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SharpTools Tasker Plugin & Widgets for SmartThings APK

SharpTools Tasker Plugin & Widgets for SmartThings



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Description of SharpTools Tasker Plugin & Widgets for SmartThings

SharpTools is a set of Widgets and Tasker plugins for the SmartThings™ platform.

The app supports the following features via Widgets and Tasker plugins (In-App Purchases):

•Control your SmartThings automated home from Tasker and Widgets

•Toggle devices with the Switch capability

•Simple interface for controlling a device

•Available device commands are automatically pulled from the SmartThings API

•Send standard commands like on and off

•Send commands with parameters like setLevel(Level0-100, dimOverXSeconds) for capable Dimmer Switches

•Pass Tasker variables to many of the SharpTools Tasker plugins

•Subscribe to Thing status changes and react to them in Tasker

•Query the current status of your devices in Tasker

•Simple interface for changing modes

•Subscribe to Mode changes and react to them in Tasker

•Query the current Mode in Tasker

•If there is a particular device you would like to control, let me know. I would love to expand the beta test with more devices

Additionally, the base SharpTools app provides the following features:

•Control your Things, Modes, and Hello Home Phrases using the new Material design!

•Authorization to access devices you approve through the SmartThings API*

•Initial download/configuration of your Things and Phrases

If you find that the app is missing an expected feature, let me know using the Send Feedback menu option inside the app and I will try to include the feature where possible. Also note that while the base application is free, the Widgets and Tasker plugin are each available as an In-App Purchase (IAP).

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More Information Of SharpTools Tasker Plugin & Widgets for SmartThings

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.9.7 (92) Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:SharpTools

User Reviews


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Royce Rogers 2016-09-07

Great When someone asks me why I use Android this is the pinnacle of an example, my house available via widgets on my home screen! Thanks man!
DL Jones 2020-10-17

Look, I Get It... Like everyone else, you want to be compensated for your expertise, time, and effort. But something feels like \"bait and switch\" for _widgets_, which are referenced in the app title itself (suggesting, to me at least, it\'s a core function), to be an in-app purchase. That\'s why I installed the \"free\" app in the first place. Unless I missed it, it would have helped me if it were made clearer upfront. I have no issues paying for apps, but this rubbed me the wrong way.
C Mill 2016-05-23

Voice controlled house! I had an issue initially using the voice commands but it was me not the app. The setup process was easy to follow and Bosh was very helpful troubleshooting my screw up. Definitely recommend this app! Buy it now!
Arthur Guerrero 2020-06-30

Really useful where the Smartthings app comes up just short. I am a tech enthusiast, but can\'t code. I was trying to accomplish what should be a simple thing on Smartthings, but couldn\'t - If my kid leaves the samsung multipurpose sensor on the fridge open for 30 seconds, the Sonos speaker in the kitchen says, \"The fridge is open.\" I tried contacting Samsung and scoured the IDL boards, but still couldn\'t get there. THIS allowed me to do it. Thanks!
Anthony Le 2020-02-08

Great addition to Automagic to control Smartthings. I have had issues with Smartthings presence detection. SharpTools working with Automagic allows me to circumvent the inconsistent detection scheme associated with the Smartthings app. I can now rely on WiFi connected status as the secondary method to trigger my presence status to change to home. No more false alarms when I come home = no more complaints from my wife 👍. I am sure I will find other useful applications with SharpTools.
Brian Ploe 2018-12-07

Routine widgets don\'t show labels making it hard to figure out what is what. Could not see scenes from newer smartthings app. Only deprecated routines from smartthings classic which can\'t even be edited in the new version of smartthings. All devices are listed on one screen so if you have many things it is difficult to navigate.
Brian Bacon 2016-11-14

Love it, especially with Tasker. Nice to pull into the driveway and when my phone sees to our wifi, it unlocks the door. The reporting such as a garage being opened spoken by Tasker and more. And having the widgets right on your home screen, opens up a whole world in managing and monitoring. There have been a few minor glitches, but the author has been very prompt and knowledgeable, so any issues I\'ve had have been resolved quickly.... If you have Tasker and Smartthings, worth every dime.
Jarred Mosher 2020-02-13

I love the app and it works well for me. One question, is there a way to have a toggle for a group of devices? I have several lights in my kitchen and would like to click one widget and have them all toggle. Edit: They responded quickly and told me about a feature in the native Samsung app that allowed me to do that. Excellent customer service!
Mark Poole 2016-09-16

Wish I\'d found out about this sooner.
A Google user 2019-02-11

This app works beautifully. It single handedly helped me bypass using other 3rd party apps in order to automate my smart home, which made things trigger more than twice as quick. Plus, the tasker plugin was not supported by the family library and the developer was very quick to send me a one time promo so my girlfriend can take advantage of the plugin with the single purchase! More than happy with everything and will definitely support this developer with more purchases in the future.