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Description of ShopWell - Better Food Choices

Know your Food. Shopwell.

The free Shopwell app simplifies nutrition labels and helps you discover new foods that fit your lifestyle.

Shopwell provides personalized nutrition scores when you create a Food Profile with your dietary goals, health concerns, allergies and dislikes. Simply scan any item to see quick nutritional information and learn how it matches with your needs -- not an average. Discover products that are a better match for you. Create lists of your favorite finds and share them with family and friends. It’s that easy.

Shopwell personalized results are a free, easy and fun way to discover the foods that are right for you.


— Barcode scanner translates nutritionals into quick, easy-to-digest information on more than 400,000 foods

—Personalized food recommendations.

— Location awareness to find products in your local grocery store.

— NEW! Create lists of your favorite foods and share them with your friends and family. Follow lists made by your friends and celebrity influencers

We help you stay on track by offering alerts and support for food allergies and food goals including:


Gluten Free



High cholesterol


Type 1 Diabetes/Type 2 Diabetes

Allergy alerts for:







Tree Nuts










Join over 2.5 Million shoppers that recommend Shopwell for real-time food information and discovery.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:6.0.35 Publish Date:2021-07-20 Developer:Innit Inc

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-03-30

I began using this app when my doctor recommended I do the low fodmap diet for 6 weeks. I thought this would make shopping for specific foods a lot easier. Boy, was I wrong. It is not accurate when you scan items in the store. For example, I would scan items, and it would say to avoid this item because of a certain ingredient in it, like soy. I would then look at the ingredients on the product and nowhere would it be listed. I would not recommend this app.
Wendy Garrett 2019-03-22

I like this app very much due to the fact that you can scan merchandise and it will let you know what health benefits and negativity of benefits are in that product fats protein exedra I really like it
A Google user 2017-09-21

All I have found out sofar is this app wants me to give them my log in and password to my walmart account.. Wow that is a reach of faith. Not a chance in hell. After reading other reviews It seems they can never log in to the stores account.. that means they are collecting account names and passwords to gain access to your credit card information. How many of you have had your accounts hacked and orders made that you did not make..
Charity Miller 2019-01-08

I\'ve only had the app a couple of weeks so far but I am loving it! My son has a corn allergy. Corn is often \'hidden\' in foods because it comes in many forms (goes by many names, like dextrin, maltodextrin, etc). This app immediately identifies corn as an ingredient (even when it goes by a different name) and I wish I\'d discovered it years ago!! Very helpful!
Megan Manson 2018-06-25

Before I said it needs work Now I realize it\'s just junk. I have my settings for vegan and avoid added sugar. The app suggested that the frozen pasta made from lentils and zucchini was a bad choice due to sugar in the ingredients and frozen chicken taquitos would be a better choice for MY dietary profile. Really? I\'m trying to find the best plant based products. Looks like I won\'t find them here.
Liz Sadler 2015-09-18

Just reinstalled, will update review soon Changed from one star to three until I have a chance to play with new version. (I almost never check my gmail, so had not seen email re: new version.) Original review 06/08/15: Initially the app told me that my email address was already registered, which it isn\'t. Now it crashes any time I try to launch it. Hoping it\'s just a bug in the current version. Will change my rating once this is fixed.
Meghan Grumbly 2016-07-18

Fatabulous Obviosly this app won\'t have every food listed. Butit does a really good job. I recently went gluten free and this app has been a life savor. I jist have to scan the item and it tells me whether to avoid the item or chow down! Hands down would recomend to anyone, not just gf peops.
Pauline Karaczewski 2019-05-19

I really enjoy this shop well you can scan item in a store and it can let you know the nutrition and the vitamins that you are getting and also whether or not it\'s a good product I really do like the app a lot I really am going to keep it I think .
Anna G 2017-09-11

It doesnt remember any changes i make, doesnt have my allergy as an option, doesnt have \"added sugars\" as an option, doesn\'t have info on any of the foods i usually buy, and once you add a reciept you cant remove it
Kathy Hayden 2014-07-29

Shop well scans are not always correct I have celiac disease and was so excited to down load this app. However. ..it DOESN\'T work. It indicated an item was gluten free so I bought several. Had a reaction one night and could figure out what did me in. Started eating one of the items when I thought I would actually check the label....WHEAT...WHEAT....Wheat could lead to my death....I am going to uninstall this app and I strongly suggest people make sure what they buy does not have ingredients that could harm them. Do NOT trust this app!!