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Description of Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay


Shipt is on the lookout for friendly, reliable shoppers to earn money helping Shipt members get the things they need from stores they trust. Apply at shipt.com/shopper to become a shopper and earn up to $22/hour (or more!), set your own schedule, shop and deliver from local stores, and join a thriving community of Shipt Shoppers. If you’re looking for a flexible gig job and want to earn on your own schedule, then apply today.


Apply to be a Shipt Shopper to start earning on your own schedule. Each delivery takes about an hour and can pay as much as $22 or more including tips. You’ll receive a direct deposit every Friday for the deliveries you completed and any in-app tips you’ve earned that week – we make sure you always receive 100% of your tips!


Your schedule is based on when you want to shop and deliver, so you can choose to work and earn as little – or as much – as you like. So whether you’re looking to shop part time or shop full time, you can set your perfect schedule.


With no cap on how many orders you can shop, earn what’s right for you! You can even increase the number of orders you’re offered – simply shop and deliver during your preferred times, and strive to deliver 5 star service!


More than just a gig economy job, you’ll join a community of shoppers. Share inside tips and stories with other shoppers, and take pride in providing a valuable service to the people in your community that need it most.


We’re always on the lookout for hiring shoppers that can help us deliver happiness.

Visit shipt.com/shopper/ to learn more and apply!

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:4.33.0 Publish Date:2021-10-19 Developer:Shipt

User Reviews


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SuperStation Funnies 2020-11-21

App is way too slow, has several issues. Uses up valuable shopping time, but shoppers get blamed for it! Boot process should be instant. Inside app response time should be as fast as I can move my fingers. Customer replies should be limited to two minutes, or no substitutions automatically! This should also be noted upfront to customers, so they know what to expect. No additional items should be allowed to be added if there is not enough time. This should be common sense! Shame on SHIPT!
Anne Sanchez 2021-02-20

This new update is the worst one I\'ve seen in the past 3 years. It is not shopper friendly. You now have to swipe when you arrive to the store, then click to send a text, then swipe to start shopping, then swipe when you arrive to the customer\'s home, and then swipe again for delivery. The constant pop-up for location access is ridiculous, we are independent contractors, not regular employees. If you want to know my every move, then pay me like a regular employee to include mileage.
ML G 2019-06-19

The app is buggy. I haven\'t been getting notifications until it\'s too late recently. The chime doesn\'t even sound until after well after I receive a popup notification and by THEN the order is already claimed. It\'s affecting my AR unless I CONSTANTLY stare at my phone for a popup in my notifications window, and even then the order is gone before I can blink. It has been that way with every order lately. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, updated, everything. I\'m still getting late notice.
A Google user 2020-01-21

Not happy. This app WAS awesome. At this point, the market is flooded with shoppers. There is a disproportionate amount of shoppers to orders; making it so much more difficult to be anywhere near as profitable as it once was. Not enough orders = not enough money. Also, it\'s really BS when Shipt does mass hires in your area and then gives priority to all the new people over the shopper\'s that have already been working to make the company successful. Absolutely insulting!
Jake Hart 2019-08-17

Bug-riddled. The barcode scanner is horribly out of focus 95% of the time, making it a useless annoyance. (It\'s not an issue with my phone\'s camera - other apps work fine.) Also, this app does not send notifications properly. They play at about 5% volume, making them almost impossible to hear. Again, other apps don\'t have this problem, so it\'s not my phone that is the issue. If the Shipt app crashes in the middle of a shop, all progress is lost, and you must re-log every single item again.
Rachel B. 2020-12-19

The app just seems to get worse and worse with bugs. I can\'t do my job sufficiently if the app isn\'t working properly. It\'s been down all day with error 503, I wasn\'t able to process my last order, now it\'s marked late during an on time bonus incentive, I can\'t contact chat, and I\'m losing money today because of it! Regular issues occur like many common items won\'t show when scanned for substitutions or items are categorized incorrectly. UPDATE: Less than a month later and another 503 outage!
C. M. Buford 2019-11-22

This honestly is a great app. Don\'t let the 4 stars I\'m giving fool you. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of doing shopping and delivery. Best parts of this are that I get to do deliveries on my own time and alone, and the support line is GREAT. I wish I honestly took time doing this instead of working restaurant delivery. Have experienced a couple bugs but its great.
Brand Schultz 2020-05-01

Update: 5/2020 - Rating system is broken and new shoppers can take the best orders. this ruins the experience for the customers and shoppers. Too many categories and missing items. Its a joke
Tonia Wick 2019-03-04

This company is one of my funniest and rewarding jobs I\'ve had. This app is so helpful on the information it provides me to do this job. I love how it shows pictures of the items, so you know exactly what the client is wanting. Great job!!!!!! After doing this job for a while, the app sometimes freezes or has a delay or will close will I\'m working an order, then I have to wait for it to reload to finish. Still enjoy doing the job, just wish these bugs would be fixed.
kristi olson 2021-01-16

The app works fine for me and I love the shift Shopper experience and the ability to \"Bring the Magic \" to the members experience by doing whatever I can for them, though I can no longer go above and beyond, making them very happy, if there\'s any chance I\'ll be late. No forgiveness for a 2 sec, 9 sec and 17 second late completion time, no grace period, no respect. Just completed my 50th order and I feel like just a number thats about to expire. Pay isn\'t great when looking at it by the hour.