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Description of Shooting King

Here comes the best rifle shooting game with various stages and gimmicks

(range targets, balloons, flying saucer, parachute and more)


-ShootingKing is Experience the best FPS gaming experience with the most casual controls.

-You should consider using different environments like wind forces and direction like sniper.

-Use various in-app items with characteristic functions wisely.

-Multi-play supported

-16 languages supported

-Achivement & Leader board supported

-Tablet devices supported

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More Information Of Shooting King

lable: Sports - Games Current Version:1.5.7 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:mobirix

User Reviews


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Aryeh Sheinson 2018-12-19

this is awesome. very addicting. actually gets pretty hard. the died that you earn money is perfect. it\'s not super easy. but it\'s not insanely hard, so you actually have to save for more expensive stuff, but nothing is too cheap. my only criticism is, i think that the bullets should be a little less per pack, or more bullets per pack. also, this game does not glitch at all. other games you might go, dang, it goes, i know i didn\'t miss. here you just think, dang it i missed.
Amy Parker 2020-02-02

This game used to be really fun but it has become so ad filled I cant take it! Not to mention the game is rigged so that you fail so you think you have to buy better equipment to compete but the equipment is no better than the stuff you get free! Just to go back to the main menu you have to watch an ad (everytime) glad to see your greed got in the way of something that once was good is now unplayable. Uninstalling!
carlos walker 2019-09-12

I get to focus on my head shot as well as my center shot, i like how the focusing is not all over the pace. Its very good to relieve stess and very good for consentration.
A Google user 2019-01-28

a good game but some levels require extremely accurate play in order to get past that level. as the target gets further away they expect better shooting. this is not realistic. I\'ve peaked at a certain level so I will be deleting the game as it\'s nearly impossible to get a bullseye on a moving turning target.
Clinton F 2020-01-23

The game is real fun when I started playing it. Now it is more of an irritation! During challenges you ALWAYS shoot first, which already puts you at a disadvantage. The wind effects on the bullet is NEVER consistant and the more money you make to upgrade, the more it counts against you. Running out of bullets. The scope moves around like a cat on a tin roof.... holy hell. It took me almost a week to pass one level and then I barely passed. I like a challenge, but some are seriously rediculous.
Steven Brown 2018-12-20

Game premise is great. Controls are WAY too sensitive. Needs to have the ability to adjust it yourself. And the ads! Oh my God, the ads! Finished a level? Here\'s an ad. Wanna check out your gear? Have an ad too. Play a mini- game? Ad after every shot. Fed up with the ads and wanna exit to the lobby, ... here\'s yet ANOTHER AD! Nope, not gonna waste my time. I watch less commercials on cable TV.
DYOR always 2018-09-15

very nice game but i had to give it 2 stars cos obviously they want you to purchase coins. everything is sooo expensive and you sooo few money for each minigame you play...you should spend hours just to upgrade your rifle. at least $50k for the cheapest one...and you get now even $1k for each minigame
christopher balingit 2019-12-23

Only just started the game ... need to play more levels of games to give a true value of all games. Having already put it to the test. Extremely enjoyable.....simple but you still need a certain amount of skill
Richard Battraw 2020-10-05

when I first downloaded this game it was good ....playable even with the adds you could skip around ...but now it\'s worthless ....they make you watch at least 8 to 10 seconds of adds each and every time your game concludes weather or not you have advanced ....it wouldn\'t be so bad if you did make another level but when you\'re stuck on one the last thing you need is to wait for a damn add for another game!!!I personally I think they have f**ked this game up all to hell
James Herriott 2019-12-31

Fun and addicting. I have been stuck on level 189 for months. Thats as far as I can go it seems. Uninstalled.