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Description of Shadowverse CCG

"One of my favorite games this year" - IGN

Shadowverse is a AAA multiplayer turn-based card game with a fun–loving community of over 1 million daily players!

- BATTLE real–time opponents from around the world, or enjoy the fully voiced story mode

- STRATEGIZE with innovative mechanics that guarantee epic battles

- MASTER eight character classes each with unique paradigms and killer cards

- SUMMON 2000+ cards, each lavishly illustrated with jaw–dropping fantasy art

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:3.7.10 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Cygames, Inc.

User Reviews


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SHK 2020-07-07

Best digital card game available period. Extremely free-to-play (F2P) friendly compared to the competition. Meta changes every couple months, and with multiple Formats to suit your tastes. I\'ve been playing since game launch and even if I don\'t play every single day, I still log in daily. When I\'m ready to come back, there\'s a pile of rupies waiting for me.
Chain-SawRC 2020-07-31

5 stars for sure! I first got into it because of the anime which got me interested, and I absolutely love this game, cuz it\'s easy to learn to play it but mastering it is another story. I love how different each archetype is different from the other and if you\'re someone who like Card games with new different mechanics then this one that you must get, for sure.
Felicity Wilkins 2019-03-20

I linked my account up after a purchase for gems and got sent back to the menu, logged back in and all my data was gone completely including the gems and payment i made. I went to support, provided the info they asked for and pleaded my case. I was told that they couldn\'t verify it was my data with: My id My receipt for the gems The time i paid and last played a game My birthdate I am now out of pocket and stuck starting over. Do NOT buy anything as they won\'t refund or set things right for you
Steve Geode 2019-04-03

poor matchmaking - you cant win matches as a beginner, overpowered legendary cards, you will have to spend hundreds in real money to even play in multiplayer, its pretty much impossible to get cards, most reviews are not truthful about the p2w mechanics.
Akira Ming 2020-06-10

I am new to strategy card game and i was scared that i will be unable to understand the rules and the flow of the game but the game have an easy to understand tutorial and detailed explaination which really helpful to new players. The game is also very generous, giving u a free draw everyday(1 draw=8 cards). I have been playing for six days now and all i can say is it is addicting. The graphic of the game is very beautiful and unique not like any other games i had play. I highly recommend it.
Venice Erin 2019-12-06

I\'ve tried playing this twice today, and after finishing the tutorial bit, it won\'t progress after that. After the final line of the tutorial, the game freezes. After closing out, and opening again, the game just won\'t load at all. Please fix this bug! I would love to try actually playing this game, but for now, I am unable.
BEANIECJ 2019-02-20

This game is flat out amazing. The generous 500 cards or so given in the beginning is ❤️ The storyline so far is great! Leveling is easy, amazing strategy concepts. It\'s better than YUGIOH. My only suggestion for improvement is more content. More main characters and more cards. Pft. This is genius!
Antonio C. 2019-08-25

Everytime I start the downloading process, either during the middle or end, it cuts out of the screen and has me start all over. Usually I will get a message saying \"something went wrong\" or \"Shadowverse is not working right now\". I really love this game but I can\'t even play it anymore. Could someone help me solve this issue?
Tristan Topilka-Boldt 2020-02-07

The devs either don\'t play the game, or are so bad at it that you\'d get the same result. When a cancerous meta develops, the deck perpetrating it is either ignored, given a slap on the wrist by changing a card that was never an issue, or a card is butchered so inelegantly that it renders it unusable for the rest of time. New players are drawn by the art and free stuff, but they quickly learn that they need to play a tier 1 class if they want any hope of winning against other players. Also, the devs don\'t interact with the community whatsoever, so don\'t expect any of your opinions or concerns to be heard.
Lil Greenyzz 2020-07-24

good game! wish they split the game up into 2 groups. then I\'ll rate 5 stars! group (1) for people who are able to spend money on game let them challenge against others who are able to spend as well. group (2) for people who are playing for free let them challenge against others who play for free as well. in my opinion would even the odds for everyone ✌