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Description of Show Me Vegas Slots Casino

Bring Las Vegas Home! Spin the reels and enjoy real Vegas casino slot action!

Start playing today and instantly get access to the most exclusive, authentic slots on the go! Receive FREE WELCOME COINS and special perks just for playing, for FREE! Show Me Vegas Slots gives you instant access to exclusive real slot machine games played in casinos around the world.

INTRODUCING HOT BINGO: Collect Bingo balls as you spin slot reels to play online Hot Bingo and get a chance to win Blackout Jackpot.

Relive classic favorites like “Fishing Bob”, "Super Sally’s Shrimpmania”, “Price Check”, "Phone Tag”, “State Fair”, "Buffalo Storm", "Wedding Party", “Ghost Island”, “Prince of Thieves”, and many MORE, all packed with unique features and fun gameplay!

From the creators of “Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania!” and “Stinkin’ Rich”, and many more… Show Me Vegas Slots will have you spinning for hours with HUGE PAYOUTS and tons of action at your fingertips, the excitement never stops!



Use Bingo Balls to complete Bingo patterns and trigger exciting BONUS GAMES and win FREE COIN PRIZES. Bet BIG to collect POWERUPS and increase chance of winning the BLACKOUT JACKPOT.


Start rich with Millions of FREE COINS daily.


Win Millions of FREE casino bonus coins with the Daily Wheel and Casino Bonuses!

Complete your spins every day to increase your daily mystery STREAK BONUS multiplier.


Grab limited-time value offers to boost coin bonus and jackpot wins.


Complete new tasks & exciting missions every day to unlock huge mystery treasure chest prizes.


Slot games are packed with special bonus features and exciting wins.


Unique progressive jackpots with tons of action. Celebrate big wins with linked progressives and Big Action Jackpots. Best Hot Slots in town!


Mystery Billions Jackpots await! Spin like a high roller on exclusive games and win HUGE!


Compete against players from around the world in exciting multiplayer slot tournaments. Including Cash Blast Shootout and Cash Blast Speedway slot tournaments!


A brand new game room with free-to-play Classic Vegas Casino Slot Machines.


Invite friends to play and win bonus coins.

Share COINS and your BIG WINS with all your friends!


VIP program for all players, enjoy special perks, free coins and HUGE savings.

Just for you! Play your favorite online casino slot games at Show Me Vegas Slots with Hot Bingo. Available for you everywhere you go on web & mobile. Install today, good luck and have fun!

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Start spinning & winning today!

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More Information Of Show Me Vegas Slots Casino

lable: Casino - Games Current Version:1.15.0 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:KSG Mobile, Inc.

User Reviews


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Kelli Force 2021-01-18

I am a long time player, have had this game downloaded for a few years. And had there previous game, Ding Slots Ding, downloaded as well. Played every single day/night, and at one time had as many as 32 billion credits. I agree with many other reviews that say something has changed, and not for the better! Several times the game did not give me my daily surprise gift, took away many bingo balls, and the daily bonus spins have dropped to nearly nothing! So, I\'m outta here . .for the last time! 👋
Sofija CasinoLike 2020-09-10

Evenin’ 🥰.I’ve been playing many casino for many years. Here’s one moment Who has used it? Why is there such a trouble with account that wiped after purchase was done? 😒 the casino, as far as I ’ve been doing here you can play only for virtual coins unlike my favorite game with supergraphics -, where you can play for real dough, without annoying ads. Even just out of curiosity check, play and relax😘! Right now they offer free additional bonuses and have 🎰! If you checked it press “like”! 👍
Erica Hammond 06 2020-04-28

I\'ve had this game for a few months now and it was good. BUT I JUST UPDATED THE APP AND NOW IT WON\'T OPEN. AND I spent my hard earned working money on this game to continue to play. They don\'t have big and good payouts to keep you playing. I\'m scared to spend anymore money on the game bc they take it so fast. I\'m sooooo disappointed 😤😤😤😤
Kat Muir 2020-08-09

It used to be okay. When I first started playing you\'d win and lose, pretty standard. Now I only login in to play daily challenge and even then it sucks through all the coins. One of the daily challenge was to to get the bo. Us game. I spent 1 billion coin over the course of a few hours and didn\'t once hit the bonus. This morning I have spin challenge and bonus game. It took me 138 spins to hit the bonus game. That\'s ridiculous when you\'re betting millions per game.
Stephen Foster 2020-07-24

Crooked. The bingo feature is so rigged it doesn\'t even try to disguise the fact. Always takes all or nearly all your balls to bingo a card, whether you need a full house or just a line. The picks after award one or if very lucky two of the lowest amounts, then collect. If they can rig that then you know what they can do to the slots. Avoid this untrustworthy app.
Debbie Privett 2020-12-12

Use to love this game. Spent hours playing all the fun slots. A few days ago something changed, the amt. you win is nothing compared to what it\'s was when I started playing this game. Bonuses are few and very low paying too. This is not a real casino. So quit acting like one and loosen up and let us win so we can keep playing! thanks for the keen advice, believe you me I have tried all those things and nothing keeps you playing except to purchase coins which is your intention. I just choose along with many others to not play King games.
john Collins 2020-04-24

Worst game ever. Every time l try to log on, l get a message that my connection was lost and told to check my settings to fix it. Long story short, there wss nothing wrong in my settings. Am going to uninstall this game and find one that will let me play. Don\'t waste your time installing it, you will get frustrated. Too bad, it looked like it might have been a pretty good game to play.
Leslie W 2020-12-16

Like another reviewer, this used to be a great game. I\'m not sure what changed, but for the past several weeks, I\'ve rarely gotten more than 6 million for the daily bonus and 8 million for the daily mystery prize. Then, I\'ve spent easily 200 billion trying to complete the daily challenges. Loosen things up, please! This is supposed to be fun.
maat hathor 2019-10-13

I am loving the choice of slots. You level up fast for more games. The coin packs are reasoablely priced. You get lots of coins for your buck. Buy your piggy bank for saving money. A lot of fun to play. Fishing Bob\'s is really fun.
Tina Silva 2020-03-23

Games are great, just like at the casinos. Payouts are horrible. Free coins are too low, only can play for a few minutes. Email coins arent enough to bother with. 8 out of 9 hits are less than your bet. Jackpots hit often, but again its only because they are so low. Uninstalling & moving on to another game. Thank you.