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Description of Shop Titans: Craft & Build

Craft and build for heroes in this idle crafter RPG. In Shop Titans, you are the new craftsman in town!

Build your store and customize it exactly how you like it - personalize to your heart’s content. Craft epic armor, swords and gear for the heroes who defend your village. Build a prosperous business by teaming up with blacksmiths, tailors, priestesses, carpenters and herbalists. Craft your products to trade, sell, or auction to the highest bidders from other shops. Heroes and warriors will buy your items too, you can even add a surcharge!

Customize your avatar in your own unique fantasy style. Choose from different types of clothing, hairstyles, eye color and more to make your avatar unique. Once you’re ready, the adventure begins!

Build and craft after you follow the Elder, Owen, in the tutorial of this RPG simulation game. Manage your store to become the kingdom’s greatest weapon shop tycoon!

Build up your store as fast as possible to support the heroes who will protect and defend your village. Craft and sell items in your store to get rich and build a crafting empire! For each quest completed, you’ll get loot, gear, and resources for crafting. Open a chest to discover what new items you have available to build new swords, shields, armor and more! Dungeons can be raided to get you more loot!

Recruit and grow a team of heroes for quests. Choose from 3 main classes of heroes: Fighters, rogues, and spellcasters. With exciting variations like Knight, Ninja, Samurai, Berserker, Druids, and Geomancer. Choose the way they look, upgrade their gear and weapons, and level them up for greater skills and lethal combat.

In this fantasy adventure you will:

- Build and customize your own store

- Craft potions, armor, swords and more to sell to heroes and champions

- Join a guild and build up your town with friends

- Recruit and grow heroes and champions for adventuring

- Fight and progress through quest levels for loot and resources

- Build your empire: become a master shopkeeper!

Download Shop Titans now to design, craft, build and quest your way to the top as an epic mogul in this fantasy simulation RPG game!

Note: Shop Titans is a free game which allows purchases with real money within the app.


Please read this Terms of Service Agreement and our Privacy Notice before using our services as they govern the relationship between you and Kabam.



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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:9.0.2 Publish Date:2022-01-22 Developer:Kabam Games, Inc.

User Reviews


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byJacobC1324 2020-09-10

This is what mobile gaming SHOULD be. Every app should look to this as an example and follow in their footsteps. No ads, only optional in game purchasing. And notably... It works! I\'ve never spent a penny on any other app in my life, but I\'ve spent about £60 on this game so far, purely because I enjoy it so much! 10/10, truly! My hat goes off to you sirs and madams who made this masterpiece. Keep up the amazing work and I\'ll keep supporting you, 100%!
Lorifiya Alyse 2020-01-03

This is a fun game, the only downside is how over priced things are. $10 for a monthly sub to a mobile game is crazy. $2-5 would be a more reasonable price. The higher price is mmorpg pricing which this game is not. and $30 for the lady that makes guns is 2-3x what it should be. Don\'t be so damn greedy and maybe you will get more people to pay for stuff in your game. Seriously lower the cost of all your stuff by half atleast. Everything is too overpriced.
Reid Miller 2020-09-12

Ive been playing for about 3 months, and im thoroughly enjoying it. I have bought a few packs in game, but not out of necessity. The game is not really p2w, though you can sink a ton of cash in to get ahead if you really want, but thats not required to progress. Find a chill guild, play every few hours, its perfect for someone like me. The events bring your guild together and can turn it into a faster paced game (if you want to participate) during the event timeframe. Good stuff
Krows N 2019-09-18

After browsing though the other reviews, it seems like most run into the same problem: 2 buildings locked behind paywalls totalling $50 (plus tax), and an option for a monthly subscription for $10 (plus tax). Triple A game price for a mobile game is obviously too high and not fooling most of us. Please consider making a way for free players to unlock these buildings through hard work. Also, dont reply to me with a canned response, I would rather hear silence.
Troy Crawford 2019-07-31

I loved this game until I reached a point where entire trees of item design are behind real-money-only purchases of $20 or more! They also have the audacity to ask for a monthly subscription of $10 to be able to repair items that VERY frequently break on your characters when you send them to fight for resources. Don\'t make the same mistake that I did by investing any time or money into this disgusting money-grab!
IRON ANGEL 2020-09-13

It\'s a load of fun at first, but like every game like this one they make the same mistake. Crafting times take too long. As long as the player can craft and sell and keep moving inventory, then its loads of fun. Then you get crafting times of 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 3 hours. That\'s not fun at all. It\'s fine to have long timers on structural improvements but the devs should seriously consider limiting crafting timers.
Terence Yeo 2019-06-19

Game is nice and you dont have to spend any money if you dont want to. That said, I was tempted to purchase the ability to repair with gold but am glad I didn\'t. Was put off by the fact that it cost $14.99 for 30 days. Surely that is too expensive OR it should not have been limited to 30 days. Not forgetting to.mention that part of the game is locked behind a paywall of $45+ dollars. For that price I\'d be better served buying a game off Steam.
João Nobre 2021-03-11

Well. I play this game for a couple of years. I was searching for a fun RPG for android and found this one. I thought to myself that was a great idea to give highlight to all the characters that help the heroes do their job 😊 For me it\'s a real cool game. PS- people complain about paying to get some items or other stuff/benefits from the game. Guys... There\'s a lot of work making a video game simpler than shop titans and believe me, Shop Titans is more complex than it may appear. Cheers
Leviathan Sol 2020-06-27

The crafting system is simple, easy, and diverse. The hero adventure system is basic but gets the job done. Designing your shop is easy and you can make a truly unique shop. Community is important to this game, I would not recommended this game to a solo player. Joining a guild adds a lot to the gameplay and makes investing in the town, a key system of the game, much easier. The dev team is friendly, active, and always updating the game to fix bugs and add new content. I love playing this game.
Matt Brown 2019-07-10

Reposting review was deleted. It\'s a good game fun and good looking. But to have to pay to progress is bad business. Its ridiculous that you have to pay 30$ to unlock more of the game. You put a pay wall to have to unlock the some more of the game, then later on when you add more are you going to do the same with other things? Are the normal micro transactions not enough, along with a monthly subscription plan to unlock other features in the game. Bad business practices for another 20$ worker.