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Description of Shape Slicer 3D

This game will blow your cubes away.

Swipe the blocks and slice it to cubes - once everything is sliced, you're ready to go! Insert the cubes into the hole and plop > You did it!

But beware, the game is getting harder as you go,

Do you think you have what it take to be the Cube Master?

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:0.81 Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:MOONEE PUBLISHING LTD

User Reviews


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Madison M 2020-07-11

Cant believe i actually downloaded that. Half the levels the game did all the work for me and the other half were stupid easy. I dont like to be the person who just hates on a game but it was adds galore and when i download a game i want it to be challanging but doable. You dont want it to be so hard your stuck on level one but you dont want to be able to do the levels with your eyes closed and this game was the latter of the two. I do not recommend downloading at all.
MIHIR BOTLE 2020-07-09

Worst sound and the adds after every level just makes u go crazy i am fine with advertisements as that is the source of income in free apps but literally 2 ad\'s back to back after every level makes it hard to deal with.... Like initially a level takes 3 swipes to finish and waiting for 30 seconds just watching ads and that is after every level so in the 5 mins i had the game installed i watched ads for 4 mins. Not much of a game just a advertisement browser with some game in between them
Arden Choi 2020-07-20

The game its self is great! However, from all the ads drawing me to this game, I expected more. The ads made the game seem more challenging, but honestly it was way too easy. I suppose is was intended to be easy, as to create a relaxing environment and it did just that. Love the extra skins and movement sounds!
No, I\'m Not Okay 2020-07-03

Horrible, horrible expirience, i purchased the \"no ads\" and i played a level and apperently what you mean by \'no ads\' is triple them, the game sucks, its super glitchy, wish i could have a refund.
Dameon Croft 2020-07-05

This game is surprisingly good 😂 it kind of looked like a garbage game before, but the ads arent so bad, and it has a bet feature on some levels where you use 150 currency to unlock a challenge on the next level like a turn limit. If you succeed it gives you an extra 300 currency as a bonus^^ pretty neat game
Tun Tin 2020-06-30

The game is great! But the thing that bothers me is ads. If you want to fix the ad problem, then just turn off the wifi. It works every time 😀
nendo sana 2020-07-20

Far too many ads. Annoying application for ads too. After every level you must watch an ad and then wait a few more seconds for a short ad where closing option won\'t show. This is a very annoying strategy for monetization. Game is somewhat fun but ads make it unplayable.
Poo Guru 2020-09-16

If it weren\'t for the forced to watch ads that are after just about every level even if you choose not to watch the ads they offer for extra points it might actually be fun. Forcing players to watch ads while giving them the illusion that they can choose not to watch ads is just terrible. Shame on you.
The abandoned account 2020-08-16

It\'s a great game, ads seem to be in control as well, making it more enjoyable, and more of a time killer. However the only thing I want to point out, is the gameplay gets stale later on, the gameplay is amazing, and it brings challenge over time, but the mechanics introduced feel limited, I was expecting later levels, getting newer mechanics whilst combining older mechanics to make the game fun, other than that it\'s a great game, and I recommend it, if you like puzzles of coryxkenshin
Michael Grady 2020-07-11

Ain\'t nothing wrong with the game, but about half of your ads are messed up and will not close after the ad is over. I\'m seeing this issue from several ads on several games. Pay attention to who you allow to advertise on your apps.