowered, as you work through your feelings, from anxiety, depression to trauma to daily life challenges. Draw something creative, express yourself in digital art & support your mental health & self-discovery as a graffiti creator. Let your imagination run wild, the in-app painting games are waiting for you!


Meet the Guardians who guide your journey to self care, anxiety relief as well as self-discovery. Build resilience with in-game challenges like stress relief games, painting games as well as anxiety games.

Our game helps you to build the skills for better self reflection, self care and self-discovery. Be creative and find your way for healthier living, well being and anxiety relief with digital art. Express yourself while you draw something, be creative & become a graffiti creator. Take charge of your mental health in a fun, new way - with painting games, a self care journal and anti-stress exercises.

Shadow’s Edge is the space to feel accepted in a community of thousands by sharing your digital art, feel heard and reduce isolation.


▪️ Take control of your mental health & well being

▪️ Better self-discovery & self reflection

▪️ Support a healthier living

▪️ Share your digital art & reduce isolation

▪️ Work on feelings of depression, anxiety & trauma

▪️ Build resilience, improve anxiety relief

▪️ Anti-stress exercises, stress relief games & more


▪️ Self care journal to help you work on mental health, resilience & self-discovery

▪️ Create digital art and become a graffiti creator

▪️ Participate in community challenges & share digital art for less isolation

▪️ Receive anti-stress tips


Our game is based on the principles of narrative therapy, positive psychology & artistic expression. Playing such stress relief games for just a few minutes a day can help build resilience and take an active role in their mental health.

Our game is routinely reviewed & endorsed by experts:

“Shadow’s Edge is a chance for patients to reboot, to re-establish control, own and master their illness, and move with their lives.” Paul Fisher, MD, Chief, Division of Child Neurology, Stanford University

“Shadow's Edge is like a person-centered therapy without the therapist.”, Dale Larson, PHD, Santa Clara University

An impact study with the Dutch Emotional Health Organization and the Positive Psychology department of the University of Twente showed a significant improvement in OPTIMISM, POSITIVE SELF-IDENTITY, and EMOTIONAL REGULATION. 73% felt more connected, 81% more empathetic, 85% more inspired & 73% more authentic.


More than 10 awards and nominations including: Edison’s New Product Innovation, Global Mobile Award for Enhancing Kid’s Lives, Digital Health, Parent’s Choice. As seen on “The Talk”, ABC and NBC. Featured in over 100 articles in Bustle, Venture Beat, Pocket Gamer!


We are the Digging Deep Project (www.diggingdeep.org), an award-winning small nonprofit aiming to reach young people globally. We work with teens and young adults to create content and tech products that help them develop resilience & confidence to face the hard stuff that comes their way – because everybody is dealing with something!

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:1.9.3 Publish Date:2021-09-18 Developer:The Digging Deep Project

User Reviews


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Spookibun 2021-02-11

A wonderful app! I feel like this game is for anyone of any age who wants to be consious of their mental health and aim for self improvement. It has breathing exercises to help with feeling overwhelmed, journal prompts about self love and coping mechanisms, and a whole city you can go graffiti everywhere whether you have art skills or not! There is something so theraputic to me about being \"creatively destructive\" and this is a perfect outlet for that! :)
Madi B 2021-02-02

Incredibly innovative and unique tool for self expression. I seriously have not seen another emotional support app do it in this particular way and I think it\'s brilliant. The Shadow\'s Edge team have built up a whole community filled with genuinely kind and caring people who have made it their goal to help others.
Simon Derb 2021-02-26

An amazing tool for anyone feeling a bit lonely theses days and need to keep going in their pursuit of being lonely. Had a problem with the keyboard but saw you are working on it. I\'d love a bit more personalisation, such as naming guardians or having a journal separate from other feature to vent and more. (If it already has this, sorry, first 2 days of using it)
Theresa Smith 2018-01-29

I\'m editing my review because since the update I can register and sign in with no problem. The game works add it\'s supposed to now. I will add that it\'s not really a game per se. It\'s more of a journal/therapeutic tool disguised as a game. That\'s not a bad thing though. The story progresses as you paint graffiti and write journal entries to specific questions. I think it would most likely appeal to teens and young adults. An interesting tool for expressing oneself and improving mental health. Thanks for your response to my question by the way. _____________________ Is this a joke or a real game? I just gave it my email and swore I was over 13. There was an optional birth date box and password recovery questions, etc. Then a black screen that said I was logging in. 5 mins later nothing else. Tried a few times. Is this a stupid joke or a real game?
Livingyo 2020-06-07

Wholly cow yo, the music is hella inspiring, the world is so bizarre and almost unnerving in a beautiful mysterious slightly dark way, the character makes me a little nervous because of the bizarre color scheme. I love this, this is inspiring me to love graffiti street art all over again, beautifully made, love the journal entries!!! I was looking for a game to dive deeper in recognizing my shadow self but I think this game does a bit of that on it\'s own!!! So dope, thoughtful n inspiring!!! 😘
Robert Brown 2019-06-29

I love this game, I like writing a diary and this is such a fun way of doing it. The questions are really helpful.
April Moore 2020-07-29

The music is absolutely amazing and the graphics are stunning. would rate 10 stars!
Adnan Islam 2019-09-29

Beautiful game. Slow paced and very relaxing.
Lena Jackson 2021-01-21

I like this game because it allows me to express myself through art and journaling. It\'s like having an electronic journal. I had fun taking the time to ponder about how I felt inside
Katherine Newcomer 2019-09-22

I was skeptical when my friend suggested this application. It’s not like I am really sick. But I have my issues. And thought, if nothing else it could relax me. But then I really got into the story of these Guardians, who seem to be going through as many feelings as I am. Cool that the game has a story that can mean so much.