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Ship – Date and Get Shipped by Your Friends



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Description of Ship – Date and Get Shipped by Your Friends

Ship is a free dating app that lets your friends set you up. Ship makes it easy to find dates for yourself or dates for your friends – and there’s a group chat so you can get advice and share profiles of potential matches with each other.

Ship is on a mission to make dating easier and more fun. That’s why Ship brings your inner circle into the dating experience so you can share in the meet cutes, the crushes, and the ghostings together. It used to take a village, now it takes a group chat.

How it works:

Set up your profile, as either a dater or a matchmaker

Start matching for yourself or for your friends

Chat about prospects

Follow each other’s dating activity

Catch yourself actually enjoying a dating app


“Dating is about to get a whole lot easier. More fun, too.” (Cosmo)

“If you have ever sent your group chat of BFFs a screenshot of your latest match…or have had to poll your squad on what the perfect opening line is…then it's time for you to download Ship.” (AOL)

“The concept is genius. Just genius” (Bustle)

“Betches Media launched a social dating app, Ship, that is designed to bring more fun to the dating experience.” (Forbes)

"Ship is making waves in the dating app world." (AskMen)

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lable: Dating - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2021-09-05 Developer:Connect, Inc

User Reviews


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Danny Baba 2019-08-19

Great dating app idea! Been matching my sister with my other siblings, awesome able to have a group chat about it too. Not sure if it\'s a bug or a missing feature but we cant see who she has been matched with though which would be nice.
Lee Elding 2020-07-23

Hi great app here are some suggestions that should be on the app it should tell you where the people are from like city town and county it should have a log in and log out bit on the app and it should have more options for hobbies and interests in the app to. Also I have gone through everyone in my area and still no matches and no-one has liked me yet so hopefully those things will be on the app soon apart from those things really nice app thanks Lee
Natasha Yonkof 2019-12-23

Love the general concept and sharing it with friends. However, I seem to be missing features my Apple friends have. We are all in the same group, but I cant access the \"activity\" feature. They are chatting about shares in the convo tab and I\'m completely left out, because I cant see the other tab. Seems like something that should not be hard to update. Update: Moving this down to one star. It\'s been months and the Android version is still useless. Why even release it?!
Shaun Bartel 2019-08-21

Complete waste of time, you can\'t send messages for starters, you swipe left or right on fake accounts 100+ miles away, TRAAAAAASSSHHHHHH!!!!!!
Michaela 2019-09-10

Couldn\'t even get past the verify phone number😅 I hit resend and nothing still. I exited the app and trued again, still didn\'t send.
Miroslav 2020-10-16

I love it so far. As an introvert who is too shy to meet people outside I find this app very helpful with finding dates. If you are looking for love, this may be the option for you.
Darrell Kerrison 2020-08-08

App looks good and is easy enough to use. It\'s just a shame that so few people are using it compared to other dating apps. I literally have just 12 people within a 35 mile radius :/ update: one month using the app now, no matches and not a single new person in the last three weeks. I find it very hard to believe the claim the devs have made in a reply to one review that \'tens of thousands of people have made new matches\', especially as the app only has 100k downloads in the Google app store
Matt Menezes 2020-10-22

Nice UI and user experience. The idea of having friends helping each other find dates is really cool. It would be great if we had more people using the app.
Isobel Whitcomb 2020-07-05

Really great concept, but the app is slow to refresh so I can\'t see my friend\'s ships in real time. Also, although I can click on the profiles of my friend\'s recommendations, there is no way for me to like/dislike them directly. I have to wait for them to come up on my feed.
Daniel Mita 2020-06-02

Seems like a neat idea, but its disappointingly basic. No search filters outside of gender/age. What\'s the point of a \"looking for\" option when you can\'t use it to find people looking for the same thing as you? I\'ve seen literally one profile where someone has written something in their \"about me\". As Tinder already has a \"share profile\" feature, this app doesn\'t seem to really have anything significant to set it apart.