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Description of Shroomify - USA Mushroom Identification

Identify Fungi Fast with Shroomify. A must for mushroom identification.

Mushroom ID made easy, by selecting the characteristics of the fungi you would like to identify the in-app algorithms work out the most likely matches.

You can also view the 'Top 20' of the month which lists all the common Fungi you can find in the month you are in.

If you are a keen mushroom forager / hunter then there's lots of useful info, including the edibility of all mushrooms listed and a list of good edible mushrooms that grow in your country.

The app comes pre-loaded with over 400 common Fungi and over 1000 images.

When you open the app your position is used to load a relevant dataset to show just the mushrooms that occur in your country or region. Graphs and country ranking are also shown for each individual fungi to help you see how common it is and when in the year it is most common.

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:1.3.5 Publish Date:2022-02-19 Developer:Foragers Friend

User Reviews


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Remi Confida 2020-07-03

It\'s a good app but there\'s room for serious improvements in terms of mushrooms listed in your database. I also think it can be hard to answer some of your questions such as the color of the cap and \"not sure\" should be a possible answer. On another end, asking questions about where it was picked (field, oak forest, pine forest, soil, dead wood, or dung...), the size of the stem, if it grew in clusters, or by individuals... could be useful.
Tweek Tweak 2020-10-11

. This is awesome. A very intelligent feature is that instead of talking a picture you have to describe it with clicking descriptions such as size, color, if they have teeth or gills, etc. This makes it much more accurate. They give you a good description of the mushroom and whether it\'s poisonous or edible. It tells you what area the mushrooms are from. You can look through a very wide variety of mushrooms and fungi. It also tells you can show you what mushrooms are in season for each month.
Christopher Williams 2020-07-28

I love the app! Simple to use, and has a good amount of information on species. My feature requests would be the ability to save specific species to a list, a little shroom Pokedex if you will. And as others have mentioned a look-alike link would be good, but depends on the dataset I guess. Either of those would add plenty of value to the pro version for me.
jon d 2020-08-16

The quality of the information is really excellent and there are no annoying nag screens. Honestly, I would have been willing to pay for this. For a free app it\'s astounding. As others have noted, I too couldn\'t immediately find a way to quit the app. My workaround was to click on the Foraging Tips icon, then whizz all the way to the bottom link \"Association of Foragers Best Practice\", at which point all my usual phone controls reappear and I can navigate to whatever I want.
Emily Fox 2020-09-17

Pretty good app. I like the actual photos to compare to what I see in person. Would be good to trim Poisonous photos with red and Safe with maybe blue or white, I don\'t notice the labels unless paying attention. A function to narrow down to the type you are looking for would be cool, using multi choice questions about the gills etc.
Freyja 2020-12-11

By far the best app I have ever gotten. It\'s free, it\'s super cute and it has so much information. I love foraging and this app has provided me with so much new knowledge that is so helpful. I 100% support this app. I just really like it. ♥️🍄 Update: its still great, I just found my first mushroom! It\'s called the mowers mushroom and it is most common in June. I found it in my backyard and I am so happy! Update: after another 6 months or so of using the app i still really enjoy it! Tysm!
Taylor Memory 2020-09-04

Great app! Very helpful. It\'s amazing that it works offline, because any other ID app I\'ve used doesn\'t have that feature and it\'s very annoying. I can\'t wait for them to add even more mushrooms. Suggestions: Seperate Canada into at least two regions, it\'s a huge country so it would be nice to have east and west. Also, I tried to purchase the premium version for more pictures, but it said that I already have premium... It then loaded the extra pictures. I never did pay for premium though!
Susie Chapman 2020-06-22

I love the app, great to see all the pictures and helps with casual id for an amateur (who isn\'t brave enough to try eating any!). However the one annoyance is that it is not easy to navigate away from the app and back again - the \"back\" button doesn\'t appear and the only way I\'ve found to exit the app is to switch to my camera which I do by double clicking my on/off switch. Very irritating.
Joseph Cook 2020-08-20

A free mushroom ID app that can be used offline ? Zero ads? Quality content? Sources and links? Sounds too good to be true; it\'s not! The option to upgrade and have access to all pictures was a good idea, applause. Due to the quality of the app I upgraded and was happy to know my money went to your success. Great app, thank you.
Pamela Young 2020-09-14

What a lovely app! I almost skipped downloading it because the title says it is for USA. I was very pleasantly surprised to find it had a dataset for northern Europe! Nice looking app, well-chosen photos. Easy to navigate to what you want, also easy to explore and browse. Even the foraging tips held some helpful reminders for me. (Bring a mirror, for example.) I couldn\'t believe this wonderful content was free. I would happily pay to support more updates. Thank you very much to the developer!