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Description of Shopping for Rewards: Shopkick

Earn money as rewards, cash back, and gift cards with Shopkick while shopping!

Use our receipt scanner to earn rewards and gift cards for shopping you already do. Getting cash back rewards and earning money back, deals or discounts has never been easier! Just scan receipts, earn money, and fetch your rewards while shopping! You can also use your coupons and gift cards to save on future deals!

Get Started

Earn rewards shopping points (called kicks) and get cash back!

Just walk into stores! Earn kicks at the entrance of select stores.

Scan receipts: Use the in-app receipt scanner & scan select products.

Fetch groceries to earn money back, cash back rewards, and redeem gift cards as you shop while using our receipt scanner. Go on normal shopping runs & scan receipts through the app.

Earn kicks for every dollar you spend at select partner stores when you shop with a linked credit card. You can combine your kicks with coupons and deals to save even more money while shopping! This way you can fetch rewards and earn points for the shopping you already do!

Online shopping: Do all your shopping while staying indoors!

Watch videos from the comfort of your couch.

Invite friends to join the Shopkick craze!

We make sure you get cash back, gift cards, and coupons as easily as it can get. Every day millions of users use Shopkick and our receipt scanner to discover new products, scan receipts, and earn rewards & coupons. The savings you earn will help keep your shopping budget healthy & happy: no need to feel guilty when you shop. For further savings, use your coupons as well!

Getting extra money while shopping is a no brainer! Fetch that Xbox controller, KitchenAid or that vanilla latte with extra cream from Starbucks that you’re always eyeing, and get your money back! Start using our receipt scanner and scan receipts to earn your first free gift card (of many gift cards) today!

Redeem your Rewards

To create the best shopping experience for our users, we partner with major retailers & brands including:

Amazon, Pampers, Huggies, Starbucks, Walmart, eBay, Groupon, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Lowe’s, Sephora, Nike, Best Buy, GameStop & many more!

The buzz about Shopkick: “This app is addictive.” – Oprah.com

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lable: Shopping - Apps Current Version:6.23.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Shopkick

User Reviews


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Michael Daniels 2021-01-27

I love it!! Couldn\'t be happier. The only thing I recommend is to let us scan any receipt and if it has something that we can get kicks off of, give it to us. I also recommend offering gift cards for restaurants and wayy more stores. I find it frustrating when I can\'t get kicks off of something that I want because I didn\'t buy it. So what I recommend is having a camera tab at the bottom. You\'re receipt scanner is very blurry. I suggest adding a flash to the scanner. Redeemed $5.00 Gift card!
Steven Langevin 2019-09-19

Very cool concept, but very poor customer service. These people really don\'t want to part with their gift cards, as soon as you become a little to efficient at collecting kicks, they will cancel your account. My family and I discovered this app together and it was something the 4 of us did together when we traveled, but one by one we all got our accounts cancelled and they cited suspicious activity. I tried for weeks to try and get the company to explain, but they would not.
Eiko Banks 2019-09-29

Easy to use. Have earned gift cards already. What\'s great about this app is that there are several ways to earn kicks, including options that don\'t require you to buy anything, such as watching videos or walking into select stores. I like the variety of gift cards offered and options of different monetary values. The reason for a 4 star review is that some kicks, when you buy something, are pending for several days, which I don\'t mind too much. Not a problem if you don\'t mind waiting a bit.
sue sobolewski 2019-06-10

I have been using Shopkicks for a couple yrs now and I just LOVE IT! If I\'m really dedicated getting my kicks while shopping the points add up fast! I have made $225 so far just for scanning items and extra points for purchases, Totally FREE $$$! Try it you\'ll get hooked it\'s like a game. Especially when you hear/see others scanning items while you are doing the same. No bothersome Ads either, just info on the products you scan AND you make points watching them! Thanks for this great App 😁
Those GILLigans 2019-07-19

I\'ve downloaded this app about 2-3 years ago and this is hands down my favorite Shopping app. Last year this app contributed about $55 in gift cards to my families Christmas and we couldn\'t be more grateful!! In the beginning it could be hard to remember to open your app to check in or scan, (I love the reminder feature for reciepts) but once the rewards start rolling in, soon you\'ll be stopping at stores on your way home just to grab your kicks!!! I can not say enough about this app!! #Approved
Noelle Bivens 2019-10-12

Once upon a time, this was a pretty good app but they obviously can\'t handle the growth over the years. An app company with as many technical issues as this one has?!Servers constantly crashing, walk-ins that won\'t work when they\'re a significant part of the program, receipts rejected when they clearly show the required items. \"Email us with your issue,\" they say but they never respond to them. \"We\'re just a small team and we\'re backed up,\" they say. Then ffs HIRE MORE PEOPLE!!!
Stephanie Dixon 2019-10-28

This app is a lot of fun! I get a lot of steps in when I go out getting my shopkicks, plus I get to earn points for gift cards! I\'ve gotten $100 in gift cards since i started shopkicking 2 months ago!
Bj Moriison 2019-07-08

my account was flagged after redeeming 2 gift cards, i guess they dont like people saving up and buying gift card(s) the updates are really killing this app, I even got a new device after their 90th update for the month made my device incompatible, thank goodness i kept my receipt. before this it said ”you have scanned this item so ofte you\'ve hit the limit,” but you\'re offering it, what kind of sense does that make? Edit: 7/7 fully suspended after next redemption did not answer email
Charity Potts 2021-01-18

I\'ve had Shopkick for a couple of months now. I really like this app. You can get kicks (points) for walking into a store, referring friends, for buying certain items, and even for scanning items in the store. You don\'t even have to purchase them. Its so fun finding all the items on the list! Even if your broke, you can earn kicks for gift cards! This is an app that\'s great for people that don\'t have a lot of extra money.
Gabrielle MissMayhem 2019-11-26

Far as these money making apps go, this is BY FAR the best one. It actually pays out decent and doesn\'t take forever. Especially if you actually buy the items they feature, which are everyday items/brands that people buy instead of some random stuff that other apps like Ibotta do. They have PayPal for a reward which is what I always choose.